International Accounting and managing risks Essay

International Accounting

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International Accounting and managing risks Essay
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Diversification occurs when a company decides to come in into a new market with new merchandises. Countries across the universe have limited resources and every state is now much dependant on international trade. Governments want investors to pass their money in their state either in the signifier of foreign direct investing ( FDI ) or by any other agencies. Despite broad runing steps to liberalise trade and the ensuing major growing in the universe trade, there has been small globalisation of services. Language differences and limitations on population motion hamper the growing of international markets for labour, even when it is extremely skilled. ( Hung, 2000 )

Since 1945, the volume of universe trade has increased. Gradual globalisation of markets is taking topographic point because of the interplay of a figure of forces. It is possible to insulate a simple concatenation of casualization here. Consumer gustatory sensations are going more homogenous in such affairs a apparels and amusement. Companies don’t merely acquire benefits while come ining into planetary markets while there are besides risks involves while come ining into other states. These hazards include economical, technological, legal, political, concern and other pecuniary foreign exchange hazards which might do a company’s variegation a worst determination.

Factors and Reasons of Risks

Companies might seek to come in into other markets utilizing different manners like direct and indirect exportation, abroad production, contract fabrication or joint venture. When a company enters into other states for get downing concern, the fiscal direction of the company became complicated because of the complexness of operation. The hazard of fiscal miss-management bases with the company. Business hazard arises from the possibility that the concern thought might be flawed. As with political hazard, it is non alone to international selling, but houses might be exposed to more beginnings of hazard originating from failures to understand the market. Strategic hazard, operational hazard and organisational hazards stands with the company while get downing concern operation overseas. Confidentiality issues stands with the company while undergoing decentalisation. Some states promote competition as there are a big figure of little and big Sellerss therefore monetary value fluctuations to acquire more return from the concern might acquire harmful. This factor besides increases competition between the market participants and therefore restricting market portion. ( Ball, 2000 )

Political hazard is one of the hazards the companies face while come ining into different states. There is a hazard that political factors will annul the scheme and possibly badly amendss the house. Political factors relates to factors every bit diverse as wars, patriotism, political pandemonium and corruptness. The local authorities might be loath for a new entryway to come in the market therefore enforcing some limitation policies for international policies to come and put into the state therefore making monopoly in the state. Government actions might do it difficult to repatriate net incomes. A company can non run expeditiously in a politically unstable state

A political hazard checklist was outlined byJeannet and Hennessey. Companies should inquire following inquiry while come ining into new markets ; how stable the host country’s political system is? How strong its committedness to specific regulations of the concern is? How long the authorities is likely to stay in power? What if the authorities alterations and its consequence on the specific regulations of the concern and company’s scheme. ( Healy, 1999 )

Another hazard which the companies face while merchandising overseas is the pecuniary exchange hazard. The hazard arises out of the volatility of foreign exchange rates. Given that there is a possibility for guess and that capital flows are free, such hazards are increasing. Countries holding unstable economic systems are more threatened to interchange rate hazard. Here the local currency shows some unnatural fluctuations, therefore impacting the profitableness of the international concerns. The companies might gain a heavy return in these states due to low production costs, but the unstable currency exchange rates might turn the net incomes into losingss. E.g. , an American company earns 10 million Dirham from its subordinate in Dubai Exchange rate a twelvemonth ago when the company places its subordinate was 55Dirham/Dollar and now a twelvemonth subsequently the exchange rate is 78Dirham/Dollar. The expected return if the rate was non changed is $ 181818 while the existent return due to interchange rate fluctuation is 128205. The companies might get the better of this hazard by come ining into some forward rate contract or utilizing hedge accounting. ( Hung, 2000 )

Pull offingHazard

Hazard Averse Approach

Organizations which have diversified their operations are capable to high fiscal direction hazards and control hazards. Diverseness of operations and technological promotion contribute to complexness. Complexity is hard to analyse. It may be that it is best dealt with a combination of experience and extended decentalisation. ( Watts, 2003 )

Risk direction is concerned with placing possible jobs and taking actions to extinguish or cut down the harm that will ensue if the hazard materializes. It is the duty of the direction of the company to entree and manage all those hazards that can damage the fiscal wellness of the company and the manner direction does so is of important importance. Companies should do a planetary direction squad whose duties include planetary human resource considerations, taking the operating construction and implementing the operating construction.

Management ensures supply concatenation direction of the company by doing the company database up-to-date. A system of communicating should be established in order to acquire the supplies on clip and in the needed measure. A customer-driven pull theoretical account should be adapted where productions and distributions are demand driven. An consciousness of the import and export policy is an of import tool to avoid the supply concatenation miss-management.

Political can non be eliminated ; nevertheless it can be avoided to an extent by analysing the political status in a state. It can be done by maintaining an oculus on the country’s economic every bit good as political conditions. A main hazard officer should be employed, whose duties include maintaining an oculus on the political clime and finding new statute laws and elections. ( Hung, 2000 )

Exchange rate hazard can be avoided by doing some forward contracts with the providers. This can assist out to extenuate the uncertainness about the hereafter. Legally adhering contracts between the two parties eliminate the hazard of currency exchange. Another manner of avoiding currency hazard is to reassign the dealing exposure to another state by doing all the dealing in local currency. E.g. , an American company makes some minutess with a German state in dollar, therefore reassigning all the hazard of currency exchange over the German company.

The most of import hazard which stands by the international companies is the use of net income due to foreign exchange hazard. This occurs if the currency of a state appreciates or depreciates. Although the hazard can non be eliminated, but it can be reduced to an extent by pull offing the degree of imports and exports. However, it is non ever the instance as it is really hard to avoid the hazard of net income use due to alterations in the currency value. Furthermore, it is the duty of the direction of the company to carry on a comprehensive audit of the company’s international operations to place the concern every bit good as legal hazard associated with the abroad concern activities. ( Healy, 1999 )

Role of external hearer

The external hearer helps to guarantee that the company has equal policies and process in topographic point to cover with the cross-border operation. Auditor ensures that the company is implementing and following with the international Torahs on concern processs. External hearer reviews the current degree of the conformity of the company with the foreign Torahs and so finding the needed degree of conformity to be followed by the company. External hearer highlights the chief conformity criterions and Torahs that are equal to carry on an abroad concern and therefore extenuating the foreign hazard.

If the company has already complied with the statute law and Torahs elated to foreign concern, the external hearer so reviews the regulations and processs in topographic point to manage the activities of the foreign operations. External hearers perform processs to place the efficiency and effectivity of the diversified operations and control systems and therefore showing a missive of failings to the direction of the company. This helps the direction to place the defects in the system and to take necessary stairss in order to extenuate these failings. ( Ball, 2000 )

Although the external hearer identifies the hazard associated with concern activities and issues a missive of direction but the nucleus duty to cover with these hazards stands with the direction of the company.


Every state has its hazards and wagess factors. If the companies want to maximise their net incomes and minimise losingss so an mentality of the concern environment of the investing state must be taken in order to take determinations and formulate schemes. Poster’s five forces theoretical account can be used to extenuate variegation hazards and to find the net income potency of the industry as a whole.

Although companies face many challenges and hazards associated with the foreign concern activities but on the other manus variegation allows companies to accomplish economic systems of graduated table. Many companies diversify their operations and activities for accomplishing economic systems of graduated table every bit good as to vie in the international markets.

Ohmae offers five grounds for globalisation which are client demands, hunt for economic systems of graduated table, fight, exchange rate hazards and development of resources. Companies across the universe are willing to diversify their concern as the consumers are now trade name witting plenty to pass their money on.


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