Intro to living things

Term Definition
What are the characteristics of all living things? All living things have a cellular organization, contain similar chemicals, use energy, respond to their surroundings, grow and develop, and reproduce
What is an organism? living things
What is a cell? The basic unit of structure and function in every living thing
What is a unicellular organism? A single-celled organism
What is a multicellular organism? An organism with many cells
What are the chemicals of life? Water, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids,
How do organisms get energy? By taking in and breaking down materials
What is metabolism? how fast an organism can take in and break down materials
What is a stimulus? a change in an organisms surroundings
What is a response? an action a a change in behavior
What is development? a change producing a more complex organism
What is growth? becoming larger
What is asexual reproduction one parent, identical offspring
What is sexual reproduction two parents, offspring resembles
Where do living things come from ? They arise from other things through reproduction
What is spontaneous generation? The mistaken idea that living things can arise from other non-living things
What is a controlled experiment? When a scientist carries out a series of tests that are identical except for one factor?
Who was Francesco Redi? designed one of the first controlled experiments and showed that flies do not spontaneously arise from decaying meat
Who w

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