Insects Circulatory and Excretory System

maintain a suitable environment (by eliminating wastes tht can be poisonus to insects cells)
regulation of salts and waters
What is the basic function of the excretory system
malpighian tubules; hollow tubules found between the midgut and hindgut region; floats in blood region of insects body; an insect may have 2-200 of this; joins digestive tract where midgut and hindgut merge; removes waste from blood and deposits them in the rectum
What organ of the excretory system is similar to kidneys; where is it found; what is its functions;
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Insects Circulatory and Excretory System
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1) uric acid (terrestrial insects) (dry)
2) urea- not common
3) ammonia _ aquatic (liquid)
What are three ways that wastes can be excreted as
open system; humans have a closed circulatory system where blood is contained within arteries and veins
what kind of circulatory system does the insect have
transport nutrients, waste products, hormones
protection, defense capacity
what are the basic functions of the circulatory system
homocoel (open body cavity)
dorsal blood vessel (major vessel that runs thruout insects body that carry the blood) (hearts-posterior) (aorta-anterior) (ostia (tiny holes in vessel where blood enters into dorsal blood vessel)
what are the components of the circulatory system
insects blood
fluid portion (transports)
cellular portion (important for defense)
what is hemolymph; what portions does it consist of and what are their functions

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