Indian Oil Core Competency Essay

Indian oil came away as a top oil trading company among national companies in Asian Pacific part as per the study done by applied trading system ( ATS ). The study is conducted among 80 major oil companies. The esteemed Deutsche Bank has featured merely Indian Oil as one of the planetary stock choices in the oil & A ; gas sector. Indian Oil owing to its solid basicss and besides the proactive Schemes adopted by the Management to cover with the assorted challenges confronting the oil sector ”. Platts World Energy Rankings 2005. Indian Oil has moved five topographic points up in the Platts ‘Top 250 Global Energy Company ‘ rankings from 26th in 2004 to 21st this twelvemonth.

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Indian Oil, India ‘s flagship oil company, has retained it figure one place by gross revenues in the latest corporate rankings released by the Economic Times. The ET500 study goes on to add, “ Indian Oil has been the largest Indian company by gross revenues for every bit long as anyone can retrieve. India ‘s most valuable trade name Indian Oil and SERVO selected Super trade names ( 2004-06 ). Indian Oil has emerged as the most sure gasoline pump trade name in the state in the esteemed Economic Times Brand Equity Survey of India ‘s Most Trusted Brands ( ET, Dec. 15, ’04 ). This company maintains a mark of 80 out of 100 which symbolizes that it maintains a good corporate equity.


Pestle Analysis

Political Factors:

In India there is no policy for oil ingestion despite holding an energy policy. The factors which constitute these are as follows: Public transit acquiring privatized for the decrease of cost and better efficiency, many companies such as Tata presenting Rs 1 hundred thousand autos and tremendous investing to better the substructure for railroads.

The authorities can take good enterprises by presenting policies to cut down the demand for the gasoline and Diesel ingestion to forestall the people of India from acquiring addicted to petrol. The authorities can besides enforce high responsibility on cars.

The Labor brotherhoods of India will be unhappy if the public transit systems are privatized because they can no longer bask their influence to monetise their personal wealth.

The political party besides determines the alteration in monetary value. For illustration when Congress won the elections it came as a encouragement in the value of the oil companies.

Economic Factors:

The major developments in the countries of car industry and air power industry have got a multiplier consequence and this will finally increase the Gross National Product ( GNP ) of India.

Sometimes the authorities has to intentionally raise the monetary values of gasolene and oil in order to cut down the state ‘s shortage. And at times the prognosiss of the rising prices rate made by the authorities exceed due to the rise in fuel monetary values. The rising prices has a important impact on the oil industry.

The unemployment rate in India is 10.8 %. Study has shown that the unemployment rate is inter connected with the fuel monetary values. If there is more employment so people buy more autos and motorcycles and this impacts the fuel monetary values.

When there is a rise in rising prices so there is an impact even the state ‘s involvement rates. The Reserve Bank of India late reduced the involvement rates due to high rising prices. So the fuel monetary value rising prices and involvement rate are interconnected.

Social Factors:

India has a population of about 1.1 billion. There is a important growing in the ingestion of oil every twelvemonth. As of 2009, it is estimated that the oil ingestion is about 2.68 million barrels/ twenty-four hours.

India after its independency has experienced complete transmutation. The major countries of transmutation are Aviation industry, IT industry, Infrastructural industry, Telecommunication industry, Steel industry, Oil Industry and Automobile industry. The alteration in the life style and the influence of more western civilization has made India purchase more and more motorcycles and Cars. This has resulted in the increased ingestion of oil.

Today many foreign companies are coming to India and this has impacted the employment rate. This has helped in making more occupations and the income distribution has increased. There is a besides a important rise in the disposable income which has increased the ingestion of oil.

Technological Factors:

India is passing immense sums of money in Research & A ; Development. The R & A ; D Centre is equipped with province of the art engineering which has helped bring forthing more than 1000s of preparations of lubricating oils.

These aid to provide to different Fieldss of Indian oil industry such as Public utilities, Defense, Railways and Transportation.

India has besides won many awards for the success in focussed research in the subdivisions of lubricators, polishing procedure, additives, lubricating oil preparations, biotechnology, emanation surveies, grapevine transits and engine ratings.

The R & A ; D centres are to the full operational to supply mechanical support to runing parametric quantities, development of fresh procedures, and rating of feedbacks and accelerators and licensors system know-how.

The R & A ; D Centre ‘s refinery machinery and installings is an highly dedicated service to Indian Oil Corporation and other oil companies.

