International mobile phone market Essay

An Probe on how to go a Global Leader in International Mobile Phone Market: A instance survey of Nokia.

1. Introduction

This survey aims to utilize Nokia as a instance study.Nokia becomes the universe ‘s figure one maker of nomadic devices by market portion and a leader in the convergence Internet and communications industries ( Nokia online, 2010 ) . They produce a broad scope of devices for all major consumer sections and offer Internet services that enable people to see music, maps, media, messaging and games. They besides provide comprehensive digital map information through NAVTEQ and equipment, solutions and services for communications webs through Nokia Siemens Networks ( Nokia online, 2010 ) . The chief intent of this subdivision is to supply research purposes, aims and research background.A A A A A

1.1 Research Background

Nowadays, it is truly easy to see a new manner and high engineering mobile phone every individual twenty-four hours. The narrative of nomadic phones is non excessively long. There were merely nomadic phones ten old ages ago to merely do a call. After that, inventions followed each other such as proving, extra music participants, and cameras, touch screens, etc. Likewise merchandise life rhythm has been acquiring shorter and shorter, because of increasing high engineering. However, mobile phone companies find themselves in a tough competition to sell more their ain merchandises and do it better net income. In extremely competitory concern environments and short merchandise life rhythms and particularly for high engineering bring forthing industries, there is one manner covering with this extremely force per unit areas, which are Research & A ; Development and fabrication of new merchandises. New merchandise development and invention are chiefly of import in industries which engineering alterations quickly and merchandise life rhythm is so short.Nokia is one of the most advanced companies in the nomadic phone industry.A The cardinal factor in order to make success for Nokia is to set up right balance between invention and executing. Nokia Corporation is a universe leader in planetary communications. Nokia ‘s cardinal office is in Espoo, Finland, merely nearby Helsinki. Nokia ‘s planetary presence is composing by its 16 fabrication services and 11 research and development Centres in 11 different states around the universe. Nokia has a history of being advanced and has a good known repute among the top innovative companies in the universe ( Nokia online, 2010 ) . The purpose of the proposal is to happen out how Nokia is using new merchandise development procedure and its strategic of import for Nokia in a extremely competitory environment and its results.

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1.2 Research Aims and Aims

  • To understand the importance of Nokia ‘s new merchandise development scheme and in a extremely competitory concern environment.
  • To place the new merchandise development and the Steps ( NDP ) of Nokia.
  • To analyze how Nokia applies NDP stairss in their concern.
  • To analyze the of import to innovative for Nokia.
  • To analyze the new merchandise scheme of Nokia in a competitory concern environment
  • To analyze the competitory advantages of new merchandise for Nokia.
  • To look into the new merchandise development scheme placement of Nokia as in comparing to other rivals in the same section.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Does the new merchandise development schemes and its competitory advantages to go a planetary leader in Mobile Industry?
  2. What factors influences to go a planetary leader in Mobile Industry? A A

2. Literature Reappraisal

This survey is about the influence of new merchandise development. Therefore, the chief focal point of the literature reappraisal will be environing the new merchandise development and competitory advantage of NDP. Understanding the construct, importance and phases of new merchandise development are of import to sellers. This is because if sellers understand the importance of NDP and the competitory advantage, they will be able to utilize appropriate tools and factors to act upon to go a planetary market leader in their business.A A

2.1 Identify the new merchandise development

New merchandise development ( NPD ) is the term used to place the procedure of conveying a new merchandise or service to bing market. Harmonizing to Kotler et Al. ( 1994 ) “New merchandises are original merchandises, merchandise betterments, merchandise alterations and new trade names that the concern develops through its ain research and development efforts” . Thomas ( 1993 ) argues that “A new merchandise is a multidimensional construct that has non been experienced by a important figure of stakeholders potentially interested in it and is capable of offering a strategic competitory advantage” .

