Innovation and creativity in the industry Essay

Drucker ( 1985 ) argued that invention is the tool of entrepreneurship. In add-on, both invention and entrepreneurship demand creativeness. Creativity is a procedure by which a symbolic sphere in the civilization is changed. New vocals, new thoughts, new machines are what creativeness is about Mihaly ( 1997 ) . Creativity is the ability to do or otherwise bring into beings something new, whether a new solution to a job, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or signifier. Wyckoff ( 1991 ) defines creativeness as new and utile. Creativity is the act of seeing things that everyone around us sees while doing connexions that no 1 else has made. Creativity is traveling from the known to the unknown. Culture exerts a negative force on creativeness harmonizing to Pearce ( 1974 ) , nevertheless, “ were it non for creativeness, civilization itself would non be created. ”

A closer expression at the Latin beginnings of the two words from Webster ‘s Dictionary would assist to throw some more visible radiations on the differences. Creative comes from the Latin creare ( to do to be ) the ability to do something exist. On the other manus Innovate comes from the Latin word innovare ( to regenerate, alter ) from Novus ‘new ‘ .

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Both words have to make with freshness. However, with regard to rule of causality, originative is more extremist in the sense that its primary focal point is the fact of conveying into being what did non be before ( JANE HENRY, 2006 ) . The less the stuff cause, the more perfect it is as a originative act. Hence, originative act per excellence is that which brings something new into being out of nil ( i.e. zero stuff cause ) which we usually attribute to God merely. Conceptually, originative tends to be unsighted towards other being but focuses on the substance and accidents ( qualities, etc ) of the new “ being ” . Creativity in adult male has to make with his ability to convey into existence new thoughts from within his religious ( immaterial ) ego. The less the mention to other worlds as stuff causes, the more perfect it is as creativeness. It ‘s good to observe at this point that, less mention to other things in being does non intend that the latter can non be beginning of inspiration for the new thought. Inspiration nevertheless does non connote portion copying as new thoughts are merely that, new.

Invention tends to hold a mention to what already exists ( manner of making things, what is done, etc ) . Often times, merchandises of originative Acts of the Apostless find their true ‘meaning ‘ in the context of association or interaction with other worlds ( created adult male finds it ‘s intending in relation to God. Eve finds her significance in relation to Adam and vice-versa ) . In the context of an organisation, one can reason that it is more appropriate to speak of invention as a corporate end instead than creativeness in the sense that, every new thought ( originative ) generated must happen its ‘meaning ‘ in the context of the organisation. Thankss to the new thought, the organisation through an act of invention can ‘alter ‘ the manner it does something ‘s, ‘modify ‘ some merchandises, ‘add ‘ some new merchandises to the catalogue ( analogously, the add-on of Eve to the human society is an invention in the human society, while the fact of being of Eve is a originative act ) , etc.

There are widely differing sentiments about creativeness and invention. Many think that creativeness is the original starting point. Some think that creativeness is what you do after you innovate. Others think they are the same thing and utilize the words interchangeably. The more thoughtful say they are different in of import ways. I would wish to offer my ain sentiment as to these differences and why I believe we need both creativeness and invention.

It is of import to separate between creativeness and invention because the procedures are different, the hazards are different, the starting points are different, and the climes needed for accomplishment are different, and there are effects of these differences. Why it is that American concern is really much more comfy with invention than with creativeness? It ‘s because invention is a batch safer, it is incremental, it is constructing on an already established merchandise or procedure, and it is far easier to accomplish success than get downing from abrasion. Conceiving and doing the first post-it-notes was the consequence of a originative procedure. Making them of different sizes, forms, and colors was an invention based on that original originative thought.

‘I strongly believe that creativeness requires a different executive mentality than invention, peculiarly in concern applications. For some, even the word creativeness rubs the civilization the incorrect manner ‘ ( . It is considered excessively soft and “ flaky. ” Creativity, after all, requires a tolerance of errors. Creativity requires an credence of hazard. Creativity requires a committedness of clip and resources. Creativity requires the credence of possible failure. Creativity must be thought of as an investing. You do n’t get down it and halt it. The organisation must hold a long term committedness to being originative. Take together, these demands affect the direction civilization of the organisation that aspires to be originative.

