Integrating Assistive Technology into Special Education Essay

Integrating Assisted Technology into Special Education Teacher Preparation Programs Chapter 1 discusses disabilities people struggle with ranging from toddlers to students 21 years of age and the challenges they face in our education system. It also discusses the use of technology being integrated in classrooms to help students with disabilities. The article I chose is an overview of assisted technology and how schools should be required to have them for their students in special education. It describes the stages of integrating assisted technology into classrooms and auricular.

It also states that teachers need to be prepared and required to use assisted technology. Both special education and general teachers must be knowledgeable about it so they can understand how the equipment and technology works. The success of the students with disabilities is linked to the knowledge and teaching of the teacher. After research in 2009 they found out that many teachers had little to no knowledge about assisted technology and hardly used it as a way to teach their students. This suggests that educators enter the field without learning bout assisted technology.

It’s bad for the teachers because ultimately down the road they’re going to have to know the skills of it because it will be used in the classroom. As a way to integrate it into the classrooms researchers investigated the use of multimedia based instruction for teaching educators about assisted technology. They were satisfied with the learning module and it was the first step for learning assisted technology. They would make them have “hands on experiences” where the teachers would get the experience to understand how it works.

The results of this stated that it was beneficial and made the teachers have a significant increase with the technologies. Accommodating teachers to the new act was difficult but with different techniques they proved to be beneficial and educators understood how it worked and how and why it should be used in a classroom. Technology has benefited and changed the way education is taught and learned. It has made it easier to acquire knowledge and made it easier for teachers to teach information to their students

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Integrating Assistive Technology into Special Education Essay
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