Influence of theory on nursing education Essay

EBPP Is a big part of the development of knowledge because nurses generally make decisions evolved from personal experiences in practice or from the knowledge base of the nurse. Each event or situation evolves from the practitioners knowledge and experiences at a given time. ” (RUN, 999) Philosophy has impacted the development of nursing repeatedly over time alongside human economics and political history. (Anne M. Ashcan PhD(c), 2011 ) One example is Nightingale’s theory of a supporting environment promoting the healing processes of individuals could be evolved from AY-Salami’s tenet of ethical nursing practice in the early 6th century. (Anne M. Ashcan PhD(CLC 2011). References Andrew McKee, F. B. (2012).

Exploring clinical wisdom in nursing education. Nursing Ethics, 252-267. Anne M. Ashcan PhD(c), R. M. (2011). Stance and strategy: post- structural perspective and post-colonial engagement to develop nursing knowledge. Nurse;Eng Philosophy, 177-190. Mary K. McClure PhD RUN NAP, S. M. (2009+). Knowledge for the good of the individual and society: linking philosophy, disciplinary goals, theory and practice. Nursing Philosophy, 42-52. RUN, S. K. (1999). Critical reflective inquiry for knowledge development In nursing practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 1205-1212.

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Influence of theory on nursing education Essay
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