Bing from the athleticss background. I ever wished my state to be the title-holders in athleticss in different subjects may be Cricket. Hockey etc etc. My wants were limited to athleticss but ne’er thought of conceive ofing India of my Dream in a huge context till the said subject was given for assignment. While traveling through the beginnings. I happen to read Dr. Abdul Kalam’s inquiry to one small miss. what was her dream for India? She replied “I dream of a developed India” . Giving a idea to what she said. I learned that her reply may be short but her dream was really large. Now it was a clip for me to believe of the same issue…that’s India of my dream. This is a subject. which is as deep like an ocean which has unsafe Sharks every bit good as the beautiful pearls. There is so much to woolgather about India ; so much to care for. so much to wish for. so much to detest and so much to want about it. The existent job is what to compose down and what to exclude. Before traveling towards the hereafter. I thought to merely turn aback Ns have a expression at the India in past. India has long sad history of our being as a state under the opinion of Mugals. Nizams and the most atrocious. the British. After the immense development of our fatherland by these emperors. India attained independency on August 15. 1947. What has she achieved during Sixty Five plus… old ages of freedom?

Though there has been considerable advancement. the overall image of life in the state is dejecting. What with gyrating monetary values and turning unemployment. the common adult male remains every bit hapless as he had been. Though instruction has spread. its criterion and quality have received a set – back. Not is the political scene really encouraging. While the working of democracy is non satisfactory. the forces of faith. these Nakshalwad has become a a menace to the integrity of the state. Our leaders lack the qualities of idealism. unity and ego – forfeit. which were copiously in grounds during the yearss of the battle for freedom. There was one time a clip when our great India. was considered a ‘Golden Bird’ because of its wealths. huge natural resources and the great. bright hereafter. It was expected to hold in shop. our rich. cultural heritage. old civilisation and huge cognition in every facet of life. No admiration. aliens had been taking acute involvement in our state right from the morning of their waking up. But at last. it is all lost now. Gone are the yearss of past glorification. wealths. regard and attractive force.

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The state has witnessed a crisp diminution in its over-all image and we have now become a state. ask foring discourtesy. disregard and indifference from foreigners. I as an Indians. I am proud of our united and rich civilization and rich heritage. proud of secular democracy. proud of its diverseness and proud of its beautiful natural resources. But there are many awful facets I wished India acquiring rid of. So. here I am woolgathering about India. my fatherland that has given me so much that I will everlastingly stay in her debt. India of my dream is. of course. the same full of peace. prosperity. wealth. cultural heritage. and huge cognition. I want to see it free from the jobs that are conveying bad name. destructing peace and making unrest and desperation among the peoples. There are a batch many things I personally dreams to go on for the glorification of our state. summarized below. But the most of import in my belief is Terrorist and Free India and most Secular state with high literacy rate. This 4 major issues if tackled efficaciously. we would likely hold a fantastic India.


To get down with. I dream of holding a terrorist free India. We have faced several onslaughts and unhappily lost life of many soldiers. I dream our full military force destroys all the terrorist in such a manner that no other state will of all time believe of assailing India of all time.


Corruptness has severely destroyed India. Its roots are deepened and spread huge. I dream of deracinating these parasites and holding a clean and corruptness free India where non merely politicians but all the citizens will be clean handed.


I dream of India where each one is educated. there is employment for all and everyone is satisfied and happy. There would be free and mandatory primary instruction for all. All work forces. adult females and kids would be educated and no 1 would stay illiterate. With the spread of instruction. look into on the lifting population would. of course. follow. Everyone would hold a happy household of one or two kids who would be well-nourished and decently clothed.


This is the country where we have achieved a success and that excessively a major 1. We are able to beef up India as a state by beef uping the Indian integrity politically. economically and emotionally and forcing frontward the
procedure of nation-in-the-making. I dream of India where there will be no inequality. poorness. societal unfairness. illiteracy. gender favoritism. societal domination. corruptness. casteism and communalism and people will hold an improved and good quality of life.