New merchandise development is truly to be in the market because demand for most trade names or merchandises life rhythm. In add-on to this, new merchandise development is a necessary to a response quickly altering new engineering and market conditions. New merchandise has got a large importance to most administrations, particularly planetary competitions, increasing engineering and short merchandise lifecycles. However, unpredictable consumer purchasing forms and possible market alterations make new merchandise development a critically of import in extremely competitory concerns. New merchandise provides organisations new growing chances that allow them to stronger their market place.

Making the right organisational civilization that can promote invention. It is one of the primary undertakings for top management.A Nokia has got a right organisational civilization to promote employs for advanced. Strategic be aftering sets of import guidelines for new merchandise development. Some organisations have a really successful in making an advanced civilization that supports new merchandise thoughts and encourages staff for their part towards new merchandise development processes. Nokia is one of the planetary companies, which have got right organisational civilization.

The success rate of new merchandises is depending on many factors, such as the administration ‘s size, direction manner, available resources, staff expertness, senior direction support, selling schemes and distribution channels. A successful new merchandise development requires engagement from selling, gross revenues, research and development, design, finance, proficient, fabrication and legal maps.

2.2. Phase of the new merchandise development Procedure

The procedure of new merchandise development goes through a logical series of stairss from the origin of the thought to the existent launch of the merchandise. These stairss are now explained.

2.2.1 Idea Generation

Idea coevals can come from a assortment of beginnings. In advanced companies, such as thoughts tend to be research driven. The impression of marketing orientation Tells us that we should look to our clients foremost ( through selling research ) before shiping upon new merchandise development. In the instance of companies bring forthing ‘breakthrough ‘ merchandises this might be hard as clients will non needfully be able to imagine what they require. However, as we shall see subsequently in this subdivision, thoughts are non merely generated and made into merchandises that are so marketed. Marketing research does come into the equation, but more thorough processs like merchandise proving come subsequently in the procedure. A civilization should be within the organisation that encourages new merchandise thoughts among more than merely the Research & A ; Development map. The gross revenues force should be a regular beginning of new merchandise thoughts, and such informations can be gathered from the company ‘s selling information system. Brainstorming is a good method of bring forthing new merchandise thoughts every bit long as it is chaired aptly, but regular meetings of be aftering commissions should hold this at the caput of their docket. Venture squads can so be set up to come on towards likely thoughts. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.2.1 Screening

Screening is the first phase of sifting feasible thoughts from fewer feasible 1s and obvious issues are addressed at this phase in footings of possible demand, the company ‘s capableness in footings of development and production and the net income potency. This is an of import phase at which ‘Go ‘ or ‘Drop ‘ determinations are made. This testing procedure should hold due respect to whether or non the new merchandise will suit into the scope of merchandises that the company markets. To get down a wholly new venture might intend expensive investing in non lone production capacity and accomplishments, but a wholly new selling squad might be required. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.2.2 Business Analysis

Business analysis is where the new merchandise thought ‘s fiscal viability is appraised. By this stage merely ‘serious ‘ rivals will stay and here a critical phase has been reached. Such analysis demands to see entire costs instead than merely development and production costs. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.2.3 Product Development

Merchandise development is the point at which the company has committed itself and so this is when costs start to increase aggressively. Where appropriate, paradigms will be developed and these can be assessed by marketing research through merchandise assessment trials. It is besides here that merchandise polish and alteration will be possible through feedback from marketing research. It might besides be the point at which the merchandise is abandoned if outlooks do non fit up to world, instead than put on the line a ‘high exposure ‘ failure in the market place. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.2.4 Test Selling

Trial selling is the next-to-last phase. This might be appropriate where the merchandise is a fast moving consumer good when it can be tested in trial towns or telecasting trial countries before traveling ‘national ‘ , but this is non ever allow for more lasting merchandises. Here, merchandise arrangement trials with members of the general populace are likely more appropriate. The lone job with full graduated table trial selling is that it allows our rivals to see what we are making, so clearly this disadvantage must be weighed against the advantages of imitating a National launch before full graduated table committedness. This so is why merchandise testing, instead than higher profile trial selling, is better in footings of confidentiality. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.2.5 Commercialization

Commercialization is where the merchandise is to be launched on the market. All the assorted filters have taken topographic point, but even at this phase success is non guaranteed. However, there is a far greater likeliness of success if the process merely described has been undertaken. ( Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

Booz, Allen and Hamilton foremost put frontward the impression of the decay curve of new merchandise thoughts, which is illustrated in Fig 1.

