Internet Cafe Market Success Entry Strategy Commerce Essay

Before opening a concern in a foreign state we should analyse the market in which we are traveling to come in. We have to understand how state variables affect our concern whether in positive or negative ways. The first portion of this paper covers market success analysis in which I will discourse market size, resources, ordinances and processs, and hazards. The 2nd portion will touch upon the issue of market entry analysis. And the 3rd portion will travel on with a treatment of market entry execution scheme.

II. Market success analysis

Market size ( possible to do money by supplying the service ) , Resources ( educated or not educated labourers, professional services, natural stuffs ) , Regulations and Procedures ( authorities ruddy tape, responsibilities, and revenue enhancements ) , and Risks ( fiscal, safety, and competitory ) .

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Internet Cafe Market Success Entry Strategy Commerce Essay
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Indian market has a immense potency and this is explained by the fact that India is the 2nd most populated state in the universe. In India, there are 7-8 million cyberspace users ( including 2 million – endorsers of ISPs ) . Entire population of India is 1 billion people. In Indian companies, there are 5 million computing machines. Therefore, two thousand Internet coffeehouse are an of import manner to derive entree to the Network for Indian users. The figure of Internet coffeehouse in India is increasing invariably. In peculiar, for illustration, the company Satyam Info manner Ltd is be aftering to open a concatenation of 500-600 and cyber coffeehouse across the state. This will be a really important measure in the popularisation of the Internet, because until late such a coffeehouse located merely in the four major Indian metropoliss – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Madras. Further enhances the significance of this measure, the fact that other options for entree to the Network for the Indians, about closed. For illustration, place Internet entree, in fact, still a dream for them, because even today for the 100 occupants of the state accounts for merely about three phones. All in all, I consider Internet cafe in India to be really attractive. The great figure of population involved in this sector will impact my concern merely in a positive manner.

Resources ( educated or not educated labourers, professional services, natural stuffs )

The labour force in India is one of the cheapest in the universe. In India there are a big figure of English qualified workers. This increases the size of the Indian market and attracts foreign companies to set up houses at that place. India is the largest illustration of states that suffer from the job of kid labour. In my sentiment it is obvious to all that in India kids without instruction are being exploited and forced into labour. There are about 60 to 115 million working kids in India – the highest figure in the universe ( Human Rights Watch 1996, 1 ) .In one manner the fact that Indian labours are the cheapest it is an advantage to engage kids without instruction for nutrient service workers and underpay them. But there is a disadvantage excessively. For illustration, I ca n’t engage uneducated IT experts, decision makers because they are the built-in portion of my concern. Will I thrive or lose largely it will depend on them.

There are many Internet cafes in India which provide different services. Almost all cafes provide more than entree to the Internet. Besides Internet cafe serves with nutrient, drink, playing room for kids and maybe it is important factors to go one of the top coffeehouse. Furthermore there is a professional cafe in Delhi for companies and business communities.

Another really of import facet is natural stuffs. As concerns Internet cafe I need to lease a edifice, purchase tabular arraies. Besides I need wireless Internet and nutrient & A ; imbibe services. So My Internet cafe will hold an chance to acquire natural stuffs right in India.

Regulations and Procedures ( authorities ruddy tape, responsibilities, and revenue enhancements )

India has well-establishes regulations of jurisprudence, stable political environment. As I discussed in old paper for puting up concern in India I have to obtain permission from the Reserve Bank of India to carry on any activity in India, trade, office or other topographic point of concern.To put in application for such permission I have to travel to the Office of the Reserve Bank in Mumbai. Bureaucracy and corruptness affect concern in India. Get downing a concern with contracts in India is really hard. India has the worst degrees of ruddy tape. It takes tonss of clip to run the concern when there are many ordinances. On one manus it is negative impact on my concern but if we will believe in another manner we come up with a idea that authorities ordinances and Torahs protect society. And it seems to me that a state that cares about people attracts foreign houses in malice of its regulations, ordinances, and responsibilities.

Local companies in India are taxed on income from all beginnings in India. However with an conformity of the Income Tax Act foreign companies are taxed on income earned through concern connexion in India or from other Indian beginnings. If a foreign company has no concern with India, and the income is non nonexempt. Tax rate for local companies is 33.22 % and for foreign companies is 42.23 % .

As I am traveling to put up a foreign company of class I will pay revenue enhancements. Taxs are reasonably high. But revenue enhancement rates were lowered in recent old ages with the authorities ‘s end to broaden the revenue enhancement base and guarantee greater observation. In my sentiment, India is an appropriate topographic point to put up a concern. Actually, the revenue enhancement is really high ; nevertheless the political environment is stable and well-established.

Risks ( fiscal, safety, and competitory )

In fact there are good and bad sides set uping concern in the state where the population is apparently at its extremum. Everyone knows that India is still facing deficit of skilled workers and therefore it is hazardous for my cafe to engage occupants. To raise the productiveness of the company I would wish to hold good qualified workers.

Today India is one of the fastest turning economic systems. Government urges foreign houses to put in the concern and by this to take the growing of economic system. Economic reforms are aimed to modulate the economic system. The inquiry arises whether or non to put in the concern? ? In any instance, each company has a hazard that either it will be burned up with the money or the rearward side to mount up. As India is a quickly turning economic system, I believe that it minimized the hazards of Internet cafe .