The refineries in India are equipped with the best engineering for the refinement procedure. Government has allocated more than Rs 32000 crore for the up step of the machinery in the refineries in order to bring forth good quality of gasoline. In Indian we now use Euro-IV type gasoline all over the state.

Environmental Factors:

Today environmental factors are one of the most of import factors in the oil industry. The environmental analysis has to concentrate more on critical issues inbuilt in killing plans as they affect the refinement procedure in today ‘s oil industry. The environmental monitoring besides affects the conveyance systems, storage, recovery options and use.

The oil spills from the oilers affects the ecosystems and amendss it. Oil spills in sea is more detrimental when compared to the oil spills on land. It destroys the marine life and to command these oil spills the authorities is taking enterprises. The control of oil spills is rather hard because it requires complicated methods and a really big sum of work force.

Many environmental applied scientists and environmental scientists are working together by the usage of productive methods for the betterment of environmental effects, waste disposal and waste direction.

The authorities is really rigorous in a cheque list which includes: gaseous emanations, solid waste and liquid wastewaters.

Legal Factors:

Since the twelvemonth 2000 India has passed a jurisprudence for every vehicle to transport out an emanation trial every 6 months. This was followed largely in the European states. It is done to look into the fittingness of the vehicle and to look into the sum of emanations released.

The gasoline Stationss in India should stay by the rigorous regulations and Torahs for the safety of the storage of fuel. Therefore the licensing procedure becomes hard.

The authorities has besides imposed competition Torahs in order to protect the monarchy of competition in the market. The act besides ensures there is standardisation in the monetary values and cartelization.

Key drivers of alteration:

The Indian economic system is the 11th largest economic system in the universe and is dining. This gives good image for car industry for their investings in the state. The FDI gives good returns to equity.

The authorities ‘s proposal for more IT companies in India has resulted in more employment and this has increased the buying power and their purchasing behaviour for more autos and motorcycles.

The air power industry in India is dining with more participants coming in. The air rider ‘s traffic has increased by 19 % this twelvemonth. The fuel used in the air power sector is Aviation fuel.

India besides accounts to more than 26 % of the universe militias of Th. It is expected to increase the state ‘s atomic plan in the hereafter.

Industry analysis: Porter five force analysis:

Porter five forces theoretical account is the one which helps in happening out the efficiency every bit good as the productiveness which are faced by many companies while they are in the oligopolistic environment. The 3 major forces are from the horizontal competition and the other two are from the perpendicular competition. Under the horizontal factor forces that factor in are menace of new entrants, replacements and eventually menace of bing participants. Under perpendicular, dickering power of purchasers every bit good as providers do arise. So, the porter ‘s five force analysis goes therefore:

Power of providers:

In the oil industry the major power is held by the provider of oil. Here the major provider is the ONGC which supplies about 40 % of the entire oil produce all over the universe. Among the top oil importing states India stands at 9th place with a demand of 1.5 million barrels from OPEC. So, looking at the dependance we can state that the provider in this industry enjoys more power and besides it is holding more power with respect to even repairing monetary values. But relatively the bargaining power these yearss is going low as the purchase is go oning from many providers. For ex. Indian oil has a method of buying. It calls stamps and who so of all time commands lower monetary value would be given the trade. For the month of October it bought a 1000000s of barrels from Tunisian Zarzaitine petroleum base. After that it even bought from 4 manganese barrels from Nigeria and besides from the Fieldss of bonga. So, as and when demand is there Indian oil is buying from different providers. So, from the above analysis we can state that top Indian companies like Indian have given really less range for providers to keep power as they purchase from assorted providers through stamps.

Power of purchasers:

For the oil industry there are two types of purchasers. One is the industrial purchaser and the other is the single purchaser. They both together constitute downstream purchasers. These purchasers get supplies from the upstream purchaser for ex. Indian oil. They do hold an inducement to restrict supply so they keep monetary values every bit high as possible due to shriveling downstream borders. They do this because there are other rivals for them. State for illustration: Indian oil is holding rivals like BP, SHELL and RELIANCE in the Diesel and gasoline section. Whereas, in the lubricators section they face intense competition from: CASTROL, SHELL and VALVOLINE merchandises. So the industrial clients who do bulk purchase is holding good bargaining power as they order in immense measure and on top of it they have good figure of other providers excessively. And for the single consumers they have got broad assortment of picks. So they can exchange to some other trade name as there is no exchanging cost involved. So, we can state that purchasers are holding considerable dickering power in the oil industry.

