Information system improvement Essay


Information engineering has become an of import issue for the concern universe. The busy life and the diverseness of the concern jobs require the development of the computer-based information system. Harmonizing to the information system betterment, it needs the engagement of the system analysts. System analysis is a scientific term, covering with the analysis of a system and the interacted constituents within a system.

As a consequence, last twelvemonth Sun Hotel group located in London did hold to replace the old system. A new system was developed under the cooperation of MKS Solutions. And a system analyst was sent to Sun Hotel group to back up developing an information system for the hotel concern ‘ intents.

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Different life rhythm theoretical accounts, advantages and disadvantages of each to Sun Hotel [ P3 ]

Nowadays, there are many different types of SDLC. To give the best pick to Sun Hotel, some undermentioned life rhythm theoretical accounts can be accessed:

Waterfall theoretical account: As a name itself, its construction is truly similar as a waterfall. It is a procedure of bit-by-bit stages: Requirements placing, design, execution, confirmation and care. That means each phase in the Waterfall attack is the finalization of the old phase and the following phase merely can get down when the ends of the current stage are achieved.

Waterfall theoretical account is a traditional theoretical account, introduced really early and widely used for package technology.


  • Quite seeable and easy to understand the system life rhythm theoretical account
  • Testing and certification demand arise in every stages
  • A disciplined procedure with the stopping point relationship between each phase of the theoretical account
  • A popular method to implement


  • Merely integrates loop indirectly, alterations may do the confusion during the undertaking advancement.
  • This theoretical account needs ab initio exact demands from the users before get downing its procedure, that seems to be hard for the clients to place explicitly all demands at one clip from get downing.
  • The user merely can see the concluding merchandise, one time done any add-on is difficult to be made, so may necessitate newer version of the system, causes lifting cost.

Therefore, in fact a batch of undertakings seldom follow Waterfall proposed eventful flow. And the undertaking to follow a Waterfall requires the right staff.

Prototyping theoretical account: Is a system developing method in which, a paradigm is a probationary concluding merchandise or system is designed, built, tested and resolved if necessary until accomplishing a concluding paradigm meet the demands. From this paradigm, the system will be developed to make the completion. Figure 2.2 shows rather clearly the stairss taken in the Prototyping attack. The speedy demands definition, proving, edifice, and prototype rating by client are taken bit-by-bit, and may be redone for a new rhythm until result is an credence paradigm.


  • Designer and implementer can obtain the feedback from the client early in the undertaking.
  • Software specifications can be compared with the paradigm in the procedure, easy to place the missing demands or confusion.
  • Validation required as it is an iterative, test and mistake fixed procedure between the user and manufacturer.
  • Support development and flexible design.


  • The system built by manufacturer may be non adequate adequate for the administration ‘s demands.
  • Many alterations are made to the system may do the break of the system ‘s construction.
  • Incomplete application may go useless as a demand of full worked-system.
  • May cut down high-standard and trifle of the undertaking as excessively much engagement of the users during the procedure.

Coiling theoretical account: This is another type of system life rhythm. This procedure combines the characteristics of Waterfall theoretical account and Prototyping theoretical account. The attack was defined Barry Boehm in ‘A Spiral Model of Software Development and Enhancement ‘ in 1985. Some iterative stairss are generated as:

Requirements are defined every bit much as possible based on questioning both internal and external users of the system with the other facets of it.

Design the all the possibilities, utilizing them to develop for the cost efficiency, analysis and methodological analysis. Besides placing and deciding all possible hazard in undertaking development to happen out the possible result ( paradigm ) which is able to accommodate the available information.

First paradigm is contributed. This gets closer to the concluding merchandise as it describes by and large about the features of the intended application.

The following paradigm is developed overall the four modus operandis: rating of the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of the old paradigm, finding the demands for the following paradigm, planning and planing the new paradigm, and edifice and proving new result.