I dream that Care should be taken to maintain a high criterion of hygiene and sanitation. Health is a major country of concern excessively. India needs betterment in footings of sanitation. drinkable imbibing H2O and proper health care installations at village-level. I besides dream of an India where market topographic points. roads are spotlessly clean. where the highest criterions of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained where refuse is non sloping on the roads and animate beings are non rolling about on the streets.


Once the control on population is achieved. unemployment excessively would be non-existent. Every eligible individual would hold a occupation harmonizing to his aptitude and ability. Discontentment with occupation or wage would disappear. Men and adult females would be found extremely satisfied EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

One of the most of import factors that cal lead to extremist alteration in the criterion and quality of life is handiness of employment chances. There is no much employment chances or the demand is really low. Besides. it is an sarcasm that a Mechanical or Electrical technology pupil has to work in the field of IT because chances are really few in the nucleus sectors. I dream of India where there will be occupations available in each metropolis and people will non hold to migrate to other metropoliss. This will besides cut down the load on the resources of the metropoliss like Mumbai. Delhi. Bangalore. etc. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY

I dream of an India. where many scientists are engaged in making important researches. an India. which would be known for great scientific and technological promotions. An India. which is a leader in doing new discoveries/inventions. An India with an first-class web of roads and Bridgess linking even the remotest parts of the state. An India. where sustainable growing and development go manus in manus. INDUSTRIALISED AND

My ideal India is industrialised and modernised. Without industrialization a high criterion of life is impossible. I dream our state to go about self dependant in most of the resource’s possible and we are the provider of the full universe. GREEN INDIA BEAUTIFUL INDIA

I dream of an India. where husbandmans are respected every bit much as any other professional. Government supplying them with all the safety in instance of loss of production etc. I dream that deforestation would be history. Alternatively every individual workss and attentions for a lower limit of 10 to 20 trees in his life clip where Man lives in harmoniousness with Nature. This is the India of my dream- this is the India in which I want to live-the India of which I am a proud citizen. ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL EQUALITY

In the India of my dreams. everybody has adequate money. Though money is non the terminal of life. sufficient money is indispensable to the development of one’s personality. This general prosperity goes manus in manus with economic and societal equality. The broad gulf between the rich and the hapless that exists today has mostly disappeared. I must underscore that all this carbon monoxide – exists with democracy. Peoples have freedom of idea and look. An India in which there shall be no high category and no low category of people ; an India where all communities will populate in a perfect harmoniousness. RESPECT TOWARDS WOMEN

Worst thing often go oning today is assailing and disrespecting adult females. I dream and wish in front to hold a complete terminal to this pattern. I see that Women are respected and they enjoy the same rights as work forces. We shall be at peace with all the remainder of the universe. Every Indian feeling proud of being an Indian. Where people are non afraid of go forthing their houses open and there is no offense in the state. CHAMPION INDIA

Looking at the medal run of Olympic Games. we unhappily understand the position of Indian Sports. Except in Cricket and Chess. our being is negligible. The glorification of Hockey squad gained in Olympic is good known and we are fighting now to even acquire qualify in Olympics which is really black. We
are similar position with China in footings of Population. which should hold been similar in footings of development and Sports. I dream of India to rule each and every sport’s we play. I dream of India equipped with advanced substructure. athleticss equipments. qualified managers and dedicated sportsmen’s with all their involvement in acquiring glorification in athleticss and non in advertisement and modeling. DISCIPLINED INDIA

We. the Indians. in my sentiment are the most undisciplined batch. I don’t understand why we can’t follow regulations and ordinances. I dream of India where people will follow regulations and ordinances decently and with due regard to the jurisprudence of the land. While driving we ever tend to interrupt Torahs. I dream of India where people will be more disciplined and will care for others. No uncertainty we still have strive difficult manus in manus because there is stat mis to travel. We still face the challenges of poorness. diseases. illiteracy. inequality. societal retardation and gender and caste favoritism and subjugation. But I still love my state and I am really proud to be born in India. I dream of a reflecting India. a democratic and a secular state taking an importance topographic point among the United Nations Organization. This is my India. a great state ruling internationally. a land of peace. prosperity in Wealth and safety.


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