Instant Replays Essay

Instant Replays BY J_coles2 Rasheen Coles C. J. Haslett English 101 3 December 2013 The younger technology driven generation makes a case for the use of instant replays standing on the platform that if we have the technology and ability to get a call correct why not use all the tools available to do so. The older more traditional generation of sports fans argue that sports in America has been played this way for years and that human error is part of the game. Why people are against using instant replay is that they say it will slow down the game.

But none of the officials are super nd can get every call right and fair but with televised replays they can. The instant replays allow the officials to modify a bad call that couldVe been a game deciding call. According to an official release on NBA. com, the changes will include an expanded use of instant replay and with doing that the NBA improved as a sport to watch overall. The NFL, NBA, and NCAA football already uses the instant replay to change a ghastly call or make sure the call was accurate.

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Instant replay failed the first time for four main reasons: The decision was not made by the officials on the field. It took too long for the plays to be reviewed and created too much dead air time that lengthened the game. Because of the dead airtime it leads to the announcers having too much free time and running the whole procedure into the ground. In the MLB is where the big argument is coming from, the fact that instant replay would only slow the game up even more than it already is.

Pitches take an average of a minute or so to set up and deliver a pitch. The batter takes around another minute to set up in the batter’s box, take his sign and then receive the pitch. Baseball games last about 2 to 3 hours per game adding instant eplays would add another hour to the game making it 4 hours. If an official could get every call right, every call fair, every call unbiased, then that would be great and instant replays would not be needed anymore. But unfortunately we don’t have super officials they are humans like everyone else.

They work their hardest trying to please every player, every coach, and every fan in the stadium whether its football, basketball, soccer, it doesn’t matter. But instead of some gratitude they get cursed out by a player or a coach or even a fan. To stop this problem they came up with a solution and the solution was the instant replays. NBA games might be a little bit longer in the 2013-14 season. Here’s how those new rules fgure to alter the game next year. In the past, officials could only review block/charge calls to determine whether or not the defender was inside the restricted area.

Now, referees will be able to uphold or reverse those same calls after reviewing whether or not the defender was set when the offensive player began his shooting motion. This is a significant change and one that should help curtail the increasingly common practice of defenders sliding under offensive players after heyVe already committed to their shot. The following play could very well be the How baseball could have instant replay without slowing the game down sufficiently?

Such like college football where they have an official that sits in a booth and looks at every play after it is played, that looks for any error that is made by an official, and well they could have this in MLB. Just like the NFL, where the head coaches get a red challenge flag that is good for one challenge of a play well they could have this in baseball too. In the NBA where the officials could review a play that ecently occurred but only in the 4th quarter under 2 minutes, baseball could have this as well.

By applying these changes to a sport could make the sport that much entertaining to watch tremendously. All calls from the officials are on point and no one’s complaining because of the instant replays. Use all the tools available to help make the right call give the game more excitement and keep everything anonymous to call from the fans perspective. These plays are inherently difficult to officiate because of the speed of the game and to slow everything down the officials use instant replays to make it impartial.


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