International financial cooperation and accelerated progress of globalization Essay

Accompanied by the increasing international fiscal cooperation and the accelerated advancement of globalisation, international accounting has played a important function in modern-day fiscal activities and the economic development. However, robust criterions are required to steer and restrict the accounting practise in footings of harmonisation, currency interlingual rendition and fiscal studies analysis. International Accounting Standards ( IAS ) is a batch of standards which are broad applied in planetary extent. This study will merely discourse and measure one of the standards in item, which is IAS 2 stock list. It will get down with the background debut of IAS 2, followed by the treatments of the demands and importance of this standard. Finally, this study will critical measure IAS 2 in facets of options, pertinence, originative accounting, failings and betterment.

II. Background

The IASs, International Accounting Standards, which issued with the IASC puting up in 1973, are the common criterions followed by accounting organic structures. Then, the IASB with new accounting criterions ( IFRS ) and more member states was founded to replace the IASC. Both of the two commissions concerned with the ordinance betterment and planetary harmonization of international accounting.

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International financial cooperation and accelerated progress of globalization Essay
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Inventory rating plays a critical function in the net income computation and assets rating procedure. However, method differences and contention still exist in stock rating among different companies. In footings of that, a consistent benchmark seems necessary to extinguish them and compare companies ‘ net income on the same footing. IAS 2 is such an international criterion to offer ordinance and method for stock list. Its first bill of exchange of Valuation and Presentation of Inventories came out in 1974, and was brought into the IAS one twelvemonth subsequently. The former criterion of stock ( IAS 2 ( 1993 ) ) set up in 1993 and it took consequence on the day of the month of January 1st 1995. Since IASB replaced of IASC, the modified version was published in 2003 and it took consequence in 2005.

Aiming to obtain the accurate computation consequence of cost and later disbursal of stock list, IAS2 chiefly concern with the write-down to Net Realizable Value. In order to apportion cost to stocks, it provides cost rule every bit good. To be more specific, IAS2 classifies that the stock list includes finished merchandises, goods in procedure and natural stuff. Furthermore, it besides contains measuring of stock list, cardinal rule of IAS2, write-down to Net Realizable Value, expense acknowledgment and the needed revelations every bit good.

III. Requirements and importance of IAS 2

There are many demands of the stock lists in International Accounting Standard, in footings of IAS 2 regulate how to analyze the cost of stock lists, how to mensurate stock lists, and what the techniques for the measuring of stock lists ‘ costs are.

The first demand is that the cost of stock lists is the entire cost from deliver stock lists to their present location and status. Harmonizing to IAS 2 ( 2005 ) “ cost of stock lists shall consist all costs of purchase, costs of transition and other costs incurred in conveying the stock lists to their present location and status. ” There are assortments of costs before the stock lists are confirmed to be assets, and the costs should be classified in item, hence, how to mensurate the costs of stock lists accurately has become comparatively of import. In general, harmonizing to the beginnings of stock lists, these costs can be divided into three parts ( See Appendix N ) . This categorization is comparatively peculiar and intuitive, and it can harmonize with the company ‘s costing demands.

The 2nd demand of IAS 2 is that stock lists should be measured at the lower of cyberspace realisable value and cost by item footing i??See Chart 2-1i?‰ .

Chart 2-1

“ Internet Realisable value is the estimated merchandising monetary value in the ordinary class of concern less the estimated cost of completion and the estimated cost of necessary to do the sale ” ( ACCA survey text, 2009 ) . Once measured, the lower of cyberspace realisable value and cost must be used as an plus in the balance sheet. When the stock lists ‘ cyberspace realizable value below its cost, it means that the future economic benefits will less than its carrying sum, which are brought to the companies by stock lists. Therefore this portion of the loss should be deducted from the value of assets, and included in accounting topics of current net income and loss. Otherwise, there will be the phenomenon of practical assets. Therefore, we should utilize the lower of the net realisable value and cost in the stock-taking procedure.

The last demand of IAS 2 is that the cost of stock lists should be assigned by utilizing the First-in First-out ( FIFO ) or weighted mean cost expression unless there are some particular stock lists. IAS 2 does non necessitate that the fairest possible estimate to the cost should be reflected by the expression used. Therefore, the criterion gives the FIFO, every bit good as the leaden norm cost expression for free pick. FIFO is the expression, which is frequently-used, to bear the cost of stock lists which are out and which are still in. Harmonizing to Wikipedia ( 2009 ) , “ FIFO is an abstraction ways of forming and use of informations comparative to clip and prioritization ” . This method describes the rule of what comes in first should be handled foremost, what comes in following delaies until the first is finished. Leaden mean cost expression is easier than others, besides when the market monetary value lifting up or falling down, this expression is easy to cipher the mean unit cost of stock lists, in order to portion the cost of stock list is more trade-offs and nonsubjective.

