Integrating Values-Education in the Daily Disciplinary Essay

Integrating Values-Education In the Dally Adolescently Teaching School Leadership symposium JUG, Switzerland, swept 2009 Yale Deride and Nits Impoverish-Had Technician – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, ISRAEL Nathan Retrenches 1914-1993 An Israeli philosopher Definition: What Is a Value? ; Many philosophers addressed this issue. Various encyclopedia include the entry “values” with various definitions. For this study we chose Rhetorician’s definition: ; “Values are principles or norms of behavior. Value is a type of content that brings us to prefer one action over another. ” (1962) 2

Integrating Values Education 3-5. 9. 09 Yeshiva Leibniz 1903-1994 An Israeli philosopher and cleanest The importance of a value ; “… Is defined as an answer to the following question: What is the price that a person is willing to pay in order to stick to that value? ; that is, in order to behave according to the value? ” (1988) About Values-Education In the literature Professor Shalom Kennel ,School of Education, university of Bar-Allan, Israel, 2008: “It is true that more emphasis on thinking skills within more school subjects will lead to an independent learner, however not to a more moral one.

How much will each donate till they save 240 EN’S? (answer – 40 UNISON INS,120 EN’S) 17 Integrating values Education 3-5. . 09 Extending the example At one point they decided to donate 50 INS to children suffering from autism. To their surprise, the Association for Autistic Children sent them a gift card to buy books in the amount of 240 EN’S. 18 ; You need to suggest two different ways to fairly divide up the winnings (240 EN’S) between the three partners. Which way seems to be the best option, and why? ; If the partners had won a prize of 240,000 EN’S, would you change your mind about the division of the winnings? Share your opinion with another pupil and then discuss the different approaches you took. 19 Example – Student’s answers 240 INS ; For dividing the winnings equally ; They did not donate equally; however, this arrangement seems fair because each person donated according to what he/she was able to. ; The arrangement between the students is not a financial arrangement, but rather a social one and, therefore, it seems to me fair to divide the winnings evenly. 20 ; The arrangement seems fair because they reached it by a Joint agreement. In a good society, there are always cases where one friend contributes more than another friend. Nonetheless, next time it could be different. In my opinion, this is how life is: you may be the one giving to your friend this time, but in the future when you need him/her, he/she will be there for you. 21 contribute to the pot equally therefore the division of the prize should not be equal. ; The friends will divide the prize fairly. Each one will receive the percent of the prize according to the donation they made to the pot: 40 EN’S, 80 INS and 120 EN’S. 40,000 INS ; For dividing the winnings equally ; Because there is a large amount of money involved, I would change my mind in this case and divide the money up evenly. ; For dividing the winnings in proportion to donation ; I would not change my mind. They should get 120,000 EN’S, 80,000 INS and 40,000 INS according to their original donation. 23 Integrating Values Education 3-5. 9. 09 ; For a revised division ; In the case of winning a very large amount of money, I would divide the money up according to financial status of each family: A family that needs more will receive a higher percentage.

The arguments explained above were written by 8th graders at Hoff Hackler School, Israel, 2008-2009. 24 Empirical study (quest. ) 12 Math teachers from 7 high-schools participated, in reward to 2 weekly hours. Each of them prepared and taught 6 lessons during the school year, in each of which Values-Education was entwined. During the year the researcher met them for 5 workshops in which they learned to integrate Values-Education with Math-Education using the annotated curriculum. During the experiment they wrote personal Journals and shared there experiences within a forum – a 25 Integrating 3-5. 9. 9 designated site on devalues Education Web. Results of the Empirical study 2 math-teachers gave 71 “special lessons” in the 8th class, in which they integrated values education with math education. In 53% of the lessons they planned and implemented educating to personal values that are inherent to math education: logical thinking, accuracy, criticism In 47% of the lessons they planned and implemented educating to social values that are less inherent to math education: Integrating Values Education 3-5. 9. 09 The impact on teachers (quest. 3) Teachers changed their perceptions about their profession as math teachers: 1 .

They became aware to their responsibility to educate during their instruction. . They reported on change in planning their lessons and in their possibility to cope with difficulties in the class. 27 Concluding Remarks ; We found it possible to integrate Values-Education with Math-Education in the 8th class. ; We found a wishful change on math teachers that Joined the experiment. ; We claim that it is possible to integrate Valedictions with Math-Education in other age groups. ; As math is “the worst case” from the subject matter point of view, we can assume that it is possible to be done in other subjects in school. 28 Thank you 29

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Integrating Values-Education in the Daily Disciplinary Essay
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