Internal and External Analysis Essay

1. ) INTERNAL ANALYSIS: Strengths and Weaknesses A strength that I found is that the United States Postal Service delivers to every home and business in the United States. The website said that every American has access to their services and pays the same postage regardless of where they live or work. A weakness that I found is that since the USPS is a government controlled business, they seemed to be closed more then other facilities, leaving a gap in when items could be delivered. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS: Opportunity and Threats

An opportunity that I found was that even though the USPS ships certain reptiles, they don’t ship snakes what-so-ever. Being that the snake industry is a booming industry, more people might want to go through USPS if only they did ship snakes, but they don’t. A threat that I found was that since the USPS are not opened on certain days, and since other competitor businesses are, people would take their business elsewhere. And go to a postal service that was more convenient to them as far as hours and openings. 2. My poverty of time has affected me in so many ways. There is REALLY never anytime for anything anymore. My day consists of sleeping 6-7 hours, taking my stepson to school, doing homework, cooking dinner before I go to work at 2pm, working 8-9 hour shifts, packing lunches before I go to bed, taking a shower, and finally lying down. There is not a second of the day that I can just sit back and relax. My poverty of time has drastically affected how I shop by that I have to squeeze time into my already busy schedule to get the grocery shopping done.

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Internal and External Analysis Essay
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I don’t even have time to clip coupons anymore; everything is just such a rush. I don’t even have time to go to the mall for pleasure anymore, I can’t tell you when the last time it was when I bought myself a new outfit, or something really nice just for me. Since I am always on the go, I have found that making a grocery list before I leave home has cut my time from 2 ? hours in the grocery store to about 1 hour. I’m in and out with everything that is on my list, and nothing more.

I buy the items we need for food for the week; I buy the personal things that we need, and I buy food for the animals. I pretty much know where everything is situated in my store so I try to keep my list simple so that I’m in and out, and it seems to have really helped me on time and money. 3. ) a. The customers in the pharmaceutical drug market are the physicians, the drug markets are trying to attract and sell to the doctors so that the doctors can prescribe the pharmaceutical company’s drugs to their patients.

Also, in the article they mentioned that there were DTC ads that patients where able to see, so in the prospect, the DTC ads are aimed for the patients themselves. b. Yes, there is a difference between the marketing of pharmaceuticals and the marketing of other products, because pharmaceutical is directed for physicians, where as the marketing of other products are aimed for everyone. The ads and commercials are all over so that people all over the world can watch them and buy their products.


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