Individuals and Relationships - Stereotypes (Oral) Essay

Our society has learnt to classify people into different stereotypes like, “the weird kids” or “the jocks” or “the nerds”, ect. People find that the people around us put us into these stereotype groups very quickly, before actually getting to know these people. These stereotypes define the way we form relationships with people, and the way we act with them. A good example of this is the recent bashings of Indian students in the Melbourne CBD.

The victims were probably seen, in the eyes of the offenders, as just being Indian and not for the actual person they were underneath. This is wrong and unethical, and a society such ours, should not be put up with. This demonstrates the level of discrimination that is taking place in our society. The victims of these crimes should be viewed as People and not just as “Indians”. Our society should be able pride itself in our nobility and kindness towards newcomers.

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Individuals and Relationships – Stereotypes (Oral) Essay
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This situation is like a relationship – take this as an analogy, all relationships have foundations and on top of these foundations the building bricks of friendship are placed. if there is a strong foundation the relationship will be strong, if not, the brick will come toiling down and everything will be in ruins. Our foundations with the Indians are not very good, aspects like: respect, care and kindness are not there. With an outside glimpse we see that the only foundation there is in this relationship is, racism and racism only.


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