Intro and Tissues- Unit 7

Term Definition
Tissues A group of cells that work together to perform a specific function.
Muscle Tissue They contract and relax to produce movement.
Epithelial Tissue It covers and protects underlying material.
Nervous Tissue It sends electrical signals throughout the body.
Connective Tissue It joins, supports, protects, insulates, nourishes, and cushions organs.
Organs Two or more tissues working together to perform a specific function (job).
Stomach, Brain, Liver, and Heart They are all organs
Organ Systems Two or more organs working together to perform a specific function (job)
The 11 major body systems 1. integumentary
2. skeletal
4. nervous
5. lymphatic
6. digestive
7. respiratory
8. cardiovascular
9. urinary
10. endocrine
11. reproductive (male and female)
Homeostasis The body's ability to maintain a stable internal environment
Job Another name for function. Every system has a particular function (job)
What is the reason the human body systems work together? To maintain homeostasis
The ____ that make up the _____ that make up the _____ of the body must work properly. tissues, organs, organ systems
_____ make up tissues- tissues make up _____ Cells, organs

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