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CJA/453 Criminal Justice Administration Virginia Secretary of Public Safety works with the Governor and advises him on the challenges associated with public safety. The Department of Public Safety distributes the province jurisprudence enforcement aid. which is known as the 599 financess. These financess goes police section in 176 counties. town. and metropoliss. The constabulary section may be eligible. if the sections run into certain demands. The jurisprudence enforcement of the constabulary sections must hold the minimal preparation that require by the State of Virginia and in conformity with applicable offense coverage. The Virginia Department of State Police determines these demands. The budget for the Department of State Police. an addition of $ 5. 2 million grant fund ( GF ) proposed to speed up the gap of new Basic Trooper Schools and supply sophomore support for care of the State Agencies Radio System. Virginia needs these support to assist the constabulary section and province constabularies protect the citizen of the province.

Some plans have been cut because some communities are non working with the constabulary. Police officers put certain plans together to assist the communities and promote the communities to be portion of the plans. If this does non go on the plan will be cut. and the fund will travel toward other beginnings. Virginia police section ever need new engineering to remain one measure in front of the felons. Besides the province constabulary may necessitate the same and more preparation. Virginia wants to maintain the jurisprudence enforcement bureaus up – to – day of the month with preparation. The State of Virginia. besides like for the bureaus to hold new engineering. Some smaller country in Virginia may

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Internet Article Analysis Sample Essay
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non run into the demand and will non have any financess from the province. The province constabulary normally help police the smaller towns. and the rural countries. Virginia will necessitate support or grants to add on new officers in the province that need to run into the demand. A few old ages ago The Town Council in Blacksburg. Virginia had to increase the repast revenue enhancements to engage four new officers and a starter for their constabulary section. In 2007 the same constabulary section in demand of eight new officers and four starters. The Town Council will add that in the 2009 and 2010 financial twelvemonth to run into the demand ( The Roanoke Times ) . A recommendation for some support to assist Virginia colleges is to engage more campus security. There several issues with the colleges here in Virginia. The new officers must be good trained and have the proper equipment. This is a good topographic point to utilize some support and will do the citizens secure about directing his or her kids to Virginia colleges. The citizens of Virginia who have made this province his or her place privation to be secure. offense rates decreased. and safe. The people here in Virginia want to cognize that his or her revenue enhancement dollars are put to good usage. This is a beautiful province to raise his or her kids. So the grants financess needed to maintain Virginia a safe topographic point to populate. The State of Virginia can non make that without the aid from the authorities and halt increasing revenue enhancements from the citizens.


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