Information technology strategy and management Essay


Increasing impact on concern value is a really of import issue in information engineering. The alliance between overall concern value and the determination of information engineering, as decide on service acquisition application, appears in the intense concern values on information systems ( IS ) in organisations. This research work has to make that the alliance of concern and IT has lead to the accomplishment of concern value and IS strategic planning.

This class work trades with the alliance of concern and IT has lead to the accomplishment of concern value and IS strategic planning in Research in Motion [ RIM ] .

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The alliance is the most of import thing between concern scheme and IT, differentiate are made between administrative, consecutive, mutual and full integrating ( king & As ; two, 1997 ) “ Administrative integrating is separate planning ; consecutive integrating is one manner linked planning ; mutual is two manner linked planning ; and full integrating is coincident be aftering. “ [ 1 ]

The design approaches to strategic planning process represents in the managing scheme. Above reference process take the extremely systematized of the signifier. The different organisations involve harmonizing to the process.

In kernel strategic planning is a manner of doing determination on the undertakings undertake by the organisation and the budget of resources will apportion to each plan the following approaching old ages.

Research in Motion ( RIM )

Research in Motion [ RIM ] is a taking in the worldwide nomadic communications market. The Organization of Research in Motion [ RIM ] Founded in 1984, RIM caput office in Waterloo, Ontario-Canada, the RIM Offices has around the universe like Europe, Asia and North America.

The award winning Product ‘BlackBerry Smartphone ‘ launched in 1999. The BlackBerry® smart phone, utilizing by 1000000s of the people around the universe. RIM makes solutions for the nomadic communications market in the universe, including the package ( nomadic entree to application ) , email, cyberspace and the media.

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie and President & A ; Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis.

Research In Motion Limited, taking interior decorator, maker and seller of alone wireless solutions for the nomadic communications market in the universe. Through the development of incorporate package, hardware, services to back up multiple radio web criterions.

RIM gives an chance and solutions for entree to clip sensitive information about electronic mail, phone, short messaging service ( SMS ) , Internet and intranet-based applications.

RIM ‘s a leading of award winning merchandises, services and embedded engineerings are utilizing 1000s of organisations around the universe and envelop the BlackBerry wireless solution, package and hardware.

The Company was organized by March 7, 1984 under the Ontario Business Corporations Act. RIM ‘s portions trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the “ RIM ” and the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the “ RIMM ” .

Identify and critically evaluate constructs of concern value in footings of information, how information direction delivers value to the organisation and IT as portion of the organisations concern transmutation.

The concern value of RIM beyond economic value like economic net income, economic value added and stockholder value.

There are assorted inputs and end products in information systems which has procedure together the overall end by the Research in Motion. Ongoing feedback along a batch of parts to guarantee they continued alliance to carry through the overall undertaking of the organisation.

Information system direction deliver values to the Research in Motion

Information system direction deliver value to the research in gesture [ RIM ] with increasing gross, increased efficiency, cut down cost, and improved interaction as follows.

  • Increasing Revenue – RIM launched new blackberry nomadic phones in the UK market and around the universe with new engineerings for increasing gross.
  • Increased efficiency – RIM applied information system method procedure for increased efficiency to supply an integrated, throughout solution.
  • Reduced cost – RIM has a end to cut down cost and added value for the merchandise. RIM improved direction coverage system with automatic exclusion, auto-payment, and decreased paper work and re-cycle paper. RIM has besides extended the web site, with client, providers to supply secure personalized coverage.
  • Improved interaction – RIM advanced information engineering solutions provides ability to make e-communications in the most sustainable formats for organisation employees.

IT has changed the manner of RIM concern

Information engineering brought revolution at the workplace in the research in gesture [ RIM ] . The development and acceptance of web-based engineerings, through internet communicating with providers and the clients, web around the organisation and applications enhanced the development of Information engineering. Information engineering and computing machine systems impact the productiveness parametric quantities and operational facets of the concern of RIM.

The Productivity Enhance

IT technologies and tools use the key concern operations, maps and concern activities. RIM invested in computing machines, workstations, laptops, notebooks and waiters to accomplish the organisational undertakings and maps. Networking, package, calculating applications and Information Technology productiveness tools install in computing machines and computing machine systems to assist professionals, workers and staff in the organisation to right work procedures and achieve ends and faster maps to accomplish organisational marks and ends.