IV. Evaluation of IAS 2


IAS 2 offers some optional regulations for companies to take. These options, to a certain extent, affect the internationally implement of IAS. The undermentioned essay will name three primary options.

First, IAS 2 stipulates two alternate expressions for mensurating the cost of stock lists, which are first in, foremost out ( FIFO ) and leaden norm. FIFO assumes that goods sold are those produced earlier. That is to state, the cost of stock lists is those produced subsequently. This attack may take to underestimate cost and overestimate gross net income in the twelvemonth of rising prices. Leaden norm is “ the mean cost of all units presently in stock at the clip of describing ” . ( kcsi ) IAS 2 is non compulsory for which formulas companies should take. Obviously, these two optional expressions would mensurate different cost of stock lists.

Second, IAS 2 stipulates that usually expenditure incurred is non recognized as cost of stock lists. Nevertheless, IAS 2 supplies option of including some disbursal of stock lists or non in the cost. For illustration, it is appropriate that non-productive indirect disbursal could be portion of the cost of stock lists if they are for particular undertakings. Apart from that borrowing cost of stock lists could be included in the cost under particular fortunes.

Third, there are two optional techniques in the stock lists cost measuring, standard cost method and retail method. IAS 2 petitions retail industry usage retail method to mensurating the cost of stock lists. However, other industry could use either retail or standard cost method, which may ensue in disagreement between companies that use different methods.


At present, most stock exchanges in the universe slope that quotation mark companies should handle IAS 2 as fiscal study benchmark. It could better the transparency and dependability of stock lists information if listed companies apply IAS 2.

Besides, more and more transnational corporations apply IAS 2 on their ain, such as Air France, Nestle and Adidas. Owning to transnational corporations have companies in more than one state, it would be convenient for parent companies to consolidate statement if parent and subordinate companies all implement IAS 2.

IAS 2 is widely implemented in Asia and Europe, while US GAAP plays a important function in North America. This becomes a critical limitation factor of the pertinence of IAS 2 internationally.

During the procedure of pertinence IAS 2 internationally, because of some obscure description or construct without giving specific points, lacks still have arose necessarily. Take cyberspace realizable value as an illustration. IAS 2 prescribes it as “ the estimated merchandising monetary value in the ordinary class of concern less the estimated costs of completion and the estimated costs necessary to do the sale ” ( Birzeit Consulting ) . With respect to costs of completion and costs necessary to do the sale, IAS 2 does non name exact points, which implies missing comparison between companies. The defects cause that some states apply their ain national accounting criterion which are related to their national conditions.

A·Opportunities for originative accounting

The point “ stock list ” plays a important function in companies ‘ operation and fiscal public presentation since it is non merely determines the calculation of net income, but besides impacts the rating of assets which displayed on the balance sheet. IAS 2 likely is a comprehensive counsel which prescribes systematic accounting interventions for stock list in footings of the finding of stock list ‘s cost, the acknowledgment of correlate disbursal, and the expression for delegating costs to stock list. Despite the restraint of IAS 2, it is acknowledged that there are several ploies for those unethical companies to pull strings their rating of stock list, thereby showing a fabricated favorable public presentation to the governments and public.

A survey from Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission ( COSO ) described that there is no country of accounting provides more chances for subjectiveness and originative accounting than the rating of stock list. More exactly, because of the stopping point relationship between the stock lists and grosss, companies frequently tend to blow up their grosss by exaggerating the value of stock lists which is a direct and effectual step.

There are a figure of attacks to pull strings the value of stock list and those methods are chiefly categorized into three facets which are clip skyline, NRV and operating expense.

First, because IAS 2 do non hold detailed counsel in regard of clip dimension, companies normally like to use fast ones at the terminal of financial twelvemonth by using cut-off processs. Assume that goods are delivered to a company at the last twenty-four hours of financial twelvemonth 200X but the bill day of the month is at the first twenty-four hours of following financial twelvemonth. In this state of affairs, the company likely takes the goods into stock list instantly but non enter the purchase bill. The premature recording of stock list leads to the automatic addition of gross which displays a false encouragement on the fiscal study. Furthermore, companies can distort a transportation of non-existent stock list at the year-end which is hard to corroborate by hearers. Therefore, the exaggerated value of stock list will bring forth from these fabricated “ in theodolite ” stock lists.