Invention, on the other manus, requires a much lower degree of hazard and since success is incremental, it can be terminated at any coveted degree. Since the hazards are lower, the degrees of blessing are lower. There is less of a demand for long term committedness of resources and money and a less sophisticated direction civilization. In some organisations, advanced thoughts are approved by the Suggestion Plan Committee.

Invention, on the other manus, requires a much lower degree of hazard and since success is incremental, it can be terminated at any coveted degree. Since the hazards are lower, the degrees of blessing are lower. There is less of a demand for long term committedness of resources and money and a less sophisticated direction civilization. In some organisations, advanced thoughts are approved by the Suggestion Plan Committee.

Whereas invention is frequently a random event, creativeness is much more of a formal, on-going and complex procedure. Since the get downing point of invention is the alteration of an bing merchandise or procedure, it is much easier to do meaningful advancement towards betterment compared with get downing from zero and non cognizing the result. Think of the car industry, it thrives on uninterrupted invention. Wholly new theoretical accounts are rare – and expensive to make. For illustration, the Ford Model T, Chrysler Air Flow, Edsel, Mustang, Corvette, VW “ Bug ” , DeLorean, and, etc. , include the latest version of an all electric auto from General Motors. So most of what we buy are innovated betterments on last twelvemonth ‘s theoretical account – if they have

survived in the first topographic point, and many do n’t. Creativity is a hazardous procedure.

However, because creativeness is a procedure, it can be taught and learned. There are legion seminars, workshops and degree allowing university classs in creativeness and originative job work outing. I know of merely one in the field of invention.

Because creativeness can be taught and learned, it is possible for companies to develop persons, squads, and whole organisations to go more creatively effectual in their work.

In contrast, invention is much more informal. There is no specific organic structure of cognition that could function as a footing of learning and larning. Many, if non most, advanced techniques are derived chiefly from what we know about creativeness.

So what? Is this merely another academic exercising or are these differences of import to understand? I believe that understanding the differences between creativeness and invention can take to the optimizing of both – and we need both. To turn and thrive, most organisations and concerns need to constantly better their existing merchandises and services through continuously introducing needed alteration ; and, for endurance of the endeavor, most besides need to make new merchandises and services to run into yet unrealized demands.

As the planetary playing field becomes progressively flat, many concern predictors are foretelling that work force creativeness and invention will be the most of import factors in set uping and keeping a competitory advantage. Logic, additive thought and rule-based analysis — maps located in the left side of the human encephalon — will stay of import, but are no longer sufficient to win in the planetary economic system. Many experts, such as writer Daniel Pink ( a keynote talker at the Society for Human Resource Management ‘s 2007 Annual Conference and Exposition ) , believe that, to win, organisations must put greater accent on right-brain maps: artistic, big-picture thought and the ability to set things in context.

With creativeness and invention considered such critical factors in organisational success, HR professionals must develop schemes to heighten the originative environment of the workplace. HR professionals will necessitate to take into history a figure of factors, including the best ways to place originative inclinations, squad vs. single creativeness, employee motive and preparation.

Management patterns that support originative and advanced thought will doubtless be more ambitious than pull offing task-oriented, everyday occupations. However, they may finally turn out to be more honoring for HR professionals because they produce an environment where creativeness thrives and leads to greater employee battle, motive and productiveness. Not by the way, they besides highlight the importance of effectual human capital direction.

Creativity has traditionally been viewed as the gift of a little figure of gifted people. The construct that groups and organisations can work creatively reflects the turning importance of creativeness as a driver of invention and organisational success. HR has a critical function in set uping an environment that communicates organisational values and creates direction patterns that respect and support the alone accomplishments and originative potency of every person. To carry through this function, HR professionals will hold to name upon their ain creative and advanced abilities.

No enterpriser or endeavor, nevertheless successful and large, can go on to keep a topographic point of leading unless it recognizes that modern concern operates in a universe of galloping alteration which creates new jobs, hazard and chances and for which they have to mobilise the endeavor ‘s resources before alterations make their impact felt. To make successfully, the enterpriser and endeavor should cognize where this house is traveling and how the house will acquire at that place. This is turn requires a clear definition of the company ‘s concern which will enable it to continually follow operations to the worlds of the market topographic point, ‘the really corner rock of endurance and growing ”

Invention is defined as adding something new to an bing merchandise or procedure. The cardinal words are adding and bing. The merchandise or procedure has already been created from abrasion and has worked moderately good. When it is changed so that it works better or fulfils a different demand, so there is invention on what already exists. Invention is the successful development of new thoughts.

