Internet a Blessing Essay

” INTERNET A BLESSING ” Internet has brought immense source of information closer to kids, the world seems like a global information sharing community. It can find information for the projects that kids have, and they can play games on the internet. Someone said that the Internet was the discovery of the century. As a student, we always deal with the Internet. We search for information from Internet to complete our assignment. It is faster and save a lot of our time. The information that we get are also more compact compared to an encyclopedia.

Despite of it, we can exchange and share information by sending what we have found to our friends through e-mail. If it is a group work, each of the group member can do part of the work and combine together, it saves our time. For student in primary and also secondary school, there is some tutorial website purposely made for them. They can do self study at home by visiting these website. Truly all aspects of commerce, education, finance, – life have been affected by this wonderful tool. Has it made kids and teens vulnerable?

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Internet a Blessing Essay
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But then teens are vulnerable to a host of things. Let’s take a simple example – A teen boy has some emotional or social problems, he takes a sleeping tablet pill to forget his despair and the same happens the next day and the next and the next … are those tablets making the kids vulnerable? A few days ago I read that people were saying that kids have started on this new habit of sniffing cleaning chemicals. … When I was introduced to the internet it was in my late teens and I found myself addicted to Chat rooms.

Almost a year later I rarely found myself in the chat room. What made the transformation? THE FASTEST way to access the best of information is undoubtedly through the Internet. It is said to be the cheapest and everyone agrees with it. Browsing is considered much easier than flipping through pages and pages of books in the library. With technological advancement, today’s youth find it easier to Google for anything on the inter-net. As a result of the Internet, people can learn far more than they could before, and they can learn it much faster.

If you are interested in issues that bear on public policy—environmental quality, wages over time, motor vehicle safety—you can find what you need to know in a matter of seconds. If you are suspicious of the mass media, and want to discuss issues with like-minded people, you can do that, transcending the limitations of geography in ways that could barely be imagined even a decade ago. And if you want to get information to a wide range of people, you can do that via email and websites; this is another sense in which the Internet is a great boon for democracy.

Well, it is no good to say that the Internet is a curse or is harmful for the youth. It is anonymously playing the role of ’Alaadin’s Chirag’ where a giant genie gets anything and everything in line with the desire of the owner of the magic lamp. Internet is a ’magic lamp’ helping billions of people all over the world to stay connected and share in-formation; it builds strong relationships in the busy world with instant messaging and E-mail reaching anywhere in the world in seconds.

Thanks to the Internet, nobody, who boasts of a connection today, feels lonely or friendless irrelevant of the age. Today, without a friend in the world, there is merely no one. Every person socializes these days – not necessarily by going out – but just by clicking the mouse we are with the people we want to be with. Social networking sites are a boon to Internet users. It is fortunate to remain connected with anyone in the world. Internet brings us a lot of advantages; people depend on it very much nowadays.

They are in fact obsessed with it. It is a network, which can link you with all the people around the world; or we can say that it is a network that we can’t see but all the same, connects us with ’n’ number of people. The social networking websites are going through a boom. Sites like Orkut, Wayn, Facebook and Myspace help in establishing social contacts. Emerging technologies, including the Internet, are hardly an enemy. They hold out far more promise than risk, especially because they allow people to widen their horizons.


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