Internal Control Preventive Maintenance Program Accounting Essay

Controls in general drama built-in function in pull offing hazard, minimising unexpected actions, and accomplishing organisation ‘s ends and aims, therefore it is of import to equilibrate between controls and hazards in-order to obtain sensible confidence over the fiscal coverage, here comes the importance of effectual internal control system within the full organisation.

Basically every concern should hold at some flat effectual internal control system in topographic point to protect against mistakes, fraud and losingss, irrespective the size and the complexness of the concern. Here comes the magnitude of an effectual internal control system consists of policies and processs designed to supply sensible confidence over fiscal coverage, and cut down material misstatement in the fiscal statements that has an consequence on the dependableness and dependability of the organisation in the market.

The aim of this survey is to measure the efficiency of internal control system of Palestinian commercial Bankss. Furthermore to find the effects of internal control over direction, internal hearer and external party ‘s. Furthermore find out the failing of internal control system of these Bankss and giving some suggestions to better them.

Chapter 2

Literature Review

Many Articles have discussed the importance of internal control in different issues ; some illustrations of these articles are as follow:

Writer: Sunil Verma

Article: Internal Control Preventive Maintenance Program

Date Submitted: ( 2009 )

He said that internal system is really indispensable for every concern regardless the size and the complexness of the concern, besides it helps to halt losingss, he says ” If the larceny does n’t set the proprietor out of concern, it surely causes a major concern ” and he indicates that every organisation in the universe need internal control system and the internal control system will:

1 ) Protect hard currency and other assets

2 ) Promote efficiency in treating minutess

3 ) Ensure dependability of fiscal records

He gave a simple definition of the internal control system chiefly of “ policies and processs designed to supply sensible confidence that these three aims will be achieved ” and indicates “ that the size and complexness of the concern will find the extent of the internal control system ” .

He gives good suggestions for internal control processs sing handling of hard currency:

Allow merely specific designated persons to manage hard currency.

Give duty for bookkeeping to an person who does non manage hard currency.

Use numbered grosss to document all payments.

Make all bank sedimentations quickly.

The individual who prepares the bank rapprochement should be different than the one handling hard currency.

If possible, the individual who makes the bank sedimentation should be different than the 1 who handles the hard currency and the 1 who prepares the bank rapprochement.

Make sedimentations integral with no sums withdrawn to pay disbursals.

Keep hard currency and chequebook in a locked drawer or hard currency registry.

Since boulder claies will ne’er be 100 % correct all the clip, set up a tolerance degree for overages and deficits to find the point at which disciplinary steps will be triggered.

Make all expenses by cheque, except minimum sums paid from junior-grade hard currency.

Make certain every payment is related to a paper papers, such as a verifier, to guarantee that a paper trail exists for all expenses.

Conduct random surprise counts of junior-grade hard currency and hard currency shortss.

Count stock list and other assets often and compare with company books.

Writer: Mei Feng, Chan Li, Sarah McVay

Article: Internal Control and Management Guidance

Date submitted: ( 2009 )

This survey determines the relation between internal control quality and the truth of direction counsel. 2994 houses were investigated through carry oning two trials a alteration analysis and cross sectional trial based on the type of stuff failings reported. They hypothesized “ gaining counsel will be less accurate in the presence of stuff failings in internal control, as, directors are utilizing lower quality fiscal inputs to organize this counsel ” .

They reach to the undermentioned consequences ; houses that unwrap uneffective internal controls have significantly larger direction prognosis mistakes than do houses that report effectual internal controls.Moreover they find that internal control quality has an economically important consequence on internal direction studies and therefore determinations.

The revelation of a stuff failing in internal control is an recognition by directors that their internal control system may non restrict material mistakes in their house ‘s fiscal studies. Material failings can besides impact the truth of direction counsel through diminishing the quality of the internal direction studies used for prediction. The survey was conducted for several grounds. First of all, directors have an motive to bring forth accurate direction prognosiss as counsel is one of the mechanisms that directors use to set up or alter net incomes outlooks, lessening judicial proceeding hazard, and improves a house ‘s repute, consequently documenting precise counsel is enlightening to directors, market participants and research workers. Second, diminish the negative effects of internal control quality on reported net incomes quality. Finally, it helps directors to do daily operational determinations.

Writer: James Brayn

Article: Internal Controls Help Business Run Efficiently

Date submitted: ( 2010 )

In this article the author chiefly focused on internal control as a preventative tool instead than a disciplinary tool, it prevents losingss as a consequence of fraud and mistakes.

From the author point of position he indicates that accounting record must be portion of internal control and they have to be kept good in order to forestall losingss and fraud, they must be sporadically checked to guarantee truth besides. Furthermore every concern should hold managerial and administrative controls to do certain that operation are run expeditiously.

Chapter Three

General Aspects

Internal Control:

Aims and Roles of the Internal Control:

Performance aims: Internal controls pertain to the effectivity and efficiency of the bank in utilizing its assets and other resources and protecting the bank from loss. The internal control procedure seeks to guarantee that forces throughout the organisation are working to accomplish its ends with efficiency and unity, without unintended or inordinate cost or puting other involvements ( such as an employee ‘s, seller ‘s or client ‘s involvement ) before those of the bank.

Information aims: Address the readying of seasonably, dependable, relevant studies needed for decision-making within the banking organisation. They besides address the demand for dependable one-year histories, other fiscal statements and other financial-related revelations and studies to stockholders, supervisors, and other external parties. The information received by direction, the board of managers, stockholders and supervisors should be of sufficient quality and unity that receivers can trust on the information in doing determinations. The term dependable, as it relates to fiscal statements, refers to the readying of statements that are presented reasonably and based on comprehensive and chiseled accounting rules and regulations.

Conformity aims: Ensure that all banking concern complies with applicable Torahs and ordinances, supervisory demands, and the organisation ‘s policies and processs. This nonsubjective must be met in order to protect the bank ‘s franchise and repute.

Importance of Internal Control:

A system of effectual internal controls is a critical constituent of bank direction and a foundation for the safe and sound operation of banking administrations. A system of strong internal controls can assist to guarantee that the ends and aims of a banking administration will be met, that the bank will accomplish long-run profitableness marks, and maintain dependable fiscal and managerial coverage. Such a system can besides assist to guarantee that the bank will follow with Torahs and ordinances every bit good as policies, programs, internal regulations and processs, and diminish the hazard of unexpected losingss or harm to the bank ‘s repute.


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