  • Enhancement in forestalling the hazards.
  • Strong blessing and certification control.
  • Any alteration can be made in the future clip.
  • Be more able to accommodate the practical universe as execution is in precedence.


  • Quite complex attack requires the expertness to measure the paradigms and analyze the scheme.
  • Still based on Waterfall model, execution may be stop up due to non run into allowance for budget or agenda.
  • Possibility of increasing the cost of size of undertaking.

So, Spiral model merely can be applied for the big undertaking with big graduated table of budget and requires instant concentration into the mark.

V theoretical account: Is a package development procedure. It is considered as an extension of Waterfall theoretical account but the phases of the procedure move following a V form, alternatively of traveling downward as in Waterfall construct. In the figure 2.4, after falling from the first stage, at the execution stage, the way of the procedure alterations upward, making a signifier of V. The relationship between the phases of V attack is really high-structured where the following stage is carried out in inside informations of the old stage. That helps increasing the potency of the undertaking, forestalling the waste, salvaging clip every bit good as the cost.


  • A fast and economical method as mistakes and hazards are detected in early phases.
  • Confirmation and proof are done side by side.
  • The value of merchandise is improved.


  • Needs a big figure of people.
  • Merely can be implemented by the large company.

The usage of informations patterning techniques [ P4 ]

Data modeling is a method by which the information theoretical account is created through shaping and analyzing the information demands to back up the public presentation of an administration ‘s operating system.

Datas modeling can be performed at any phase of any undertaking. It is assorted and there is no certain theoretical account of informations. In concern universe, informations patterning techniques can be used for some intents such as:

  • To pull off informations of resources ( human resource, merchandise resource, etc. )
  • For the information systems ‘ integrating.
  • Cardinal measure to make the information base, informations warehouse.

In practise, there are three chief manners of informations theoretical accounts:

Conceptual informations theoretical account: This is high degree representation of organizational informations. It is created to research the spheres and constructions of an administration, for illustration: the regulations of significances and interrelatedness of the entities of a concern ( staff, client, stock and so on ) .

Logical informations modeling ( LDM ) : Stipulate more item ( properties ) for the informations than conceptual modeling.

The relationship between client ( entity ) and reference is stated, besides the inside informations of each is specified ( figure 2.7 ) . But the execution environment of informations is non concerned plenty.

Physical informations modeling ( PDM ) : Continues traveling farther, more inside informations is added. Besides, the existent physical execution of informations is specified. In the figure 2.8, that shows greater inside informations than in figure 2.7, every bit good as an extra of associatory tabular array with the keys to keep the relationship of client and reference.

In informations patterning attack, entity-relationship diagrams ( ERD ) are used really popularly as it is rather comprehensive, utilizing the notations to show the relationship between the entities defined within the system.

Besides that, there are still some other types of modeling, for illustration: Database modeling. This technique perfectly becomes efficaciously when it complies with database direction system, which the most administrations in the existent universe now have to confer with. Besides that, semantic informations modeling is another type of informations theoretical account which established from the demand to specifying the information from the conceptual theoretical account. As the illustration of existent universe through symbolizing the resources, thoughts, events in the physical information shop, it is utile in planning of informations resources ; construct of shareable database, rating of seller package and integrating of bing database.


Area of probe [ P9 ]

This study investigates on the hotel direction system of Sun Hotel.

As a consequence in concern universe, particularly in hotel industry, the information system of each concern needs to be developed to accommodate with the growing of concern, the current engineering issues every bit good as assisting the concern traveling swimmingly. Under some jobs of the old and traditional system of the administration, the mechanization and extra accounting information is required to be upgraded. Because of deficiency of engineering engagement in the relationship between the different functional countries of the company, information moves really easy, causes the incommodiousness for both clients and staff. Therefore, the current engagement, room direction and charge systems do non work interactively and efficaciously. Most of the engagements inside informations and maintaining path of minutess is recorded into the documents, causes a trouble in naming the information and duplicated informations. Company besides has to put a batch of money for human resource. In extra to, a current hapless database does n’t assist the staff, create many troubles for them to entree the information when covering with the clients at work. So, a current database needs to be replaced by another more logical, inside informations, and related database.

