Internship Program With A Singapore Based Company Commerce Essay

I am traveling to joint into an internship plan with a Singapore based company which is F and N. I have been portion of a squad lead by an experient director. The squad is tasked with doing a determination on traveling one of its merchandises to china. So the determination devising will be really cautious for the company position. Analysis and measure internal and external factors can be needfully of import in the determination devising.

2. Background of the company

Fraser and Neave, ( 1 ) Limited ( F & A ; N ) has Established since 1883, it has been supplying the thirst of coevalss of consumers, now yearss the company go market leader in the nutrient and drink countries in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Internship Program With A Singapore Based Company Commerce Essay
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In order to carry through the demands of the wellness nutrient for consumers in Singapore and across other states, Singapore based company F & A ; N is targeted at making doctrine of Pure Enjoyment, Pure Goodness and healthier that besides gustatory sensation good.

Furthermore, F & A ; N has already diversified a broad scopes and bing portfolio of drink and nutrient merchandises. The chief codifications of their merchandises are strongly focused on healthy enjoyment. The F & A ; N construction contained that 100PLUS isosmotic drink, F & A ; N MAGNOLIA milk, F & A ; N FRUIT TREE juices, F & A ; N NUTRISOY, F & A ; N SEASONS Asian-inspired drinks and teas, F & A ; N ICE MOUNTAIN H2O and F & A ; N live yogurt, F & A ; N scintillating drinks. Most of the F & A ; N trade names are the best gross revenues in their several classs.

Recognition of the high criterion of quality and safety of F & A ; N merchandises and their typical selling, the company has been rewarded many awards and awards.

F & A ; N ‘s reinforced webs of all distribution and strategic partnerships give the company with the motivation to systematically introduce and spread out its portfolio of trade names. It may assist determine the trade name and being a consumer favourite trade name.

F & A ; N ‘ earned $ 5,697 million dollars in 2011 and made net Net income of $ 584 million dollars. The Entire assets of whole company worth $ 14 billion dollars, and more than 17000 employees in the company.

The undertaking director wants to reassign the F & A ; N MAGNOLIA milk into the Chinese market to spread out the gross revenues. The director who comes from China has more cognition and familiar the market of China in the drink and nutrient industries. He is non merely has 10 old ages working experience with extremely educated background in Singapore based company but besides has high position and power in the company. The director has dominated the most determination doing power in the company, Many of old determination doing have already proved his abilities and judgements and he would burden every option with limited resources. The personality of the director tends to be more hazard pickings. when doing group determination the director preferred the group part in the beginning and he would do the concluding call. He believes that there is a spread to interrupt into the market which they have to do a determination every bit shortly as possible.

3. Definition of relevant determination devising construct

There are four relevant determination devising constructs. First of wholly, Individual Decision Making ( 2 ) is a determination devising without a group ‘s distribution or a determination made without group ‘s sentiment. This method is more likely traditional determination devising attack ; it can do the work more effectual and efficient for a director when the group distribution is non needed or in certain instances.

Secondary, Group Decision Making ( 3 ) as the public presentation of a group which including consensus and audience. Consensus determination devising included posing several suggestions to the group and utilizing the most executable option to do a determination. Consultation makes all the sentiment of the group into a consideration phase during the determination devising procedure. These two methods need the group ‘s engagement and call for a director who respects the sentiments and distribution of the group in the determination devising procedure.

Third, perceptual experience ( 3 ) is under single determination is a procedure that people organize and interpret their centripetal feelings for give significance in their environment.

Fourth, A cognitive prejudice ( 4 ) is under single determination making.which is a defect in judgement, caused by really basic statistical, societal ascription, and statistical mistakes. It is common to all worlds, every bit good as tonss of them to utilize predictable and obvious forms in Cognitive prejudices.

4. Factors act uponing determination devising

There are several factors which are impacting the determination devising. It includes group determination devising, single determination devising, cognitive prejudices, single differences, perceptual experience, and a belief in personal relevancy. These factors all impact the determination devising procedure.

First of all, perceptual experience ( 5 ) can be one of the most of import impact on determination devising. Percept can be influenced by experience, personal value, personal involvement and outlook of the percipient. Percept may be affected by the state of affairs, attitude, personality, and visual aspect of the individual, location, or object being perceived.

Secondary, cognitive prejudices ( 5 ) influence determination devising by doing people rely on expected observations and cognition from old experience, when disregarding observations which are perceived as unsure things, without looking at the whole image. Sometimes it may do incorrect judgement, false premises and faulty logical thinking. Cognitive prejudices involve Belief prejudice, Omission prejudice, Confirmation prejudice and so on.

Third, group determination doing let that all of group members to believing and proposing whether traveling the merchandise into China or non. In add-on, There are two phenomena have the possible to act upon the group ‘s ability, which can gauge options objectively and do high quality determinations. which are group believing and group displacement. both of group thought and switch go oning all of the clip, lend potentially superior determinations and supply the greatest figure of possible and more originative options. The determination go more consensus and holding with every group member.