Menace from bing participants:

In the oil industry the competition is really ferocious as the there is trading of trade goods. And there is competition even from the other industries besides who supply chemicals and other fuel which acts as replacement for the oil industry merchandises. There is an appraisal that the industry would turn at about 4 %. Merely because it is a trade good market it gets competitory advantage by giving merchandises to public at lower cost. This can be done by accomplishing efficiency in the productions and operations. Concentrating on merely lubricators at that place has been distribution of market by assorted rivals. Gulf oil has full acquired the coachs section, servo ‘s portion consists of Lorries and trucks. With respect to valvoline it has its market portion from the drillers and other heavy equipment users. And eventually Castrol has targeted bike section and high terminal users. So, from the above scenario we can state that there is more competition among bing participants in this oil industry.

Menace from replacements:

If we see utility for oil industry there are many. The other energy bring forthing fuels such as coal, solar energy, atomic power airs as a replacement for oil industry. With the states acquiring more and more liberalized there arises opportunities for smaller houses to import oil at less monetary value and make out to clients at lower monetary value who are chiefly focused on monetary value factor. So by this the market portion for the larger companies like Indian oil, and shell will cut down. So some little facets appear to be menace. And besides in the oil industry some refine the used oil and sell it as the normal 1s, because of this the monetary value of the oil besides would be lower and client may choose for it. This besides somewhat poses as a menace to the regular oil companies. And eventually there are many replacements which pose as a menace like solar energy. Recently many are traveling green so as to cut down the C emanation. So by that extent their ingestion of oil will cut down. Therefore, this eventually poses as a menace to oil industry.

Menace of new entrants:

This is besides one of the factors that look in to while analysing the oil industry attraction. The menace appears to be low because to come in in to industry one should hold the fiscal musculus and should hold good distribution channels. Apart from all these this industry asks for so many environmental ordinances to be followed which itself is a cumbrous procedure. It besides requires high degree of expertness in the countries of extraction and geographic expedition and besides the refinement. There is more fixed cost involved in the upstream, downstream and besides the other chemical merchandises. All these factors make new entrant to believe twice to come in this industry.

From the above porters analysis we can state that the oil industry is really attractive. The menace from the new entrants to the industry is low and besides the bargaining power of purchasers. Whereas dickering power of the provider is high. This wo n’t impact much because sometimes large participants would be managing providers ‘ section every bit good as the purchaser section. But the attraction is somewhat reduced by the internal competition between bing participants which is high in the oil industry.

SWOT Analysis: – A Strategic Analysis


India wholly has 19 refineries out of which 10 are owned by IOCL. This is surely strength to Indian Oil Company because it has able to acquire 46 % of the market portion.

55 % of the refineries are in the northern and western countries of India which is where the demand is high, market is immense and the growing is more.

Distribution Network of IOCL a merchandise are really well-built and by holding this it has able to accomplish a 49 % of the market in the merchandise grapevines and the capacity of this is 50 mmt.

IBP, the selling company was acquired by IOCL in order to beef up its operations in selling activities. In the selling substructure it has dominated the market such as it has 5000 distributers, 18,000 fuel Stationss and 6500 kerosine traders.

By holding joint ventures the company has been able to come in into countries such as storage of crude oil, lubricant addictives, preparation and consultancy, geographic expedition, gas and petrochemicals.

The company has its presence in international markets such as Bahrain, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Bangladesh and African states.


The company ‘s selling activities in the country of lubricators are non upto the grade.

The petrochemicals industry and the engineering used in another failing.

The engineering what IOCL uses is non every bit good as the foreign participants such as Shell and British Petroleum.


The crude oil merchandises today have become a necessity for everyone. As Indian Oil Corporation is spread all over the state it has a great chance and broad range in the present state of affairs.

Since IOCL has the largest figure of fuel Stationss, largest figure of traders and largest figure of distribution web it has a superior advantage to establish new merchandises and can travel for enlargement of the concern any clip.

Schemes such as Xtra Power can convey more easiness to the clients during their purchasing procedure. And these strategies are different and alone from other companies.

IOCL is coming up with its ain grapevines for the easiness to provide the fuel to the air power sector.


If the Government of India allows the private oil companies to put their ain monetary value so this can harm the market of IOCL.