The possible solutions for Sun Hotel ‘s jobs [ P7 ]

First, all the sections need to be re-functioned and re-structured. All the procedures, engagement, room direction and charge should be related, leting sharing information between them. They have to run in a new united system.

Second, a database can be created through database modeling method, ensures the hotel ‘s informations ( clients ‘ inside informations, suites ‘ inside informations, rate, etc. ) is stored and controlled good by a database direction system. There are a few available package can be purchased for this such as: Microsoft Access, Oracle or Microsoft Excel.

Other package for overall hotel direction, reserve and measure computation needs to be installed to execute the maps of those processs, professionalises the hotel ‘s system. Some applications can be used really efficaciously are: RoomKey by RSI International, roomMaster2000 by InnQuest, GuestMaster by GuestMaster International or Fiesta by Fayafi Infomatic… They are all low-cost, dependable to back up all sizes of hotel ; besides are implemented really successfully by a batch of hotel in the universe.

System Development Life Cycle for Sun Hotel [ P2 ]

From point of position overall the subdivision 2.2, Waterfall attack is the best pick for Sun Hotel ‘s system. Each SDLC has its ain advantages and disadvantages but looking at the restraints such as: the undertaking needs to be finished within one month to accommodate the concern ‘ demands, low allowance budget… Besides the system will be built after roll uping all the information, demands from the users.

System demands [ P8 ]

To go on the advancement, the squad did work side-by-side with the proprietor, director of each section. They outlined some undermentioned demands:

  • A fast and convenient system with the budget up to & A ; lb ; 10,000
  • An ability to portion information between the sections
  • All engagement are made via phone, the Internet or at the hotel, payment demands to be processed before all engagement inside informations are stored into the hotel ‘s information system.
  • The system can automatically look into the available of suites, list types of room ( individual, dual or household ) and their monetary value with the inside informations of each.
  • System needs to automatically bring forth the reserve figure and calculate measure for each dealing, print the bill.
  • Automatically checks the position of each suites
  • Helps cipher turnover, clip spent of each type of room over a period, maintain path of minutess.

To be able to develop to the system which meets the above demands, Sun Hotel needs computing machine platforms for each section, informations storage ( at least 100GB ) for database, specific package, the Internet and Local Area Network connexion, pressmans, overseas telegrams, concern ‘ web site.

System processes and maps [ P10 ]

To research the procedures and maps of the developed system, it needs to be broken down in smaller processs:

Engagements: – Takes the engagement inside informations, enters them into the computing machine system.

Searches inside informations about room, clients, and hotel

Gives the response to the client ( rejection, verification or handiness of suites )

Billings: – Sets and updates the rate

Gets the inside informations from the system to cipher the measures, procedures payment, prints bill ( mentioning the check-out map, the measure is calculated by cheque out day of the month subtractions check in day of the month, so multiply with day-to-day rate ( plus extra charge ) .

Records the measures in the database.

Room direction: – Updates the position of reserved suites to the system

  • Collects the inside informations of booking from the response, records into the system to bring forth the reserve figure
  • Set alterations of suites, room conditions to and update to the hotel ‘s room database.
  • Match the demands of clients such as size, non-smoking to the room ‘s specifications to apportion the suited room.


The undertaking for the betterment in hotel direction system for Sun Hotel has finished by MKS Solutions. By utilizing the system analysis tools, the analysts have drawn a system which would be ideal for the concern.

There are a batch of advantages that fulfil the jobs which Sun Hotel had to face. The new system has brought the benefits for the company in public presentation, efficiency, control and security, for illustration: no more informations duplicate, salvaging paper work, automatic proof, secured and dependable informations, clip and cost efficient, etc.

Besides, the system can be used for a long period, be able to accommodate to the alteration of information engineering issue.


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