Industrialization Essay

a. Why were the Indians treated so unjustly? (12)
The American settlers’ greed was the basis for the injustice forced upon the Indians. At first the American’s simply wanted the land that could be used to grow or create products. Then the Indians were viewed as hostile enemies. This was unfair because the American’s were too greedy to give the Indians the supplies they were promised; therefore, the Indians attacked. The Indians also attacked because the Americans put them on reservations so the settlers could have the rest of the land. The hunters of the West were also forced serious injustice on the Indians. They killed the buffalo by the millions for their hides. The buffalo were the Indians source of food, consequently the Indians were forced to move to reservations.

b. Why was the evolving cattle industry so profitable? (10)
The low cost and high output of the cattle industry made it extremely profitable. Buffalo grass, which grew year round and through droughts, grew on the Great Plains, which made it unnecessary for ranchers to buy food for the cattle. Cattle could be used as food or a labor force. They could also be sold to the Indians who had no choices for food because they were stuck on the reservations. Cattle could be raised cheaply in the Plains and sold to the railroad workers and the troops guarding the workers.

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Industrialization Essay
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c. Why did farmers and sheep ranchers create problems in the West? (12)
d. Why was the railroad essential there? (10)
The lack of natural


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