Individuals with Disabilities Education Essay

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) was created so that any student with any type of physical or mental disabilities would receive an equal opportunity for a better education. I feel that IDEA 2004 has satisfied Its purpose. Idea 2004 has Implemented special education teachers to teach the students with disabilities. Since the first time that the act was created, it has been modified several times. Each time Implementing special elements that lad mentally challenged students and to extend the help beyond what primary education could do.

The advantages to IDEA 2004, Is that the mentally and physically challenged students now have the ability to maximize their education. IDEA 2004 and Section 504 are both similar In aiding students with tattletales. However the guidelines for Section 504 are not as well defined as with IDEA 2004. Section 504 is significant for students with special needs because it provides protections for those whose disabilities do not match the definitions under the IDEA statute (Rosenberg, Whistling, & Muscles, p. 45, 2007).

Both Section 504 and IDEA 2004 will ensure that the students with disabilities will have the chance at an equal education. As with any program I do believe that there is room for improvement such as it as over the past several years. Keeping up with the latest developments In new tattletales and ways to treat these disabilities will help with the improvements on IDEA 2004. Rosenberg, M. S. , Whistling, D. L. , & Muscles, J. (2007). Special Education for Today’s Teachers : An Introduction. Retrieved from The university of Phoenix eBook Collection.

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Individuals with Disabilities Education Essay
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