Internet Marketing Essay

INTERNET MARKETING When you decide to have an internet marketing plan, you can start implementing it right away. I will come to the last step 1st!!! The last step is to start monitoring your internet marketing campaigns. confused? Well let me quote a personal example… My family is into marble and granite manufacturing and distribution business which also ends up retail sales at the office… NOW, Although it seems to be a very generic word, Marble or Granite, the significance and the depth knowledge can only be recognized by the prospects not the Suspects!

Marble can be searched in various search engines from Search for TAJ MAHAL, to a Marble play stone!!! If I am a potential buyer, I already know which Color,Quality and what price I am looking for. For example I am Looking to Buy Marble from a place MAKRANA(Rajasthan) with veins @ 175-200 per sq. ft. SO, as a marketer I need to Identify what the customers will type in google, to get GOOD QUALITY DUMRI MARBLE( Marble from a place MAKRANA,Rajasthan with veins @ 175-200 per sq. ft. ) Which keywords people typed into search engines to find your site?

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Internet Marketing Essay
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For Instance the key words which I included in this case was : (DUMRI MARBLE,MAKRANA MARBLE,BUY MARBLE,BEST QUALITY MARBLE) rather than just putting in MARBLE. I dont need to bother about direct traffic because the People who already know about my trade,will come directly to me,else wont bother. The second issue is which keywords brought you the most money in PPC marketing? Are you satisfied with your SEO rankings or not? Do majority of your visitors leave your site without even spending 30 seconds? And so on…


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