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Do you know how killed the electric car? Is the electric car really dead? You see in these pictures from the movies Who Killed the Electric Car on Sony Pictures Website. After so many attempts and crazy stories about electric cars, I can tell you that the electric car never died! And it has been a big success for a company called Tesla; locate California employing more than 650 individuals. A company engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of electric vehicles. But let me tell you a little bit about the history of the electric car before talk about Tesla.

These pictures were taken from the site History of Electric Vehicles: Scientists started developing electric cars in the 19th Century. In 1832 Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first electric carriage. Europe was very supportive to the development of electric cars but America demonstrated interest as well in 1891 when William Morrison built a six-passenger wagon used in 1902 in New York City by Taxis drivers By the turn of the Century, Americans were very interest in electric cars, of course, with the advantage of not having any smell, vibration, and noise compared to gasoline cars.

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The large production was in 1912, selling cars for $1750 but after World War I business started declining. In 1920’s, the expansion of the population to new areas, mass transportation development, and need of cars for long distances, made gasoline cars production sky high, selling gasoline cars for half of price around $600. All these made the electric car production to stop and the electric cars disappeared. Gasoline cars took over and in 1960 people started talking about global warming.

Of course, with gasoline cars we also had pollution in the air. So companies started to develop alternatives to reduce problems of pollution and the idea returned to electric cars, and companies focused on other ways to create long-last batteries and high-speed technologies to resuscitate the electric car. Some important facts in the history of electric car during the 20th Century: 1964 – one electric car was created for distance up to 62 miles and speed up to 25mph, , 1975 – USPS used 350 cars from a test program 996 – General Motors create new micro-production EV-1 battery 1997 – Toyota create Prius, first mass market hybrid electric car 2003 – Tesla Co. was created in July/2003 2006 – Tesla Roadster was the first car 100% electric Here are the pictures from Tesla Company website: First: Roadster: distance of 245 miles, speed of 125mph Second: Model S, which can be reserved online, available only in 2012 with distance up to 300 miles speed up to 120mph. Very expensive cars, new starts at 120 thousand dollars and used, here from CT at 80 thousand dollars.

George Clooney owns an electric car. Here is a picture how simple it is to charge a battery! Who is behind all these success? C. E. O. Mr. Elon Musk with a great profile sold one of his creations to Ebay in 2002 (payPal) that we all know and use online. His reputation gives great credibility for Tesla Co. and open doors to a new future. Tesla Co. announced in May 2010 partnership with Toyota to produce the new Toyota Rav4 to be entered the market in 2012, with Tesla generator.

If successful in this program, Toyota will change its negative image from recalls and law suits occurred this 2010. But Toyota and Tesla are not the only companies that look forward to produce electric cars. Also in 2012, Honda will start selling an electric car and it will be a big competition for Tesla Motors. In conclusion, the electric car is still alive and it is making transformation in all fields. With these companies, green environment issues will be addressed, creation of new jobs, pioneer technology available, and a huge financial revolution. The electric car is here to stay.


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