( Beginning: Lancaster G, on-line Marketing Note, 2009 )

2.3 Important of NDP and competitory advantages

New merchandises, signifier of new applications, new inventions, or wholly new goods, are an of import constituent of concern success. Harmonizing to Gruenwald ( 1995 ) “Some full industries are based on effectivity in new merchandise development ” . In industry, new merchandises are indispensable for existing.A Companies must go on to larn and to be advanced, or they will decease by the clip.

New merchandises are indispensable to survival. Innovation webs are peculiarly of import in industries where engineering alterations quickly and merchandise life rhythms are short “ Innovate or dice ” has become a more of import regulation for international companies. Nokia is realised of import of new merchandise. Nokia trades with this station by being advanced, and it provides competitory advantages in the extremely competitory market.A A

New merchandise development provides an chance to alter the competitory land. New merchandises can assist a company to derive new clients, retain bing clients and increase profitableness. So, new merchandises are the beginning of competitory advantage, if it is done decently. And this puts high duty on the Research and Developing Department.

Customer ‘s demands maintain changing by the clip. In order to maintain clasp of bing clients, concern must continuously accommodate to run into the altering client demands. Companies need to maintain the bing clients excited and happy. Other ways, company loses costumiers and market portions. The sample between Motorola and Nokia is a really good illustration for importance of invention. For illustration, for a long clip Motorola made and sold merely analogy phones. Motorola did non put for invention for long clip. Then Nokia came up with smooth digital phones and took the market portion from Motorola in 1998.

New merchandise development is a best manner to make a addition market portion. Successful merchandise companies have a history of presenting new merchandises at regular intervals. They have a pretty clear mark and a good defined merchandise route map which is composed by deep technology capableness invention and R & A ; D capableness.

So, if we are non presenting new merchandises at regular intervals, so it is about certain that our competition can take your market portion off easy. In this measure, I will measure importance of NDP and its competitory advantages in the extremely competitory market.

2.4 Nokia and their new merchandise development stairss

Nokia sets up understandings with universe category universities in order to back up its NPD system. Nokia usage cyberspace environment really expeditiously. “Nokia Beta Labs” is a web site where lets costumiers prove new thoughts. Nokia wanted to offer their users an chance to place the following usage of nomadic devices and Internet, Alternatively of costumiers lending to societal media sites. Nokia Beta Labs allows costumiers of Nokia nomadic phones to supply private feedback or general feedback. However, Nokia uses portion thoughts. or which is an on-line community. Its intent is to do on-line community, in order to portion persons and establishments ideas. ( Nokia Research Centre, on-line 2010 )

2.5 Nokia ‘s scheme of invention and confederations

‘Strategic alteration is frequently considered as a necessity for companies to last in a disruptive environment ‘ ( Hamel and Prahalad 1994 ) . Highly international competition and quickly altering engineering are frequently mentioned as primary motivations for companies to accommodate their corporate scheme. For Nokia, the best manner of covering with the extremely competitory environments and short merchandise life rhythm of particularly high technologic merchandises is to join forces with good known universities and research institutes around the universe such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ) and Stanford University in the US and University of Cambridge in the UK. On the 5th of June 2008, Nokia opened a research lab in Lausanne to organize a longaˆ?term research plan with the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne and Zurich. ( Nokia Research Centre, on-line 2010 )

3. Research MethodologyA

Therefore, there are many stairss that need to be carried out and conducted in order to finish all its research purposes. Therefore, the chief focal point of this subdivision is to supply information on the research methods required to roll up necessary informations to back up the analysis of this survey.