The capablenesss of Communication

The computing machines connected through an cyberspace and Web-enabled web aid employees to pass on with one another and interact with clients, providers, stakeholders and authorities regulators.

IT Collaboration

Information engineering package systems, Internet communicating and telecommunication engineerings enable employees to interact, work, and portion information across the locations, multi-location office and geographical boundaries.

The Bottom Line Impact

The RIM makes an history for planning, rating and execution of strategic IT solutions to the concern growing, the demands of work force and enlargement programs. Information engineering systems boost employee productiveness and impact the bottom line of RIM.

Identify and measure the chief characteristics of the organisation and research common organisational intents and environment utilizing PESTEL model.

The Main characteristics of Blackberry [ RIM ]

  • Distance is genuinely out-of-date as BlackBerry Smartphone keeps everyone close. Telephone, electronic mail or text to friends, household and contacts, instant message and entree societal webs to instantly portion with latest updates. Browse the web, find the finish with function applications and form all personal informations. BlackBerry Smartphone ever together.
  • Even with stiff competition, BlackBerry is still the name synonymous with nomadic concern devices and BlackBerry is non created equal, so it ‘s of import to pick one that suits your demands. The universe ‘s largest Mobile conference is acquiring bigger. Blackberry lifts the palpebra on the engineerings that deserve your attending every twelvemonth.
  • Modified wireless handheld with Intel386™ processor, implant radio modem, 2 MB Intel Flash memory, keyboard, 2 W sender, easy to read backlit screen, pollex operated path wheel, and integrated electronic mail with organiser package, operates on AA alkalic battery.
  • The International coverage on CANTEL web and BellSouth-proven, faithful, countrywide webs coverage on Ericsson ‘s Mobitex web substructure. End to stop solution including easy to utilize wireless handheld, level rate airtime on taking radio web, and advanced desktop package. BlackBerry Enterprise Server optional attention deficit disorder on waiter package give centralised disposal, enhanced public presentation, increased scalability and support for the users of laptop.

The intent of the RIM [ RIM mission ]

  • RIM provides international goods clients re-establish the services with an independent agencies of differentiate standardize and measure up traveling companies runing about in the universe.
  • RIM builds cosmopolitan industry standardized while increasing an all degree of professionalism and public presentation of international traveling companies and their forces.
  • RIM identifies a nucleus organic structure of cognition, paperss, processs and accomplishments represent in preparation and deliberate in enfranchisement plans, which shrink service failures figure, elevate the consistence of quality service and better client satisfaction of certified companies and persons.
  • For 1000000s of people, entree to communicating and of import information is the figure one mission of RIM. Mobile users spend a important sum of clip off from the desk and frustrated by the inability to remain connected to the information that drives their twenty-four hours.

Organizational environmental of PESTEL Framework

The PESTEL tool is to place different macro-environmental factors that may impact concern schemes, and to measure and act upon concern public presentation.

PEST analysis of Blackberry and Research in Motion

  • Political Factors: political impact of the RIM, when the new authorities comes they reduced the revenue enhancement rate and the cost economy sum will set more money in the corporation ‘s custodies. RIM can utilize the nest eggs to pay dividends to stock holders and reinvestment in turning the organisation.
  • Economic Factors: The economic factors that affect in the RIM ‘s economic growing in the United Kingdom are foreign revenue enhancement rates, trade barriers, and involvement rates. UK ‘s authorities besides encourages the nomadic communicating concerns by offering revenue enhancement credits. With the aid from foreign investors and their authorities, nomadic concerns will hold a comparative advantage and create sustainable economic growing.
  • Social Factors: Social facet sing the RIM has to make with the wellness consciousness of overall organisation. Many people have wellness concerns sing nomadic devices. There are frights of acquiring conditions such as malignant neoplastic disease, RIM has already launched environmental friendly merchandise like Blackberry Storm.
  • Technological Factor: In 2009, RIM received client ailment less than 80 % from last twelvemonth so RIM wants to hold 0 % ailment with the clients that why RIM introduces the new innovations and new finds in their new merchandises ( Blackberry ) with the latest engineering clip to clip to cut down ailments.

Discuss and critically measure the cardinal theories on how the organisation uses information to back up determination devising, control and co-ordination. Theories of corporate strategy-what it is and how it may be developed.

