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CLASSIC BREADS N a a n A traditional Indian bread made of plain flour & baked in the Tandoor 3. 90 R o t i Pan toasted wholemeal bread 4. 50 Butter Naan Potato Naan Garlic Naan Cheese Naan Chilli Naan P a r a t h a Pan toasted flaky wholemeal bread Kashmiri/PeshwariNaan Filled with a blend of assorted dried fruits & nuts Ceylon Naan 5. 50 O ur own Speciality! O nion, cheese & cracked pepper. Cheese and Garlic Naan Spinach & Garlic Naan Spinach & Cheese Naan Spinach, Cheese & Garlic Naan Assorted Naan & Dips 9. 95 Chef’s selection ACCOMPANIMENTS Ra ita – A cucumber & yoghurt salad.

Mango Chutney, Lime, Mixed or Chilli pic kl e Homemade & delicious! Pappadums Mild Medium Rice : $2. 50 per person One Bill per Table APPETISERS Pakoras(BhaJi)(4)-Onion, spinach & chickpea fritters lightly fried & served with tamarind sauce Add: Mushroom, Cauliflower, Chicken or White Bait 7. 95 9. 50 Mas- god amba – Crepe wrapped savoury beef & potatoes served with tamarind sauce Ala- goda m ba – Crepe wrapped savoury potato & peas served with Ch i c ken T i k ka (4)- Fresh from the Tandoor, tender marinated chicken fillet, vibrant, red & grilled to perfection.

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Served with mint yoghurt Sa mos as Our Famous Samosas! pastries served with tamarind sauce & pappadums Tibetan Lamb Springrolls (4)- Homemade chunky village style PLATTERS – Chef’s Assorted Entr?©e – Enjoy a crispy mix of two samosas & two pakoras served with tamarind sauce & pappadums Ceylon Pla t te r- Enjoy two samosas, two pieces of chicken tikka & two shish kebabs served with tamarind sauce & mint yoghurt 16. 5 Maharaja Platter-an entr?©e fit for a King – two samosas, two spring rolls, two onion pakoras & two white bait pakoras served with tamarind sauce & 19. 95 TANDOORI CUISINE Our tantalizing Tandoori dishes, all marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger & spices, cooked in a charcoal fired oven. These dishes are signified by heir vibrant red colour & rich flavour. All dishes Tandoori Chic ke n (5) 17. 90 Chicken Tikka (6) Lamb Cutlets (6) 24. 0 Tandoori S izz le-A mouth watering selection of our Tandoori delights straight from the oven to you CHEF’S SPECIALS (note: each Special consists of 3 side servings) Vegetarian Assortment-3 fine vegetarian dishes of the Chefs choice served with saffron rice 19. 90 Assorted Special- Allow our Chef to select 2 vegetarian dishes to complement a lamb, beef or chicken dish of your choice served with saffron rice 21 . 90 M ea t L ove rs – A tasty selection of Chicken KaJu, Beef Korma, and our signature dish Lamb Ceylon served with saffron rice 27. 0 TREASURES FROM THE SEA Fis h Saa gwa la – Fish fillets cooked with spinach & a blend of spices in a light creamy Fis h Cocon u t- Fresh fish curry cooked with mushrooms & tomato in a piquant herbed coconut sauce P ra w n C oc on u t- Fresh prawn curry cooked with mushrooms in a piquant herbed sauce Prawn Ceylon-O ur unique curry of fresh spinach & original herbs & spices Prawn Vi n da loo- A tim e- honoured South Indian dish – Hot & Spicy! CLASSIC VEGETARIAN * )- Also available as a side dish Side M ain 10. 90 16. 50 Ba i n ga n (*)- Pan fried wild eggplant cooked with red onion & fresh herbs

Devilled Pota An ever popular traditional Sri Lankan potato dish – lightly spiced and herbed D h a I ( * )- Nourishing red lentils cooked with aromatic spices to an authentic Indian recipe Dha I Pa la k ( * Lentils cooked in fresh E la Wa I u ( * )- An assortment of seasonal vegetables cooked with fresh coriander & eleven authentic spices Bola Kod a la – Healthy chick peas cooked with lightly spiced potatoes & coconut Alu Gob i- A cauliflower & potato dish cooked with fresh coconut to a truly authentic Indian recipe H a t u – Fresh mushrooms, peas & potato cooked in garlic, ground onion, cashews & coconut milk