Second, IAS 2 adopted a specific method which is use the lower figure of cyberspace dependable value and cost to mensurate stock list. This measuring concerned the true value of stock list in a big extent and allow this rating reflects the existent market suitably ; on the other manus, it besides provides chances for frauds because the computation of NRV is mostly depends on comptrollers ‘ expectancies. More specifically, it is obvious that the extent of commissariats should be cut down to NRV are extremely subjective and manipulative. Just like Barry Elliott argued that a proviso is an effectual smoothing device and allows overcautious write-offs to be made in profitable old ages and attendant write-backs in unprofitable 1s.

Third, although IAS 2 provides guidelines for apportioning appropriate operating expense into the cost of stock list, the differentiations between diverse of operating expense are still barely to be distinguished precisely. Companies might happen chances of use and include those overhead which indirectly attributable to production in the stock list rating, thereby differing the influence of operating expense and so rising net incomes.

A·Weaknesses and Improvement

The statements about the stock list at the International Accounting Standards ( IAS ) are apprehensible and comprehensive. However, it seems that jobs still evidently exist in the stock list criterions.

First, the computation methods for the same industry are non unified. Although IAS2 has cancelled LIFO method, two different methods are still available: FIFO and leaden mean method. Different methods of computation will bring forth different consequences. Therefore, it makes no sense for the companies of the same industry to compare the ratio consequences. Therefore, the criterion should be more elaborate. First, it should choose the most appropriate measuring based on the features and nature of assorted industries. Second, it should be clearly defined that all the companies in the same industry should follow the same measuring method. These two steps help to extinguish difference, and later to advance development of harmonization.

Secondary, it offers the chances for originative accounting. There are many instances about listed companies involved in the stock fraud, and the most celebrated one is the U.S. Fallmo ‘s instance. Its creativer Monas foremost acquire a pharmaceutics located in Ohio, and in the subsequent decennaries, he acquired another 299 shops, so he formulated a company called Fallmo. Unfortunately, all of these brilliants are fraud based on the overestimate of the stock list. Such a fraud finally led to the bankruptcy of Monash and his company every bit good. At the same clip, the “ Large Five ” house who provided audit services to it besides lost 1000000s of dollars. From these instances, it seems that fraud happened owing to the unequal stock list direction system. In order to forestall companies from rip offing by stock list, the criterions should necessitate the audit house to look into the company ‘s stock lists on a regular basis.

The 3rd one is that the International Accounting Standards failed to maintain gait with the times procedure. With the development of endeavors, it generates a batch of new stock list direction methods, such as the Just-In-Time ( JIT ) method. JIT originated from Toyoda in Japan, it was created by Sakichi Toyoda, the laminitis of Toyota, his boy Kiichiro Toyoda and the applied scientist Taiichi Ohno. Toyota implemented the “ Kanban direction ” which runs with the physical. For illustration, when an order which includes the demands of the bringing clip is proposed, Toyota ‘s workers entered the information on the “ Kanban ” . The telling section acquire the ordination information through “ Kanban ” and give the new order to the production section through “ Kanban ” , and so forth ; all orders will be connected to the full section. Aiming to extinguish waste, cut down costs and better economic efficiency, its nucleus is to seek a non-stock production system or to minimise stock list production system. In that instance, it is the rearward order of the traditional manner which merchandise foremost so looking for clients. Although the demands of JIT are high, many companies have adopted this attack, such as Dell Inc. In the JIT, the “ nothing stock list ” is the chief end. Therefore, the traditional methods such as FIFO and leaden norm method lost the significance of their being, and the traditional Fieldss of the shutting stock stock list system and the ageless stock list system besides appears to be meaningless.

V. Conclusion

This study shows a comprehensive image of IAS 2 which is non merely describes this criterion as a whole, but besides analyses several inside informations critically. More exactly, IAS 2 is an effectual and acknowledged standard in steering and modulating companies ‘ accounting pattern of stock list ; meanwhile, this criterion besides have its failings which likely due to the complicated stock list rating in pattern. These drawbacks straight affect accounting efficiency and supply several chances for accounting frauds. However, it is hopeful that this criterion can be improved and modified during its increasing application, and new theories and methods are able to consolidate its position in accounting country.


Christopher N. & A ; Robert P. ( 2006 ) , Comparative international accounting ( 9th ed. ) i??


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