Information to back up determination devising, control and Co-ordination

The research in gesture makes determinations in every measure of the activity of the organisation. The whole nonsubjective procedure to supply wholly, faithfully, seasonably, and quality information ‘s to the determination shapers.

Information to Support Decision Making

Information is the chief cardinal function of support determination devising in the organisation. Now a twenty-four hours ‘s concern environment, determination shapers and nomadic executives must faster in informed determinations and being unable to entree information in the concern become complicated to stay impossible and antiphonal to do good determinations.

RIM trades straight with clients and providers through feedbacks and electronic mails and looks for advanced ways of making, introduces merchandises and solutions to the market. RIM develops all entirely with a platform for personal growing in a ambitious environment with a clear ends, vision and shared direction rules.

“ BI solutions for BlackBerry smartphones can heighten the day-to-day productiveness of nomadic executives by leting them to:

  • Immediately entree gross revenues, merchandise and organizational public presentation informations in any database
  • View public presentation by twenty-four hours, hebdomad, month, one-fourth and twelvemonth
  • Compare public presentation vs. mark
  • Quickly drill-down from division-region-district-account
  • View customisable studies
  • Access informations that is refreshed automatically ”

Information to Control and Co-ordination

Information is an of import tool in altering control and coordination procedures create good environment in the organisation. Some points of control and co-ordination as follows:

Administrative Controls

RIM can streamline the deployment and usage of BlackBerry Enterprise Server, to cut down administrative undertakings and optimise IT resources. The BlackBerry Administration Service has a new interface, enabling engineering workers to trouble-shoot the system remotely, pull offing package, controls, functions, and permissions via wireless entree.

The Management of Performance

RIM has a dedicated squad of professional public presentations to develop clients with industry taking service and expertness clients most desired deploy radio engineering. The RIM® Professional Services group serve organisations minimise development clip and cost during maximise the return on investing for nomadic solutions.

The Procedures and Policies

RIM developed records information direction policies for all over the organisations. RIM multi-disciplinary attack, with input from legal, conformity, concern professional and records information direction, consequences in policies that are compliant and practical.

The safety, Risk and Liabilitiess

It is really rare of an organisation the planning of catastrophe recovery, the analysis of critical incident and the planning of set abouting eventuality. RIM focal point to guarantee safety, minimize hazard, and avoid liabilities of the employees.

Corporate scheme of RIM

The importance of corporate strategic direction has developed quickly in the decennary. The economic event to show that organisation must continually revise their attack to acquire intended aims and particularly betterment in client focal point.

RIM corporate strategic direction is the scope of techniques that enable the organisation to place menaces, chances and respond to quick alterations.

How to develop the Corporate Strategy of RIM

RIM squads lead the uninterrupted growing of the endeavor across UK and around the universe. RIM squad tally singular consequences, developing long term strategic relationships with corporate clients and providers which built on trust and a strong concern understanding to accomplish ends and undertaking. .

RIM continues to turn and travel frontward and ever looking for gifted people to fall in RIM on this exciting journey because RIM has a great merchandise so RIM is responsible for making it justness with corporate schemes and patterns.

Critically measure the chief elements of the organisation ‘s construction placing cardinal managerial functions and mechanisms used to co-ordinate and control people at work.

The Elementss of RIM ‘s organisation Structure

The RIM ‘s organisational construction and designs with six cardinal elements like work specialisation, departmentalization, concatenation of bid, span of control, centralisation and decentalisation and formalisation. There are RIM ‘s four chief component as follows:

The Work Specialization

The RIM created BlackBerry ‘s handheld radio device to read electronic mail and calendars from enterprise-class electronic mail systems. The BlackBerry device electronic mail redirection and manage in one of two ways:

  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server ( BES ) works straight with the Exchange mail waiter and UITS recommends option if you have an IU Exchange history.
  • The BlackBerry Desktop Redirector runs on Personal computer and redirects messages receive in Outlook and utilize this option with any Outlook mail apparatus ( e.g. , POP, IMAP, HTTP )


Every organisation has it own specific manner of sorting and section wise work activities. RIM has many sections but every section work with the same aim and ends.