The petroleum oil is largely imported and sometimes it has to confront loss as it is non in the custodies of the company to repair the monetary value.

The foreign oil companies are much more advanced in the field of engineering and this is a menace to IOCL.

Net income Analysis

This analysis is done so as to happen out the resources of Indian Oil Corporation so as to run successfully in the external environment.

Physical analysis

The physical substructure of Indian oil is broad spread all over India. It has about 40 % portion in the crude oil industry market. It has got really good sophisticated distribution channel so as operate expeditiously. More and more research is traveling on so as to increase the merchandise scope in the crude oil section. Recently they have started the LNG which is much better than the LPG.

The physical resource of Indian oil constitutes good substructure like land and edifices and besides the works and machinery.

Buildings consist:

Sophisticated Refinery centres

Ksk ‘s ( petrol bunks )

Boxing units.

Machineries used:

Oil quality control machines.

Rating and polishing machinery.


The repute of Indian oil is really good as it is at the 105th place among the top luck 500 companies. This is because of its immense volume of gross revenues. This shows that people trust in Indian oil much.

Having larger employment and has got good place among the public sector units.

Due to its public presentation, Indian oil has won many awards.

On the non-financial sector Indian oil holds no1 place. This was harmonizing to the hebdomad magazine publication.

Indian oil has some first divisions such as R & A ; D, Marketing, IBP, Refinery and Pipe Line.

These divisions are done harmonizing to their several country wise in locations like Chennai oil corporation, Mauritius Indian oil, Middle east IOC and Sri Lanka IOC.

Some of the organisational resources are the machineries and equipments.

Organizational analysis

Organizational resources: the coordination and the control facet is really good in Indian oil. It has structured its distribution channel really good. The civilization across the full organisation is really friendly which is doing many to give their best. Because of the friendly environment even the abrasion rate is besides low. On the other manus the productiveness is really good from the employees.

Some of the major divisions which Indian Oil Corporations has are Refinery, Marketing, R & A ; D, Pipe line, and IBP division.

Divisions are besides done country wise such as They are besides divided harmonizing to the locations like Chennai oil corporation, Indian Oil ( Mauritius ) Ltd for Mauritius, IOC middle east FZE, for in-between east states, Lanka IOC PLC for sri lanka.

The machineries, equipments used in Indian oil is besides a organisational resource.

Fiscal Analysis

The major portion of the capital for IOC is been fetched by equity and besides debt through issues like unsecured bonds or through loans from Bankss. Most of the capital derived from this is deviated to R & A ; D. This is really done to be technologically advanced in their procedure of doing high graded oil by the usage of sophisticated engineerings.

IOC holds a market portion of more than 43 % and it the largest public sector unit in India.

The stockholders have been given good dividends due to the good public presentation in their one-fourth 3 study.

One of the other ways by IOC for bring forthing financess is by disposing off the old machineries and underperforming machines.

But most of the income is generated by the gross revenues of its merchandises such as Diesel, engine oil and gasoline.

Intellectual and Human Resource analysis

IOC is one of the biggest companies in India and is besides one of the biggest employers. Their chief scheme for enlisting of employees is by campus choice and through the publication of the occupations in their web sites.

For technically qualified employees they recruit from proficient institutes such as NIIT and for besides they go the state ‘s premium b-schools for their demand of Management grads.

CA ‘s are besides recruited from ICAI. And they are the highest paid in the public sector unit.

There will be a direction preparation plan which would assist the new recruits to get by up with their several occupations.

Technological Analysis

Technology is one of the major countries where IOC has premier focal point on. It ‘s because it has to remain competent in the quickly altering technological universe. This would assist them in their excavation procedure and researching more and more chances in energy.

The R & A ; D is been given the premier importance and have besides opened a separate division for it. This is located in the outskirts of Haryana. The company is ever happening new ways in which they can hold better merchandises.

Up to day of the month machineries have been uploaded so that they can better the quality in whatever they do and hold advanced machineries.

VRHN Analysis:

VALUE ( V ) :

The distribution web of Indian oil is extremely appreciated and the ground behind this is because of the coverage of the IOC in every province in the most efficient mode. Literally they are in every nook and corner.

The IOC is doing certain that the merchandises which they offer are of the best superior quality and they besides recommend their best merchandises to their clients. This has built the trust among the people in rural countries and they prefer Indian oil instead than other rival.