All invention begins with originative thoughts. Creativity is the get downing point for invention. Creativity is nevertheless necessary but non sufficient status for invention. Invention is the nidation of originative inspiration.


Creativity is marked by the ability to make, convey into being, to contrive into a new signifier, to bring forth through inventive accomplishment, to do to convey into being something new. Creativity is non ability to make out of nil ( merely God can make that ) , but the ability to bring forth new thoughts by uniting, altering, or reapplying bing thoughts. Some originative thoughts are amazing and superb, while others are merely simple, good practical thoughts that no 1 seems to hold thought, of yet. ( Harris, 1998 ) .

Everyone has significant originative ability including you the reader. So you should number yourself and believe it that you are a originative mastermind. All you need is to be reawakened and be extremely committed to creativeness. I want you to get down thought now, in the procedure something new will flux. Research that something new today and you will be a different personality tomorrow.

Creativity is besides an attitude, the ability to accept alteration and newness, a willingness to play with thoughts and possibilities, a flexibleness of mentality, the wont of basking the good, while looking for ways to better it, we are socialized into accepting merely a little figure of allowable or normal things, like chocolate-covered strawberries, for illustration. The originative individual realizes that there are other possibilities like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or chocolate-covered prunes. Harris ( 1998 ) .

Creativity is besides a procedure. Creative individual work hard and continually to better thoughts and solutions, by doing gradual changes and polishs to their plants. Contrary to the mythology environing creativeness, really few of originative excellence are produced with a individual shot of glare or in a craze of rapid activity. Much closer to the existent truth are the narratives of companies which had to take the innovation off from the discoverer in order to market it because the discoverer would hold kept on tweaking it and shirking with it, , ever seeking to do it a small better, ( Harris, 1998 ) .

A merchandise is originative when it is “ fresh ” and “ appropriate ” . A fresh merchandise is original, non predicable. The bigger the construct, and the more the merchandise stimulates farther work ideals, the more the merchandise is originative ( Stermbering and Lubart ) . Creativity requires passion and committedness. Out of the creative is born symbols and myths. It brings to our consciousness what was antecedently hidden and points to new life. The experience is one of heightened consciousness-ecstasy ” -Rollow May.

Creative Thinking

Creative thought has assorted definitions. Okpara ( 2000 ) . However, it is the art of bring forthing solution to jobs by the force of imaginativeness and logical thinking. It is an activity of the head seeking to happen reply to some of life ‘s inquiries. In a dynamic and changing universe, the challenges of adult male are besides non inactive. They take on new signifiers and necessitate a deep creative thought attack.


Invention is the procedure of conveying the best thoughts into world, which triggers a originative thought, which generates a series of advanced events. Invention is the creative activity of new value. Innovation is the procedure that transforms new thoughts into new value-turning an thought into value. You can non introduce without creativeness. Invention is the procedure that combines thoughts and knowledge into new value. Without invention an endeavor and what it provides rapidly go disused.

Invention is fostered by information gathered from new connexions ; from penetrations gained by journeys into other subjects or topographic points ; from active, collegial webs and fluid unfastened boundaries. Invention arises from forming circles of exchange, where information is non merely accumulated or stored, but created. Knowledge is generated a new from connexions that were non at that place earlier. Wheatley ( 1994 ) .

Joseph Schumpeter ( 1934 ) believes that the construct of invention, described as the usage of an innovation to make a new commercial merchandise or service, is the cardinal force in making new demand and therefore new wealth. Innovation creates new demand and enterprisers bring the inventions to the market. This destroys the bing markets and creates new 1s, which will in bend be destroyed by even newer merchandises or services. Schumpeter calls this procedure “ originative devastations. ”

Decision: –

In drumhead, one can reason that following the concatenation of causality, creativeness gives rise to invention. Advanced organisations are those that know how to do good usage of originative heads to accomplish its organisational ends in a more efficient and effectual manner. Creative heads entirely will non take the organisation anyplace.


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