“ Departmentalization by map organizes by the maps to be performed. The maps reflect the nature of the concern. The advantage of this type of grouping is obtaining efficiencies from consolidating similar fortes and people with common accomplishments, cognition and orientations together in common units. ”

There are five common signifiers of departmentalization:

  1. Functional Departmentalization
  2. Merchandise Departmentalization
  3. Geographic Departmentalization
  4. Procedure Departmentalization
  5. Customer Departmentalization

Chain of bid

The concatenation of bid is the duty and the lines of authorization along with orders are passed in the organisation. RIM squad knows about their duty for their occupations and obligated to execute responsibilities and to accomplish ends and undertakings. Accountability for describing the consequences to directors or squad members and warrant results that fall beneath outlooks and directors make certain the undertakings are completed by the top direction. The direction has the power to publish orders, make determinations, allocate resources and carry out actions.

Span of Control

The span of control decides the figure of degrees and the directors in the organisation and the figure of employees to pull off efficaciously and expeditiously.

RIM ‘s construction of the direction of the concern. From the RIM ‘s top direction ( RIM ‘s Chairman or President ) , through to the Lower worker, who reports to their supervisor or director in the fabrication Mobile concern. RIM concern is normally best understood by pulling an organisation construction shows that the degrees of direction and employees report to whom.

Describe and critically measure how to do information judgements about the organisation ‘s usage of information in footings of its quality features, and how to minimise communicating spread between concern and information systems direction.

Information Judgment of the Research in Motion as a quality features

Quality features of information must be related to new direction constructs and information engineering chances. RIM is an organized entree to garnering information from RIM operations and developing strategic direction determination. Making quality features for garnering information is indispensable to developing solid direction judgement.


Information should be relevant to the strategic determination. RIM direction ever reviews several concern chances at one clip and information relating to the judgement is indispensable excessively.


Presentation ever complicated expression and feel of the finished information merchandise. RIM ever tries to show the advanced quality features of information, but describe the quality to that the information communicates the message in the informations right and clearly to the information client, RIM carry out work efficaciously and efficiency.


RIM ‘s direction judgement based on information from a certain clip period like monthly or quarterly period to accomplish ends and undertakings. RIM Information outside of the requested clip frame turn information and lead to an improperly informed judgement.


The future handiness of information has on RIM to pay in a market characterized by uncertainness and irreversibility. RIM ‘s ever seek to data handiness in the concern procedure and handiness resources and capablenesss now and the hereafter.

Minimize communicating spread between Business and Information system direction

Communication spread can be a major hurdle for the growing of an organisation. RIM has delegated the implemented Information System throughout the organisation for minimize communicating spread of the RIM squads. There are some stairss to minimise communicating spread as follows:

  • Minimize communicating spread should be drive by well-planned schemes ;
  • Communicating should be a top precedence for top direction ;
  • Communication content should be emphasize vision, values and concern scheme ;
  • The compatible package used in concern directions to accomplish ends and undertaking ;
  • RIM managerial achieve at all degrees will necessitate strong squad accomplishments ;
  • RIM employee diverseness will necessitate increase listening and two manner communicating ;
  • The ability to stay a diverse employee gathered concentrated in a rapidly altering universe will divide the successful from the unsuccessful organisations ;
  • An associate between RIM squad and the client, have the chance to better client satisfaction ;
  • RIM seeks to maximise gross revenues force public presentation and decide client ailments.

Discuss and critically research engineering strategic IT planning, placing the issues the organisation has with IT planning.

The RIM Strategic IT planning

RIM to accomplish the concern aim or undertaking for an organisation information engineering is one of the indispensable tools. Therefore in any organisation IT plays an of import function. Information engineering is a tool that produces consequence on how it is put to utilize. There are some step points to make for RIM strategic IT planning:

The RIM align overall concern scheme with IT scheme

Research in gesture has some mission and that organisation wants to accomplish so they have to get down from better topographic point. For illustration that there is any organisation its wants to be regulation on its market by inflexible client service IT scheme has wish for client give some infinite. Faster internal and external communicating system of an organisation is besides portion of antiphonal system and storage in the program. In another mean this is the undertaking of an organisation to give cost effectual client solution so IT scheme will besides go ready to hand by agencies of cost efficient.

The RIM Survey the function home base by Information Technology

Align overall concern scheme with IT scheme will besides assist an Research in gesture to travel further in following measure and besides come to cognize the of import of IT scheme. This happen frequently that million spends on IT scheme and in the last phase RIM come to cognize the most of the outgo unneeded. This would be excess cost of scaling down.