They besides try to guarantee that the ailments by their clients are listened carefully and acted upon it consequently.

IOC has ever been seeking to work hard so that they satisfy their clients, stockiest and their distributers.

For giving more value to the clients the organisation has ever thought of coming up with new merchandises.

RARE ( R ) :

Through their path gross revenues undertaking they do door bringing for their merchandises.

The inducements given by Indian oil is rather high when compared to the industry criterions. To mention an illustration here, it gives 2ltrs of servo 4T free if we sell 1 instance of servo 4T. ( 12 pieces ).

For keeping long term relationship with their clients the IOC supports coming up with new strategies. One such strategy is reward strategy. In this Xtra wages strategy if the clients make a purchase of 2ltrs of oil so they get 2 points. So when the clients reach 100 points they can deliver the points by interchanging some gifts.

In the oil section it is the lone company which has come up with and has moved frontward in conveying about eco friendly pesticides.


Indian Oil Corporation has been able to make the clients in such a alone manner without holding advertised so much which is a characteristic and is difficult to copy. This repute created by IOC has been done over a period of clip.

The distributer ‘s relationship with the IOC is so alone and has good relationship with each other. And whenever IOC sets aim the distributers make certain that they achieve it.

The handling of the distribution web of IOC is really difficult to copy.


IOC has created such a trade name image over a period of clip and is non substitutable for other companies or any foreign participants.

The laterality in the market by IOC over its other rivals is extremely non substitutable.

Business degree scheme:

Position of outside in:

Industry construction along with the market demand: The merchandises of Indian oil have got demand in India every bit good in many other states to which it has expanded. The market is turning at really rapid gait and besides from Indian oil side there is enormous growing to fit the demand. There is an appraisal that the growing rate of oil industry in India is expected to turn by 43 % by 2019. And from this chance we can state that Indian oil can bag some of clients and increase client base.

Deriving advantageous place: Indian oil right from its origin has understood the spread that is predominating in the market. It is offering the merchandises at really less monetary value compared to its rivals. So with this clients frequently prefer Indian oil merchandises instead than the Castrol or shell or any merchandise for that affair.

External placement:

Geting needed resources: Indian oil with its changeless growing has been geting many resources so as to fit the demand every bit good to be really competitory. it has made many tie ups with other companies and besides it has acquired many to spread out in the market. Some of the acquisitions include NPCIL and many. Indian oil along with ONGC has got blessing from the authorities to pass five times more on the acquisitions. So this is a conducive factor for Indian oil.

Mobility barriers every bit good the bargaining power: Indian oil ‘s bargaining power is really good right from the beginning. Peoples who are utilizing Indian oil merchandises are less likely to switch to other merchandises as the merchandise quality is really good. And there is general inclination among people that if they switch to some other trade name they think it is traveling to impact the public presentation of the machinery. So Indian oil can utilize this as a lock-in factor and move in front. But side by side the service quality has been increasing drastically.

Hybrid scheme: this scheme company is following right from its origin. Not to state that it want to somehow peep in to market. It is coming in with lone motivation of supplying quality service at less cost. But side by side it is besides maintaining an oculus on the accomplishing volumes of gross revenues. Because as it is supplying merchandises at lesser cost in Oder to be profitable and cut down fixed cost T has to accomplish big volume of gross revenues. And it is endeavoring to cut down cost as monetary value of rough oil is easy boosting in the planetary market. So we can state that company follows intercrossed scheme in its concern degree scheme.

Growth utilizing Hybrid Scheme:

When Indian oil started in 1960 ‘s it had really little client base. But if see now the client base has increased like anything before. Currently it is holding client base of more than 1.2 million client base. Even the planetary ranking it got through award of fortune 500 companies its trade name image besides has changed lending to its client base. With this consciousness among people helps Indian oil to travel for the intercrossed scheme.

Indian oil has over 10 out of 17 refineries in India among the sum of 17. With this advantage it is able to be cost effectual as it can cut down cost through new engineering and it can cut down its cost and offer merchandise at lesser cost.

Monetary value Based Schemes:

Comparative to the other participants in industry Indian oil is playing on monetary value. For ex: 1 litre of servo lubricator is priced at Rs.140 whereas Castrol is selling at Rs.180. so Indian oil is doing immense monetary value difference and they are making client value.