3.1 Paradigm – Deductive ReasoningA

The deductive logical thinking will be used in this survey. It is besides known as the deductive logic which is about utilizing the truth or logical effect to back up the statement. The deductive statement is merely valid under this status. The followers is illustrations of the deductive logical thinking.

  1. Fruits are green.
  2. Tomatos are fruits.
  3. Tomatos are green.

3.2 Research Approach & A ; Strategy

The research attack and scheme that will be used to carry on this survey can be explained below.

3.2.1 Exploratory Research

During the explorative research, the focal point group interview will be conducted. The chief attending of the focal point group interview is to roll up necessary informations about NDP schemes and its competitory advantages and use of clients aged between 18 and 60 old ages old towards International mobile phone Market.

The research worker provides two picks of agendas to respondents and the research worker will take the 1 that most topics are available for the fieldwork. The research worker aims to carry on the focal point group interview at the java store. Responses and replies from the respondents will be recorded by the informations recording equipment. This will enable the research worker to examine when required, and it will besides let the research worker to detect the organic structure linguistic communication of respondents ( Saunders et al. , 2009 ) .

The focal point group interview inquiries aim to act upon respondents to show their sentiments and thoughts about NDP schemes and its competitory advantages towards nomadic phone industry. The collected information from the focal point group interview will be used towards the questionnaire design.

3.2.2 Descriptive Research

The descriptive research is a phase after the explorative research. The chief intent of the descriptive research is to describe the research consequences from the focal point group interview. It will be present along with the statistical informations.

3.3 Types of Datas

Data that will be used to back up the analysis in this survey will be collected from two beginnings: ( 1 ) primary informations and ( 2 ) secondary informations.

3.3.1 Primary informations

Primary informations refers to ‘the first-hand information which collected by the research worker for a specific ground ‘ ( Beins, 2004, p. 87 ) . Based on the definition of the primary informations, I can specify the significance of the primary informations from my position as.

‘The information which does non be in any secondary beginning and the research worker makes a determination to roll up it to decide the job at manus ‘

There are different research methods that research workers can utilize to roll up primary informations. In general, primary research methods involved with some sorts of observations and studies. They are besides capable to both qualitative and quantitative manner. Examples of popular primary research methods include the questionnaire, Delphi research, action research, focal point group interview, single in-depth interview and protocol analysis ( Carr, 1979 ) . In this survey, the primary informations will be collected through the quantitative questionnaire.

3.3.2 Secondary Data

Secondary information has been defined by many bookmans. However, most of them hold similar thoughts. In general, secondary information refers to ‘any information collected by person else for some other intents other than the undertaking at manus ‘ ( Cassell et al. , 2006, p. 162 ) . Based on this significance, I can give the definition of the secondary information from my ain position as.

‘Existing informations, which can be gathered from assorted beginnings collected by other research workers ‘

Secondary informations can be collected from different beginnings, such as journal articles, Business Library, newspapers, web sites, magazines, text editions and the university database. It is necessary for the research worker to guarantee that the secondary beginning should garner merely from dependable beginnings with a good credibleness ( Saunders et al. , 2006 ) . In this survey, the research worker will roll up secondary informations from different beginnings, such as text editions, diary articles, newspapers and web sites every bit good as the university database like Emerald and Mintel. The research worker will do certain that the secondary informations from these beginnings have a good credibleness and dependability.

3.4 Data Collection

The primary informations of this survey will be collected through the usage of the structured questionnaire.

3.4.1 Questionnaire ( the Personal Survey )

The questionnaire is one of the popular research methods, which are widely used by many research workers in assorted Fieldss. The questionnaire refers to ‘a informations aggregation instrument, officially puting out the manner in which the research inquiries should be asked ‘ ( Schmidt & A ; Hollensen, 2006, p. 147 ) . Based on this definition, it can be assumed that the questionnaire can be developed in both semi-structured and unstructured formats. The structured questionnaire will be used to roll up the primary informations in this survey. This means that respondents who agree to take portion in the study will hold to choose the replies from the set of available picks in the questionnaire signifier.

