International Relations Sample Essay

International Relations ( IR ) is the field of survey which concerns people and civilizations throughout the universe which the finally relationships among the world’s authoritiess. These relationships can non be understood obviously as they are closely connected with other histrions. Many theories have been used to explicate the broad scope of international interactions but one theory that has historically held a cardinal place in the survey of IR is pragmatism. Realism ( or realist theory ) is a school of idea that explains International Relations in footings of power as it focuses on the constructs of power and the balance of power.

Like what it is said by Morgenthau: “International political relations. like all political relations. is a battle for power. Whatever the ultimate purpose of international political relations. power is ever the immediate purpose. ” ( Viotti. Kauppi. 1999 ) It is the image of international dealingss that is based on four premises: 1. The first premise of pragmatism is that provinces are the principal or most of import histrions in International Relations. ( Viotti. Kauppi. 1999 ) As provinces represents the most of import units of analysis. particularly the Great Powers ( United States. China. Russia. etc… ) in IR. Non – State histrions are frequently of lesser importance than province histrions who are the dominant histrions. 2. The 2nd premise of pragmatism is that the province is that its primary concern is its national endurance. States act to get more power to support and to progress their ain national or province aims. 3. The 3rd and concluding premise of pragmatism is that realist assumes that within the lawless internal system. there is no universe authorities to guarantee the endurance of single provinces and therefore single provinces finally must trust on themselves – self aid. All these are non new in human history. Intellectual Precursors have written about the cause of war and peace. Like Thucydides. who wrote about the “The Peloponnesian war” between the Athens and the Sparta in the 5th century B. C said “… … this is in order that there should be no uncertainty in anyone’s head about what led to this great war falling upon the Hellenes. But the existent ground for the war is. in my sentiment. most likely to be disguised by such statement.

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What makes war inevitable was the growing of Athenian power and the fright which this caused in Sparta. ” ( Viotti. Kauppi. 1999 ) Others like Machiavelli who wrote of power. balance of power. formation of confederations and counter confederations and the different causes of struggle between provinces. His focal point was on the national security of the province. Clausewitz composing took topographic point during the interwar period ( 1919 -1938 ) ; he identified the uncertainness that attends decision-making in battlefield conditions Though there may be many theories and many precursors who have written on pragmatism and the causes of war or struggle. no one theory can be perfectly right. Each and every theory does hold their ain strengths and failings and so does the realist theory. It does hold much to make with the grade of genuineness of its premises. With respect to the first premise of that provinces are the principals or the most of import histrions in IR may non be to the full true though.

As over the old ages. though provinces are still viewed as the chief histrions in IR but non-state histrions have advancement and increase influence in IR. For illustration ; international organisations like the United Nations. the European Union ( EU ; founded in 1952 ) and Association of Southeast Asiatic Nations ( ASEAN ; which was founded in 1967 in Bangkok ) . Refering the 2nd premise that its primary concern is national endurance. this is apparent as provinces are continually desiring to maximise their national power so as to guarantee that their nation’s endurance. Looking at the illustration of North Korea ; where it maximise its power by re-starting its atomic plan to counter what it regard as menaces from America to it survival The 3rd premise of pragmatism is known as ego – aid. The universe is portrayed as an international lawlessness – which means there is no hierarchically superior. coercive power that can decide differences. enforce jurisprudence. or order the system.

Basically there is no universe authorities where cardinal authorization is availed. Hence. it means that when one State is to increase its sense of security which is to increase military disbursement will do another province to experience threatened and besides so would besides increase its military disbursement. But because of this. security quandary will happen and hence taking to an even greater insecurity for the provinces of the universe. Last. one major strength of pragmatism is that it gives accounts of the manner why provinces behave in this mode in respect to security quandary. For illustration ; the territorial difference over the Diao Yu between China and Japan and besides the force per unit area or the stiffness between the United States and Iran over the petition to go a atomic power. Therefore. there are both strengths and failing to the realist theory and likewise to the other theories of international dealingss. And it is these theories of international dealingss that will reply the enquiry of inquiries of why do wars happen. why struggles do occurs and etc…

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