Compared to its rivals it non publicizing much this is assisting Indian oil to monetary value at lower degrees giving good borders to the distributers and animating them to advance Indian oil merchandises.

In the Diesel and gasoline section it is selling at Re.1 less compared to blast which is besides playing at big in the recent old ages.

The new merchandise launch with respect to pesticides is given to husbandmans at really low monetary value compared to the other plague control chemicals. This merchandise is really much beneficial to both the husbandmans and society at big.

Since it is province owned it gets subsidies from the authorities and in bend it is passed in to the clients at big.


The manner it operates is different to that of others because all the packaging activities have been outsourced to others through stamps assisting Indian oil to concentrate on its operational activities. By making this it is able to work expeditiously.


Because of its immense operations and volume of gross revenues it is able achieve economic systems of graduated table.

It was incorporated in 1964 and it has been concentrating on immense machineries that would utilize oil. All the Lorries ever prefer servo for their engine oil instead than any of the other trade names which are available in the market.

It ‘s a province owned company and people will evidently trust on it alternatively some other trade names.

The engine oil every bit good as the gasoline and Diesel is available in about all the provinces of India and besides even in small towns we can happen it, in small towns they have opened kisan seva Kendra ‘s which are really much for the benefit of rural countries. It is present in about 138 metropoliss all over.

With all these Indian oil is able to achieve sustainable competitory advantage in consideration of the above factors.

Market portion of Indian oil:

Talking about Indian oil market portion is a cumbrous procedure as it has got legion portions in the different sections. To get down with Indian oil along with its subordinates hold more than 46 % portion in the crude oil related merchandises market. Whereas in the footings of polishing it hold about 40 % portion in this market. Out of some 19 refineries it holds 10 refineries which are really immense for any company for that affair. Looking at the downstream it holds about 65 % portion in the market. And it has got widest web of fuel Stationss totaling to about 17500 plus. To sum up the market portion of Indian oil in the oil industry of India is really immense relatively with the other companies in the same field.

Strategic Alliances

IOCL has many strategic confederations under its bag. Recently it made a ratio of 50:50 confederations with the Gulf of Sudan and Iran for it ‘s out of the state undertakings. This gives IOCL the chance to research the market and increase its production and has made IOCL to do a good synergism with its operations sector. It has made many strategic confederations with the local distributer in every metropolis to ease the supply of its merchandises to its clients. Recently in the twelvemonth 2009 IOCL made a strategic confederation with the “ Petro Algae ltd ”. This was done by subscribing a MOU to licence the understanding for providing micro chips engineering for its future enlargement to big scale production in the field of renewable fuels. For its Indane merchandise ( LPG ) it has made several confederations with the best companies to market its merchandise throughout the state. Some of the other Strategic confederations by IOCL are as follows:

AVI-Oil India ltd: To do man-made lubricating oil for air power and defence intents.

Indo Cat ltd: To fabricate addictives.

Lubrizol India Pvt Ltd: To fabricate chemicals and market them for the usage as addictives in Greases and Diesel.

Petro net India Ltd: To implement crude oil undertakings through Particular purpose vehicles.

Rivals ‘ analysis:

Major Petroleum section and lubricants

Indian oil

Hindustan crude oil

Bharat crude oil

Reliance crude oil






PanIndia presence

138 metropoliss


90 metropoliss

30 metropoliss


Petrol, Diesel, servo lubricators, marine fuels, Indane gas, and much more

LPG, lubes, gasoline, Diesel and besides in to retail and much more

Petrochemicals, gasoline, Diesel and dissolvers, lubricators, LPG and much more

Petrochemicals, gasoline, Diesel and much more


many grapevine undertakings so as to cut down cost and easiness of merchandise handiness

Lube Oil Base Stock undertakings and grapevine undertakings under

Revamp of bing Diesel Hydrodesulphurization unit, Refinery Modernization Project

Polyethylene Expansion Project, Oil & A ; Gas Project, Residue Up step Project and much more

Monetary value: with respect to monetary value, Indian oil holds the strong place. The current monetary value which is predominating are Indian oil ‘s SERVO lubricant is selling at Rs.150/ litre where as Castrol is selling at Rs.180/liter whereas shell is selling at Rs.155/liter. So we can state that Indian oil has got good advantage with respect to monetary value.

Technology: Indian oil has been endeavoring really hard to fit up to the recent engineering. Merely because it is really big organisation any sudden execution of engineering takes clip. But on the other side the lubricant section rivals are making admirations with new engineering particularly the Castrol. It has created customized packaging which would assist the clients at big.


