Indian Education System Root Cause of Problem Essay

Solutions Introduction: In India education means a lot of knowledge In short interval and after than a routine job. What are we getting in return? No problem of country is solved since independence : management of water resources, management of crops distributions, unemployed people with degrees and good marks. Problems: I have read the book ‘How to swim’ many times. I understand every concept of it. I solved every problem of the book. I can get good scores In the exam, If you take and o will certified me as ‘good swimmer’. But sorry I don’t know swimming.

That is what our current education system. We read everything and we understand everything, we score good marks but we still don’t know anything to do / to build based upon our education, The result Is that we are good consumer and good obedient worker as desired by Lord Macaulay’s education policy. Comparison with developed country’s system and Root Cause: The main difference between Indian education system and foreign education system is the innovation (creativity). They develop enough their student for Innovative thinking, and the result is research, innovative companies and their products.

We Indian are taught for memorizing things, checking mistakes, proving right or wrong, getting good scores, and if any problems comes, search their solution in the book written by them. We are good as employees employed and instructed by them. We are not enough grown to build our own innovative systems. There are all knowledge in the book and we study them very well, get good scores, but from a single needle to ships and high speed rains, they innovate they made. We know how motor works, how compressor works, we study we scored good marks, but they build and we buy.

This is not laziness. This is training of mind in two different direction, one leads to creativity and one leads to become just a robotic employee. One don’t have so much fear of doing mistake because they know that after doing 10000 mistakes only they can innovate a bulb. Another One leads to a critical road of being right or wrong, presenting right or wrong. One leads to give enough thinking power to their weak students, another one dads to teach a lot of concepts/theories to their students about what is right or wrong.

We should stop over-expectation from child since beginning, Instead of putting a lot of knowledge at once, creativity with limited knowledge should be encouraged for better future of our country. Future India needs people with problem solving skills, people with new ideas, people with innovation and creativity. As you sow so shall you reap. – This Is very much true for our education system and current situations of our country. Solutions : Two main changes : 1. “How to teach” 2. Memory based examination pattern.

I think all changes will automatically follow. How to teach: From class 1, we do “what to teach” and told to children “what to learn”. We have never told to children “How to learn”. We expect them to be encyclopedia rather than a innovator or thinker. This should be changed. Student centered teaching method should be applied and mandatory for all schools and colleges. Memory based examination system: The examination pattern should be changed. Instead of evaluating students, it should increase the creativity and problem solving skills wrought different ideas.

Putting the bookish text, should lead to zero marking – and putting/giving own efforts and ideas should be encouraged by giving full marking. One thing should be cleared- Examination should not for evaluation of memory, but for evolution of ideas. Student should learn that Life is not for short time race with memory based teaching and examination, but it is long time enjoyment with creativity and innovation. Source : http://blobs. Reedier. Com/pushup/, http://disenfranchisement’s. Quorum. Com/

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Indian Education System Root Cause of Problem Essay
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