Pa la k Pa n ee r – Fresh spinach & homemade cheese cooked with coriander & authentic spices Pa neerBu tterMasa la – Homemade cottage cheese saut?©ed with onion, capsicum & coriander finished with a dash of cream Ve ge K o r m a – An assortment of seasonal vegetables in a traditional sauce of yoghurt, nuts & spices CLASSIC CURRIES w/ Beef, Chicken or Lam b C ey I o n (our signature dish! ) – A unique curry of fresh spinach & original herbs & spices Ko r m a – Traditionally a mild curry from the North of India. Prepared with cream, yoghurt, nuts & spices Ka J u – Cashews, ginger, garlic & spices make this a delicious curry

M adras – Coconut, tomato, chilli & spices signify this South Indian staple Vi n d a I oo- A time-honoured South Indian dish – Hot & spicy! 18. 50 CLASSIC FAVOURITES Bu tterCh ic ken – Tikka chicken simmered in a rich creamy tomato sauce with almonds & cashews Dha I M u r gh – Succulent boneless chicken simmered with lentils & fresh spices Chicken Tikka Masala- Tikka chicken cooked with onion & capsicum in a rich creamy tomato sauce Tibetan Chicken Chasha – Boneless Chicken saut?©ed with freshly grounded Tibetan spices, crushed red pepper, turmeric & fresh coriander to make a luscious creamy curry.

Lamb Roga n Jos h- Tender lean lamb arinated in a blend of garlic, ginger & yoghurt – enhanced with coconut & finely crushed almonds La m b Ko f ta – Spiced meat balls cooked in herbs & our popular butter & cashew sauce Lam b Bistake – Lightly spiced lean tender lamb with saut?©ed mushroom, onion & tomato served on a sizzling Hot Plate M os s a m o n Beef- Tender marinated beef cooked with potatoes in coconut milk Beef Rend a n g- Beef gently simmered in coconut milk with traditional spices & chilli Devilled Beef- Tender lean beef stir fried with vegetables to an ancient Sri Lankan recipe RICE DISHES Steamed Saffron Rice – (will be served 2. 0/pp utomatically unless otherwise specified by the customer) Coconut Rice 3. 50/pp Buriyani- Lam b or Chicken – Special rice cooked in stock, steamed with spicy meat, The ‘Banquet’ has been specially designed to tantalise the tastebuds and provide an opportunity for Two people to experience a variety of our authentic flavours. BANQUET 1 per person 29. 0 (For multiples of two sharing) Assorted Entr?©e – Enjoy a crispy mix of two samosas & two pakoras served with tamarind sauce Mea t Dis h- Beef, lamb or chicken of your choice (Excludes Seafood) Three vegetarian side dishes : E I a W a I u – An assortment of seasonal egetables cooked with fresh coriander & Devilled Potato- An ever popular traditional Sri Lankan potato dish, lightly spiced & herbed D h a I – Nourishing red lentils cooked with Ra ita -A cucumber & yoghurt salad. The perfect match for hot curries!

N a a n – A traditional Indian bread made of plain flour & baked in the Tandoor per person 38. 00 BANQUET 2 As per Ba nq u e tl , but with an additional Meat Curry of your choice (Beef, Lamb or Chicken) (Excludes Seafood) DESSERTS M ango Kulfl – A smooth traditional Indian ice cream Indian Pistachio Ice Cream Extra Creamy Ice Cream – With your favourite topping W atallappan – A Sri Lankan favourite dessert prepared with eggs, coconut cream, cashew nuts & palm tree treacle. Served with ice cream. Very popular in Sri Lanka) 8. 50 Chocolate Brownie – A Classic! Heavenly. Served with Ice cream & a drizzle of raspberry syrup G ulab Jam oon – An Indian sweet – Soft dumplings of special milk products & cheese. Served with ice cream, rose water & honey syrup. Regarded as the richest & most delicious of Indian desserts Sticky Date Pudding – Homemade & divine! Served warm with caramel sauce & ice cream Ram butan Delight – Refreshing taste of rambutans & lychees accompanied by Mango sorbet 8. 95


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