Inner vs. Outer Beauty Essay

Kamilah Coleman 12. 12. 2009 Satire Essay Rough Draft Inner vs. Outer Beauty What is beauty? Well, beauty is defined as the qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses. But to us, beauty is a personal phenomenon. While we instinctively know what appeals to our sense of beauty, defining what determines attractiveness is not always easy. After all, whether someone is beautiful is a matter of opinion right? What is attractive to you may not be attractive to me. So this raises the debate; which is better Inner or Outer beauty?

Many people say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts; but let’s face it, some people’s insides are messed up! Inner beauty is often referred to as a moral stature or how someone’s character is reflected. We have all heard the quote “beauty is in they eye of the beholder”, for example, you have seen many cliques around school also. Studies have shown that attractive people prefer to associate with others like themselves. But are these people really attractive? They are often isolated from the rest of the school and shun others who are not like them.

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Inner vs. Outer Beauty Essay
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So, could the outer appearance actually counter for there so called “inner beauty”? In this day and age, our perception of beauty changes almost everyday; from magazines to the TV screens. This points out my next argument, is Outer beauty better? Because of this rapid change, we often alter our appearances to satisfy the rest of society to become a certain standard that we think is beautiful. Take make-up for example; we purposely put dirt and paste on our faces to become more attractive.

Doesn’t this seem strange that we actually degrade our bodies with junk instead of showing our true natural beauty? Another way we try to alter our bodies is by tanning. Even though 95% of Americans understand that sunburns are dangerous and can cause skin cancer and skin discoloration, 81% of Americans still think they look better with a tan. So do we consider tanning to be beautiful? Why aren’t we happy with the way God made us? Do we really think that we need to add disfigurements to our body to obtain beauty such as tattoos or piercings?

Why do we have to alter ourselves so dramatically? Others would argue that Outer beauty is better by saying that beauty is only skin deep. Some of the people that we consider to be unattractive have the most beauty on the inside. Some of the people we consider to be the most beautiful are sometimes the meanest and most arrogant people of all because they have been made up to be so beautiful for so long. In our quest to attain our standard of beauty, we often lose sight of what beauty really is. Inner beauty is our self confidence and how we perceive ourselves.

If we claim that we have Inner beauty, then why do we change our Outer appearances to make ourselves feel better? We say we do this so we won’t be judged by others when in fact no one is truly judging us in the first place. Maybe we are not as beautiful as we thought. So what do you think is better? Inner or Outer beauty? You may say Outer because you may think that our Outer appearance is a refection of our Inner beauty or vise versa. But either way, beauty overall is what we as society make it out to be. Whether it’s a trend or the qualities that make us who we are.


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