Respondents who will be taking portion in the personal study are convenient topics. The research worker aims to ask for 100 similar sorts of respondents. Topographic points where the research worker will happen suited respondents are the java store, shopping promenades, train Stationss and tubing Stationss. The research worker makes a determination to utilize a sampling size of 100 respondents because of the undermentioned grounds.

1. The smaller trying size under 100 respondents will non supply plenty informations to back up the analysis of this survey.

2. The larger group of trying size of more than 100 topics will give to board information, which will be hard to analyses.

The procedure of the personal study ( the questionnaire ) involved with reading inquiries and a set of available picks of replies in the questionnaire signifier to respondents. Once respondents determine the reply, the research worker will circle or click the selected pick in the signifier on their behalf. As this is the first clip that the research worker carries out the research, the research worker has limited cognition about the academic research. Therefore, the research worker has plan engage two helpers to back up during the informations aggregation. The research helpers must hold a good research accomplishment, particularly in footings of the personal study.

3.4.2 Features of Respondents

The research worker aims to ask for the undermentioned people with the following features to take portion in the fieldwork.

  1. The respondents aged between 18 and 60 old ages old.
  2. Use and have an interesting in the International nomadic phone market.
  3. Live and work in London. London is chosen as the sampling location because it is the capital of England, and it besides has a big figure of populations. This enables the research worker to hold wider picks of topics to take from.

3.5Data analysis

The chief intent of the information analysis is to measure and stand for the primary informations collected through the questionnaire. The analysis will be based on practical and theoretical facets of new merchandise development schemes. The theoretical constructs of new merchandise development which are antecedently discussed in the literature reappraisal chapter will be used to back up the information analysis. The statistical package SPSS will be used to analyze the primary informations collected through the qualitative questionnaire. The research consequences will be reported in the undermentioned formats.

  1. Meanss
  2. Percentages
  3. Standard Deviations

3.6 Timetable

To guarantee that this research is completed by the deadline, there are many research activities that the research worker must carry through under the specific timeframe. Therefore, the chief intent of the timetable is to give information about the agenda for each research activity.

Research Activities


Writing up the debut chapter

One hebdomad

Roll uping secondary informations from dependable beginnings to compose up the literature reappraisal

Two hebdomads

Developing the focal point group interview

Two yearss

Conducting the focal point group interview with eight respondents

One twenty-four hours

Analyzing the collected information from the focal point group interview

Five yearss

Developing the questionnaire based on informations collected through the focal point group interview.

Three yearss

Writing up the research methodological analysis chapter

Four yearss

Conducting the personal study ( the questionnaire )

Three yearss

Analyzing informations collected through the personal study.

Four yearss

Writing up the study from the questionnaire

One hebdomad

Writing up the decision chapter

Three yearss

Finalizing the thesis

One hebdomad

Printing and adhering the thesis

Three yearss

3.7 Ethical Issues

The research worker will guarantee that all respondents who take portion in this survey have a full protection in footings of ethical facet. The following are tactics that will be used by the research worker.

  1. Personal information and any respondent related informations will be treated in distinct manage. Information provided by respondents will non be shared or passed to any 3rd party without consent from the subjects.A
  2. Datas provided by the respondents will be used towards the academic research merely.
  3. Respondents are free to end their presence in the study at any clip.

4. Decision

It is indispensable to be cognizant of import for New Product Development, and it is besides necessary the bing extremely competitory concern environment. Nokia is one of the planetary companies, which are cognizant of of import for NDP. Nokia does non cognize how the hereafter markets will look like, cipher knows. Nokia sets long term ends and seeks to identity ways engineering and societal motions will specify the market in five to ten old ages. It will be identified Nokia ‘s NDP schemes and its competitory advantages will be indicating by the research.


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