Fourth, These factors included rational determination devising, bounded world, and intuition may really play the most of import portion in the single determination doing procedure. Rational determination ( 3 ) doing based on believing through it in a logical order and gauge all possible alternate solutions to do up with the best possible consequence as assumes complete information and all options known. Bounded world finds out the satisfactory and sufficient solutions from limited informations and options. Intuition ( 3 ) based on single personality and value. Big Five personality dimensions has included conscientiousness, openness, extra-virgin, amenity, and Neuroticism which are of import traits and separate personality of each individual into different classs. Others are chiefly related into work behavior including self-efficacy, self-esteem, societal monitoring, and proactive personality. Individual personality of each member in the group will be determining the determination that people make and the procedure. Individual Value focuses on how to populate your life that is personally preferred. which affect personal attitudes, behaviours and perceptual experience.

Fifth, Some of single differences that affect a determination devising are socioeconomic position, age, educational background, and cognitive abilities. Beside senior people could be more obstinate sing their experience to do determinations, which limit their ability to utilize schemes. If people have a lower educational background ought utilize less entree to instruction and resources. As a consequence, they can be perchance do poorer determinations based on past determinations.

Measure the factors influence determination devising

In the instance, a director has more than 10 old ages experience and familiar with China market, indicated past determinations become a great trade on the determination for traveling the merchandise to china. past experiences will be given to avoid reiterating past errors to do more accurate determination in the hereafter. The perceptual experience of a director can be based on his ain experiences and familiar location.

Besides, the director may believe in his expertness and have ability to doing determination that certitude prejudice takes topographic point. in add-on, Anchoring prejudice may go on that the director comes from China, so it will be his first inherent aptitude to make up one’s mind the determination. This influence may non enable persons to do efficient determinations. It will be more executable that weight the groundss or information before doing the determination. Otherwise, the determination of traveling merchandise to supervise market take an sum of hazards involved. it will take to immense harm for company ‘s money and lessening on portion monetary value.

In add-on, group determination doing let the squad members generate the thought designed to run into for conformance. by been through group think and group displacement, discoursing a given undertaking which can be possibility of traveling the merchandise to china evaluate and presume all the effects of every individual determination. This will take to increased credence of the determination. nevertheless, it is frequently clip devouring and concluding call still is dominated by the director.

The last non least, most of clip the director may do the determination by his ain, as related to his personality is more inclined to be hazard taking and, the director is willing to take opportunity the determination of traveling merchandise to china with less information. besides the value he beliefs that the merchandise for traveling the China market will be successful. This gives the thrust and motive for him go more confident in making so. Before he is traveling to do the determination, he would see every possible option with limited informations. so the concluding determination will be made.

The last, the concluding determination devising will be manipulated by the individual, who possess high socioeconomic position and older age. even the bulk of the squad members may non hold for traveling the merchandise to china. Because the power of the concluding call will be still keep of the director. The director has high position with good educated background and large influence the determination devising in the company.

6. Other factors influence the determination devising

First of all, Cross cultural issues ( 6 ) may be major impact on make up one’s minding the determination to traveling the merchandise into China. Multinationals develop in other states ; it will take to a great trade of struggles. When multiple civilizations begin to work together, jobs and troubles may be raised due to uneffective communicating and new staff within the new company is non capable or expert plenty to cover with efficaciously.

Furthermore, Language differences are another job frequently the least hard barrier to work together. The efficiency of runing the concern and group moral forces can non be reached due to miss of effectual communicating.

When material works with other civilizations, it can be possible to be influenced by biass, common stereotypes, and misconstruing about new material. The senior staff may transport their misconceptions and stereotypes into working procedure, conferences, preparations or societal assemblages that can do communicating more complex. All of cultural barrier should take into history when the company makes the determination.

However, there is another factor in the company needs to take into history which is an economic factor ( 7 ) . by sing the province of the economic system in China, The gross national merchandise ( GNP ) , unemployment rates, involvement rates, disposable income and consumer monetary value index trade with the direction of demand in the economic system of China. If the economic system of the state in the roar phase, indicated that consumer would pass more money for ingestion in this state.

Micro-economic factors consider the manner people spend their incomes. As the criterion of life has risen, consumers are passing more disposable income on nutrient and drink. It means that a great chance to convey their merchandise into China market. All of economic system informations provided a extremely of import stage of scheme development for planned, start-up, and turning concerns. Economic factors which have direct impact on the possible determination devising for the company.

Although competitory factor is an of import portion of determination devising in traveling their merchandise in China. By placing rival and happening failings of rival house can bespeak external chances, besides major competitory strengths can mean cardinal external menaces. In order to interrupt through china drink and nutrient market The more rival information is collected, the more it is the benefit of a company as it possesses a great footing for schemes.


In my head, this determination doing applies particularly for the director responsible.all of external and internal factors influence the determination devising procedure for the director to see wether traveling the merchandise to china market.

In add-on, As the competition at oversee is involved and position of china economic system and general cultural jobs for come ining new markets. the director has to analyses and defines the effect before the merchandise is traveling to sell at oversee the market. Bing an experient director who of course comes from china uses the cognition of China market and abilities to burden every resource and informations without influence by any cognitive prejudices. Besides personality of director is more tend to put on the line taking and the value he beliefs could be the motive and motor thrust the determination devising. Once all the rating has positively shown the consequences, the director can utilize his power in the company to establishing the merchandise into the Chinese market.


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