Internet Influences Essay

Internet and its influence to our culture. As we know,internet is the most important things nowadays. Everyone is using the internet for work,research,latest news and other purpose. Internet affects the culture lifestyle since it been introduced to the world at 1988 at that time it was called as ARPANET. Now in 2010,it has been the part of everyone life. Since the existance of internet,it bought many influences to the world culture.

Firstly,before the existance of the internet,things like banking,billings,and shopping took a long time and make u leave your home to do that. But,about 63% of the world society now uses internet to do the things especially on banking and billings. Statistics also shows that 19% of the world society uses online shopping per week. This statistics have shown that the internet have made a huge change on the world society. Next,the old way of communication solved with the use of internet.

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Internet Influences Essay
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Back in 1980,there is no word such as e-mail,video chat or a chat box online. People at that time uses letter to comunicate with each other that far away with them for example your family members or friends. With all the processing required letters may take a few day or maybe a week to arrived to the destination or maybe it did not reached at all. Thats the traditional way of communicating,but now,internet had make it faster within any seconds for example,you can recieve an e-mail that sent to you in less that a minute.

I agree that 90% of the world society used internet for communicating besides cellphones because cellphones costs a lot comparing to the internet. Within this era,many social network or website such as myspace and facebook helps connecting people. Cannot be denied,internet is the source of getting information and spreading it. Its also known as “one click information”. I belive that most of the world society used internet for gaining information and searching information. But,many of them is involved with cheating for example,money schemes and lies. his can be proved with the growing sites of fast money income,the non-guarateed products such as weight loss products. And many of them involved with this. Last but not least,the internet is promoting latest technology that makes children can get into it. For example,online gaming. This online gaming had influenced the world society especially children. Children loves to play games and internet offers all the fun that they needed. They can download and install their favourite game with internet,also can get connected with players all around the world sing internet. Many children that is not successful in their life is caused by online gaming. Of course the internet does it all. In conclusion,internet bought many influence to the world society. It makes life easier and also distrupt someone life. All the excitement bought by internet changed the world society life. Many of them use it in the right way and some of them use it in the wrong way. People should consider the right things when using the internet.


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