Information Technology IT Strategic Planning Commerce Essay

Perisher Blue resort was opened in March 1995. It combines the resources and installations of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Mount Blue Cow, Guthega, The Station and the Skitube alpine railroad. Perisher Blue has the highest terrain, the greatest figure of lifts and the most dependable snow in the whole of Australia. This milepost evaluates Perisher Blue ‘s resort with the aim of helping it craft an IT Strategic Plan. In the enterprise to place the best possible strategic program, the paper will first evaluate literature on this topic and so continue to make a SWOT Analyses on the instance survey.

Literature Reappraisal:

In most organisations, information engineering ( IT ) plays a important function as a support service that facilitates the obtaining of concern benefits. Harmonizing to Mason ( 1991, p.231 ) “ the construct of utilizing information engineering ( IT ) to alter the footing of competition has intuitive entreaty, and there are legion illustrations of information systems that have proved valuable to the organisations which developed them ” . Furthermore, Peppard and Ward ( 2004, p.168 ) argue that “ information engineering has become inextricably intertwined with concern ” . This important function has prompted organisations to schemes carefully how to maximise return on Investment ( ROI ) benefits from their IT Infrastructure. In order to carry through this, the IT schemes have had to be integrated into the overall concern ends. As Porter ( 2001, p.72 ) demonstrates in his research, companies must concentrate on the IT needs that are correlated to their peculiar schemes. Bozarth ( 2006, p.1224 ) supports this theory saying in his research that a house ‘s information system should be aligned with the overall concern scheme. This is reinforced by a common credence of the impression that, the figure one ground of companies failure is because of misalignment between IS/IT and concern schemes ( Presley, 2006 ) . For that ground, linking the IT scheme to the overall organisation scheme necessitates a systematic agenda which may besides be referred to as a strategic information system planning ( SISP ) .

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Information Technology IT Strategic Planning Commerce Essay
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There are legion descriptions of SISP. For illustration, Newkirk, Lederer and Johnson ( 2008, p. 199 ) describe it therefore “ SISP is the procedure of placing a portfolio of computer-based applications whose object is to help the organisation in carry throughing its concern ends ” . Further, Lederer and Sethi ( 1996, p.35 ) confirm that description by saying that SISP is the procedure of placing a portfolio of computer-based applications intended to help an organisation in put to deathing its twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern operations, concern programs and recognizing its concern ends. As good, the consequence of SISP on concern is exhibited in a figure of factors. Lederer and Sethi ( 1988, p.450 ) pointedly province “ Effective SISP has the wherewithal necessary to help an organisations in application of information systems to achieve concern aims ” . While, Burch ( 2001, p.22 ) states that devoid of a suited SISP, systems undertakings are routinely developed breast by spot, ensuing in incompatible, excess and inflexible information systems.

In Perisher ‘s Blue instance, the major ground for crafting an IT strategic program is to enable a broader entree to an extended assortment of both active and inactive leisure activities. Papazoglou and Ribbers ( 2006, p49 ) hypotheses that the basic intent of an IS scheme is to do certain that technological growing of an endeavor is aligned every bit best as is possible to the information demands of the endeavor. As such, the use of IT by Perisher Blue or the demand to develop the IT substructure that supports an expansive patronage base is out of the demand to achieve the foregoing object.

Besides, acquisition of SISP ought non to be entirely primed on IS/IT because such an attack may perchance neglect to recognize ROI for the company unless they are managed responsibly to carry through the intended ends ( Dorgan & A ; Dowdy ) . Carr ( 2003, p42 ) in back uping this impression argues that “ when the resource becomes critical to competition but inconsequential to scheme, the hazards it creates become more of import than the advantages it supply ” .

Motjolopane and Brown ( 2004, p155 ) support this position proposing that success at implementation stage of IT undertakings entirely does n’t guarantee alliance of the concern ends to the IT scheme. Besides the constructive effects of SISP on concern is noticeable in legion ways. Harmonizing to Rawani and Gupta ( 2001, p152 ) “ SISP assistance organisations in using IS in originative ways that create barriers against new market entrants, fundamentally changing the competition, generate fresh merchandises, constitutional shift cost ” . In add-on the communicating between the direction and IS section will appreciably acquire better because of SISP ( Cassidy, 2006 ) . Correct execution of SISP consequences in legion additions to any concern, as would be in Perisher Blue ‘s instance. In decision it is deserving observing that IT is the engine that thrusts economic success in concerns globally. A right alliance of the IT scheme to the concern ends by usage of SISP is a certain manner of acquiring a measure caput of the competition while comfortably achieving the organisational purposes.

SWOT Analysis:



Sits on an expansive 12 kmA? piece of belongings, doing it a bigger installation in comparing to its challengers ; proffering a comparative border over other participants in the industry.

Perisher Blue can make an IT substructure that implements a novel IT system with the capacity to heighten its concern.

Fifteen old ages experience in the Industry, gives it a definite caput start. It has the wherewithal to manage any facet of the concern.

The ski resort market is projected to remain floaty with prognosiss of 2.0 % , 3.0 % and 4.6 % growing per centum rates over the following 25years

It is set on the most suited background that includes the most elevated terrain that is endowed with dependable snow in the state. It besides has built the highest figure of lifts.

Perisher Blue can add value to its amusement bundles by merchandise variegation and pricing schemes that appeal to a wider wrapping of the targeted market section.

It is recognised for bring forthing an award winning Ski Slope Master program for its Ski resort. This is a verification of its uninterrupted strive to break its services, trademarks of an effectual R & A ; D unit.

It is a one halt store with a assortment of services. All clients demands are taken attention of, from conveyance to adjustment, therefore affording its patronage the convenience pick and entire relaxation

Perisher Blue has a preparation installation for its clients, a rareness in the industry.



Keeping Standards in a resort that covers an country of 12km2 is no easy undertaking.

Competition with the bing participants in the industry is cut-throat.

High employee costs are incurred in hiring of staff to adult male the expansive resort.

Probability of new Entrants coming into the market

High overhead operational costs.

Persistent fright of Climate change- without or un predictable snowfalls, would straight impact the concern.

Coordination seems to be hapless between the different sites of the resort.


This paper is makes the undermentioned recommendations based on the purpose to heighten public presentation and haul net incomes.

Drastically increase the R & A ; D budget. This will enable the company to go on detecting countries in which it can spread out its concern.

Maintain amiable dealingss with other viing houses in the industry. This will set it in a vanguard place that will enable it to maintain an oculus and remain abreast of what the challengers are up to. , besides interchanging experiences.

Implement RFID engineering at the entrywaies to the resort installations. This will guarantee control of the entree to the sites. RFID engineering embedded onto the tickets will do certain that clients with valid tickets are the 1s permitted to entree the resort.. Build a web of good trained bureaus all over the universe to sale and advance it merchandises and services.

Invest in a robust web site, where clients can blog and interchange thought, mingle before and after sing the resort.

Market segmentation-identify a market niche for its services and develop merchandises targeted at the specific section.

Product diversification-add value to its bundles and offer them that the lowest possible monetary values.

Pricing Strategy- Selling wars are won by following the suited pricing mechanism for your targeted market section.


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