In the lubricant section Indian oil has got ferocious competition from the shell company as both have got good specification of oil and the quality degree of oil has been kept really high. With this we can state that in footings of quality shell is giving ferocious competition and in the recent yearss even Castrol besides has come with really good specification of oil and making admirations. It has improved even the packaging and has improved the service quality.


Indian Oil Corporation is the largest oil company in India and is ranked hundred-and-fifth in the luck 500 companies. It has the widest market of gasoline Stationss in India. It has assorted merchandises such as Oil, Natural gas, Petroleum, Lubricants and fuel. The Indane cookery gas has a client base of more than 50 million and they have 5000 distributers all over the state. The logistics theoretical account followed by Indian Oil is really robust and this has been the key to the success of the company. The installations are besides out in the right topographic point every bit shortly as the merchandises are dispatched by sea, rail and route to the clients.

The company is besides sing capturing the domestic market of petrochemicals which is a flourishing and they are be aftering to take on this through a ground-breaking supply of logistics. Indian Oil besides caters to the state ‘s air power fuel demands by giving the best quality fiting with the planetary criterions. It takes attention of fuel handling and storage. It besides serves to the Defense services of India and besides to the VVIP ‘s. Because of the service and the quality provided by the IOC many international and domestic flights wants to acquire fueled by IOC and everyday it fills about 1,600 flights in tube and distant topographic points such as Andaman & A ; Nicobar islands to Leh.

Approach to their Customers:

Indian Oil Corporation has 10 refineries of the entire 19 refineries in India. It has a sum of 18,000 fuel Stationss all over the state and due to this it has been able to market itself by holding its presence all over the state and has been successful in making the clients proficiently. From the get downing Indian Oil has ever believed that moralss is the cardinal to triumph. It has besides believed that new engineering, environment and invention are one of its foundation rock to pull more clients.

Service provided for their Customers:

The services provided by Indian Oil Corporation have been really attractive towards the clients. To supply good service and enhanced convenience to their clients the IOC has introduced a toll free figure and to take the client feedback they besides introduced an electronic feedback system. They are besides giving a personal accident insurance strategy to its clients under the IOC trueness plans. It besides has a vibrant web site which helps clients to cognize more about the company ‘s merchandise and services. In the merchandise line of LPG they besides give a alone user Idaho to every client so that the client has more entree to its history and order when of all time required.

Technology used and implemented:

Indian Oil Corporation has province of the art engineering in their refineries and has a good equipped Research and Development centres. The R & A ; D centres have expertise in the field of crude oil industry. They have besides set up operational green field refineries and brown field undertakings have been established for enlargement intent. The IOC has besides initiated the grapevine transit experience in India and besides marketed the merchandise throughout the state to ease the range of their crude oil merchandises to every client everyday. The IOC has besides lead their R & A ; D expertness to states such as Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Bhutan, Iraq, Zambia, Nepal, Algeria, Bahrain and Nigeria. In the downstream sector of the company the IOC has a incorporate sync with the R & A ; D operations. Some of the operations are as follows: planning, executing, monitoring, quality control, quality cheque, proficient services, logistics, and safety of industrialised hygiene.

Recruitment of Employees:

As of 2009, IOCL has 37,000 employees. The IOCL visits reputed establishments such as NIT ‘s, IIT ‘s and other proficient universities enrolling pupils of concluding twelvemonth pupils of technology. For their concern direction they go to think of direction establishments to enroll MBA ‘s. Besides they go to Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( ICAI ) to enroll CA ‘s to look after the auditing and revenue enhancements benefits of the company. IOC besides post advertizements in the newspapers. The campaigners can use online if they are interested and the company will react to the desired campaigner after run intoing all the standards and eligibility. The growing of an employee depends upon its single public presentation. The IOC besides gives many fringe benefits and benefits to its employees and besides a few public assistance steps.

Firm Infrastructure:

The IOCL substructure is one of the biggest in India. As mentioned earlier it has 10 refineries of the entire 19 refineries in India. It is be aftering to put 48,000 crore in the new refinery which has a capacity of 16 million metric tons a twelvemonth. This besides includes grapevine substructure in the whole state. The company has ever been turning in footings of fuel Stationss in India. The IOCL has besides established new substructure for its merchandise storage and for the easiness of distribution web.