The RIM measures IT quotient

There is another function of making IT scheme to mensurate the current degrees of IT uses in the organisation. RIM have inclination to be more understanding so other organisation. This IT scheme can use into history extra resources which are required to better their IT cautiousness and to develop employees.

The RIM determinations of Strategic IT

When the RIM study IT quotient, move to the important ends of budgeting to apportion resources, determination to another beginning of IT suppliers. It is besides of import to stipulate if bargain merchandises and develop in the organisation.

Make a compromising program

The program must be compromising or flexible. The Information engineering scheme has changeless align along with expect to stakeholder, the demands of clients and concern ends etc. the extreme undertakings might non alter and the program has been reviewed.

The issues of the RIM with IT Planning

There are some issues based of IT planning in the Research in gesture as follow:

  • Identify external and internal appraisal. “ SWOT ” ( Strengths and Weaknesses and Opportunities and Threats ) ;
  • place strategic analysis and precedence major issues or ends ;
  • create major schemes to entree issues or ends ;
  • create and update mission, vision and values ( RIM make be aftering foremost ) ;
  • develop action programs ;
  • Schemes be aftering, issues, and action programs in strategic program document etc ;
  • Build annually runing program papers ( from one twelvemonth RIM strategic program ) ;
  • Develop and authorise Budget annually ( allotment of financess ) ;
  • develop and carry on the RIM ‘s one twelvemonth operations ;
  • create, proctor, reappraisal, evaluate and update Strategic IT Plan papers.

Identify and explicate the systems and their constituents used by the organisation to place information systems, the relationship between informations, information and cognition.

A system is a group of constituents working together a common end by accepting inputs and bring forthing end products in an organized transmutation procedure. RIM development of incorporate hardware, package and services that support multiple radio web criterions, RIM gives solutions and platforms for smoothly entree to seasonably and sensitive information with electronic mail, phone, cyberspace, SMS messaging, and intranet-based applications.

RIM constituents of Information Systems

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware is the most capable constituent of information system of the RIM and is one of the most of import concern assets. RIM purchase computing machine hardware with attention. It covers a scope of hardware, including Personal computers, waiters, web equipment, scanners and pressmans.


BlackBerry Desktop Software for PC gives an incorporate group of applications which coordinates the nexus between your BlackBerry Smartphone, personal and enterprise electronic mail histories, calendars and more etc.


“ An organisation is traditionally viewed as a three degree pyramid-operational activities at the underside, direction planning and control activities in the center and strategic planning and policy devising in top direction. The corporate database contains informations associating to the organisation, its operations, its program and its environment ” . [ 6 ]


Telecommunication supports the RIM ‘s concern scheme. The directions serve to understand the mission and strategic program of the organisation. Telecommunications uses to link with transmit information and web computing machine systems through LANs, WANs or the cyberspace.

The relationship between informations, information and cognition

The information, information and cognition could non be same in the RIM because information is the natural input of information system such as client order, payment and the inside informations etc while information is the information which have been summarized to prominent future and cognition is define as apprehension of human thing it is based on experience and subjective to nature that why the relationship between informations and information plays a similar function and are merely two opposite terminals on a continuum What one conceive as an information another sees as a information the determining factor is a cognition that the perceiver bring into the state of affairs.


So, it can be analysed from the all discussed above that RIM provides a chef-d’oeuvre service and feedback to all its clients and users all over the universe. As merchandise when one time launched has different good points and bad points in it but it ‘s the service that improves and configures all the redresss in it. This can be merely done by proper certification and processs which is a tool to speed up it.

IT holds a important importance in any acceleration as it has taken over the universe and a proper model when one time designed can configure any keeping. Many industries are working for a better concern and client service but we can distinguish RIM from them as RIM is non merely running a merchandise but its feedbacks carried out by its client service is non merely deciding the issues but is besides assisting in it Research and Development. The infinite consequence of this is clear by RIM advancement and its market client growing. RIM offers a immense figure of applications as compared to its rivals which act as an plus to its advancement and development.


RIM is come oning but in Technical Industry there is non limit to an terminal. The R & A ; D section of RIM is come oning twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and many more applications are to be launched in connexion to its hereafter works. A figure of applications being run will be besides enhanced to further developed versions.


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