inquiring about climate

Question Answer
water cycle solid-liquid-gas
water vapor water in the form of an invisible gas
humidity the amount of water vapor in the air
evaporate to change from a liquid to a gas
condense to change from a gas to a liquid
precipitation any form of water that falls to earth from a cloud
runoff water that falls onto land and drains off the surface
climate the average weather conditions in an area over many years
infrared radiation energy with a wavelength longer than the the wavelength of light
green house gases carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases in the atmosphere that absorb infrared radiation from the earths surface
greenhouse effect the process by which gases in the atmosphere absorb heat and keep the earth warm
global warming an increase in the earth's temperature
ocean currents like rivers of water that move through the ocean
el Nino a natural event that can change weather,because of an unusually warm flow of water

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