India established by the judicial system, complex legal and accounting systems and convenient substructure gives foreign companies the chance to experience in a safe environment that ensures safe long-run relationship. Vibrant and extremely competitory private sector in India offers great chances for foreign companies, making a competition among endeavors. As antecedently mentioned, there are plentifulness of Internet coffeehouse in India, and because of that we need to larn some market entry schemes in order to win in this concern.

III. Market Entry Analysis

Each of us wants to boom the concern. In order non to neglect in the initial phases we have to choose the right market entry scheme. There are chief market entry schemes: direct investing, joint ventures, licensing, franchising, exporting and importing, prison guard undertaking, and direction contract. I ‘m traveling to put up my concern in India and hence I have to take the right schemes sing civilization of a chosen state, consumers and so on. I think the best entry schemes for my concern are Franchising, direct Investment, and Joint Venture.

Franchising is a widespread-known selling scheme. Let ‘s discourse what does Franchising intend? Franchising is an understanding between houses that one house make an understanding with another one house to sell its merchandises. The 2nd house has a right to acquire the hallmark and the logo of merchandises. There are disadvantages and advantages of this market scheme entry. Advantages are that franchising gives an chance for the 2nd house to turn quickly and to be widespread-known. Besides this company is certain that the merchandise will be in demand because it is trade name. The benefit of the first company is that it makes more money by supplying its merchandises to another company, franchisee. Buying a franchise you will acquire a support from franchisor-advices, developing support, and aid for running concern. Disadvantages are limitations from the franchisor in runing the concern ; you have to portion with a net income with franchisor and besides franchisee can botch the good repute of the trade name. I think utilizing franchising scheme Internet cafe will last and thrive because my concern will run on proved thoughts.

The 2nd entry scheme is Foreign Direct Investment. Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) is going an progressively of import factor in economic development. In recent old ages more and more of an addition in foreign direct investing is observed. Foreign direct investing ( FDI ) occurs when a house invests in installations to fabricate the merchandise in another state. The Godhead of the company is the proprietor.


Invested money stimulates economic growing

Employment additions

Domestic manufacturers can go more efficient

State has more stakeholders


Inflation additions

If domestic companies uncompetitive they may endure

Rrequires a high degree of resources

The direct investing scheme has more advantages than disadvantages and therefore this scheme is the right scheme for my concern which will increase our efficiency.

The last scheme is a joint venture. A joint venture between foreign companies is a popular scheme today for both companies to accomplish their ends. Each spouse has the chance to acquire their benefits from the comparative advantages of others. Local companies can supply knowledge about domestic and foreign companies can offer know-how and entree to foreign clients. Like other schemes joint venture has advantages and disadvantages. When organizing a joint venture company has an chance to derive new experience and advanced cognition in engineering. Besides, the company has an entree to of import resources, forces and engineering. In add-on to this companies portion the hazards with a spouse and they become flexible. Companies can sell the concern to another parent company. Approximately 80 % of all joint ventures in the terminal are sold. So, these are advantages of joint venture and allow ‘s look at disadvantages. It requires a batch of clip and attempt to construct a proper and strong relationship and cooperation with other concern and therefore there may be some jobs if the mark of the company is non communicated to all parties or falsely communicated.

There is an instability in the degree of cognition, investings or assets are listed in the company by assorted spouses. Different civilizations and direction manners contribute to impairment of cooperation. In order to win you need to carefully analyze the marks. I think that this scheme is an appropriate for my concern I am traveling to put up. But I do non desire to portion my concern with another individual despite the fact that with a spouse running concern would be much easier.

After all research that was provided by me I have decided that the best market entry for my concern is Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) . As I discussed it earlier, this scheme is more appropriate for my concern than another two. Because utilizing FDI scheme you can be the proprietor of the company and this is what I largely want to. Another ground why I decided to take FDI scheme is that I can command all operations, to cognize consumers demands. In add-on to this FDI scheme has jurisprudence political hazards because India is politically stable state. That is why I settled on this determination.

Market Entry Implementation

To go successful in my concern I decided to take FDI market entry scheme. I have to make up one’s mind how I will implement this scheme. At the initial phase of opening an Internet coffeehouse, I should command all actions that will be made to make my concern. Staff plays an of import function in my concern and to pull people to my cafe , I must carefully take educated, extremely skilled and gracious people. Besides I would wish to hold employees whom I could swear. Each of us knows that the success and prosperity of our concern is our clients and to pull them it is really of import to choose staff that will fulfill all the demands of clients. Since I am non the occupant of India, I must understand that for me there are certain regulations that I need to follow. I have to find the budget, control all costs and to be certain that I could pay all measures. Besides I should hold start-up capital that would assist me to open a concern in a foreign state.

In order to travel in front my cafe I need to make a selling scheme that is wholly new, something that no 1 has it. Making a Selling Strategy will salvage me tonss of money. Many concern proprietors do n’t desire to make it because they do n’t cognize where to get down and they feel they do n’t hold the clip to pass on it.I want everyone in India to cognize about my Internet cafe and have a graphic feeling.

Summarizing up I would wish to state that India is the best pick to run my concern. There are some positive ( political, legal environment ) and negative facets ( revenue enhancements, ruddy tape etc ) that will impact my concern. But I understand if I want to accomplish my end it is necessary to work really difficult and strive to success.


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