Industrial Revolution Essay

It’s not what you see but how you see it. During these tough times, from 1750 to 1830, Industrial Revolution plays a really big, important role in the outstanding economic development of European, especially Britain. With an important head start, Britain surely becomes the world’s industrial leader. Industrial Revolution makes life a bit more stable and wealthier, increases the quality and the quantity of a production, also population increases quite high. However, in the dark side, Industrial Revolution still sticks with them many cons, unfairness, exploitation, and excessive.

This Industrial Revolution has contributed to the development of the world, such as the development of education. The government has started providing more financial support to school, created more law to protect the right of children, increase the time spending in school of children to decrease the ppercent of children couldn’t read or write. Workers and population increased rapidly, many factories were opened, and more products are made with better quality. Equally contributed the development is the modern inventions. A new energy created that is call electricity, reduce environmental pollution.

Also, a machine called Telephone helps you to communicate to another person within a certain distance in only a few minutes, it’s incredibly easy and convenient. Come with a positive effect is a negative effect. Child labor is one of the worst things happen. How could they be so violent to force a child under 10 years old, slim, to work non-stop during day and night, and being beaten. Working conditions for the kids is really bad, but wages is not much. They spend day and night working and breathing dust in the factory, create more diseases. Many workers were injured by dangerous machine.

Associated with children were the changing roles of women. Women’s life becomes worst and miserable. They’re also exploited labor, they have to face with sexist, and spend less time to take care their kids. Finally, the conditions in the coal mines are worst as well as the factory conditions. Miner can easily cause lungs disease from breathing air full of coal dust, or toxic gases can explode at any time. There are many ways to improve negative effects, and it isn’t difficult at all, the difficult thing is how to make the government want to do it.

We should limit the working hour of as well as not allow children to work under an appropriate age. We should create more oopportunity for poor families such as Financial, health care, and free education. Working-class can move up to the middle class. To create a good working atmosphere, the place needs to be cleaned up daily, make the mine more durable, support miner the appropriate equipment such as service gas masks, safety goggles, safety helmet, and safety light. So far, filter and limit smoke and other wastes to reduce the air pollution. Industrial Revolution By zinhhuy

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