Intro Science Vocabulary

Question Answer
observing (p.5) Using senses to gather information
quantitative observation (p.5) Using numbers to describe something

qualitative observation (p.5)

Using descriptions that cannot be expressed in numbers
classifying (p.6) Grouping items together that are alike in some way
inferring (p.6) Explanation based on reasoning from prior knowledge and observations
predicting (p.7) Using prior knowledge to explain what may happen in the future
analyzing (p.8) Evaluating to reach a conclusion
data (p. 12) Facts, figures, and other evidence collected
objective reasoning (p.14) Reasoning based on evidence
subjective reasoning (p.14) Reasoning based on personal feelings or personal values
hypothesis (p.20) A possible answer to a scientific question
independent variable (p.21) The one factor that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis
dependent variable (p.21) The factor that may change in response to the independent variable
bias (p.22) An error in the design of an experiment
evidence (p.29) Observations and conclusions that have been repeated

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