Strategic clock:

The strategic entryway of Indian oil with new merchandises happens through intercrossed scheme. The merchandises from the lubricant sector are priced low with immense characteristics attached to the merchandise fiting that of rivals. But, its rivals merchandises are priced really high compared to Indian oil merchandises. This has been followed all over India and the monetary value per litre of engine oil falls at Rs.130/liter. Castrol one of the rival in recent old ages is pricing the same engine oil at Rs. 180/liter. This shows that it is offering its merchandises to public at 25-28 % cheaper monetary value compared to its other rivals. This has affected the schemes of Castrol every bit good as the shell. As a immense monolithic organisation it can accomplish immense volume by offering at the lower monetary value.

Recently Indian oil came with merchandise called agro spray for this they have used distinction scheme. Its characteristics are really good compared to the other related merchandises which are in the market. The forte is that when this spray is been used it helps in forestalling the fruit from acquiring contaminated. Other pesticides which were used by the husbandmans were really much unsafe to wellness. The forte of the agro spray is that it wo n’t kill plagues by poisoning but this putting to deaths by doing them smother. And it is non wellness risky sort of thing when compared to other pesticides. It has been priced really low compared to the other rival merchandises which are predominating in the market. The major factor which can seen for pricing low are:

Its advertisement outgo is really less compared to its rival. They are into giving more benefit to the distributer every bit good as the client because they are accomplishing their net income through big volume gross revenues.

The organisation is really immense and it can accomplish net incomes through economic systems of graduated table.


Invention has ever been a cardinal towards the success of IOCL. IOCL has besides bagged many awards such as ‘Safety Innovation Award ” and “ Golden Peacock Innovation Award ”. The R & A ; D squad is one of the chief subscribers towards Innovation. This section was presented with the award of “ Petro Fed Innovator of the twelvemonth ”. This was given because of R & A ; D ‘s part towards developing and marketable addictive for Diesel engines which is SERVO. Servo is really cost effectual and gives good public presentation with less care. This is patented by IOCL. IOCL has every bit many as 60 invention patents along with international patents in different states. The engineering used in Liquefied Natural Gas ( LNG ) is a new and innovated procedure. It proposes to make majority clients at their doorsill to present its merchandise through grapevines. The proposed terminus for LNG has been identified to be in Chennai. IOCL has besides promoted invention in the field of Hydrocarbon sector. The Oil and Gas sector in IOCL recognized that invention is something which is demand of the hr for the endurance of the concern.


Benchmarking is something IOCL has ever and continuously believed in when compared to its equal and other corporate companies. Thus it has been one of the most admired companies in India. This gives IOCL the chance to do others cognizant of the best patterns followed with the company. IOCL made a benchmark by puting up a Hydrocracker unit in 2009. It was the fastest mechanical completion in a really short clip of 59 yearss which was a benchmark executing in the refinery industry of India. It has besides made a singular invention in the HRD systems by open uping the labour patterns which it uses in its organisation which is once more a benchmark made by the company. Even in the operations it has made a benchmark by holding a quality cheque in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities.


One of the biggest prima public sector units in India is the Indian Oil Corporation. The IOC and many of its other entity units owe more than 43 % of the market portion in the crude oil merchandises, approximately 40 % portion in the refinement procedure and more than 69 % in the pipe line capacity in India. The IOC owns and operates 10 refineries expeditiously which encompass about 61 % of the overall refineries.

It was in the twelvemonth 1959 when the IOC had started its operations. It ab initio started off as an Indian Oil company but subsequently it was renamed and changed to Indian oil refineries. Later it was in the twelvemonth 1964 when it was named as the Indian Oil Corporation along with the amalgamations of Indian refineries.

In India it owns and operates the largest figure of fuel Stationss i.e. it has crossed more than 17,000. In add-on to this the Indian Oil Technologies Limited ( IOTL ), which is fundamentally a subordinate of the IOC, was formed in 2003. This was formed in order to develop the engineerings and market it. These engineerings are built in the R & A ; D Centre of IOC.

The merchandise line of Indian oil Corporation is immense. Some of the assortment of merchandises are like Diesel, gasoline, naphtha, kerosine, air power turbine fuel, paraffin, lubricators and bitumen. And their most outstanding trade names are Indane LPG, Xtra premium gasoline, Auto gas, Servo lubricators and Indian oil air power.


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