Introducing Halal Meat Based On Blue Ocean Strategy Essay

This reports sets out the item account over bluish ocean scheme, foregrounding the key chief countries to be the market nicher. In order to be successful companies have to believe beyond competition with their rivals. The study highlights the regulation of game demand to be set to redesign its current market schemes to the dynamic bluish ocean. The study will demo elements which when employed helps and organisation to switch from its current scheme and make its ain Blue Ocean. It will supply an penetration of kineticss market, demoing a comparing between ruddy ocean scheme and Blue Ocean scheme. An analysis between both the theories will determine the success or failure of concern in this corporate universe.

By shooting the thought of Halal meat, a butchering method in which meat has been proved hygienic, in states where the ingestion of Kocher meat is high. The thought has several benefits: cost, wellness and good being with client ‘s value add-on. Blue ocean scheme is the beginning of extremely profitable growing where Companies challenge an industries conventional wisdom and accomplish the long term pecuniary benefits. Although there is less walk in clients ab initio but based on the construct and mantra laid down in Blue Ocean scheme this can take to success. Its benefits, along with decision and disadvantages of Blue and Red Ocean Strategy will be discussed in item. Blue Ocean schemes are increasingly being used by groups all across the universe. This is because of the long term net incomes that have been recognized to float towards the organisation.

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Introducing Halal Meat Based On Blue Ocean Strategy Essay
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Key Area of Research

The chief beginning of research is based on the book good written by Mr. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne “ Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Make Uncontested Market Space and do the Competition Irrelevant. Writer have focused on the existent life patterns of the corporate universe and explained how those companies have developed their ain Blue Ocean. Other beginning of research includes talks, diaries, mention books and publication in screen documents. A study has besides been conducted to back up the thought where about 100 people with different purchasing wont were questioned and public sentiment over the usage of Halal merchandises as replacing of Kocher meat was asked.

For aid voluntaries has designed a questionnaire for people sing the subject in context to find whether the advanced thought would be an acceptable, healthier and hygienic solution without aggrieving spiritual susceptiblenesss of people to which most of people agreed to give their response to consumer panel. Findingss based on above study and questionnaire envisages the fact that non merely Muslims prefer halal nutrient even Jews prefer it over Kocher after informing them about its benefits and similarities exist in the construct of butchering mentioning with Hebrew Bible. The Halal meat will extinguish wellness issues, hygienic and will be the respectful humanist manner of killing an animate being to devour its meat. Furthermore Halal meat has requisite to raise carnal reared on grasses alternatively of debris addendums. The bluish ocean scheme proved to be of great penetration as it resolved many social and spiritual issues of people, its construction and of its passage.

Critical Discussion of Strategic Models

Harmonizing to good known writers and lecturers the best manner to hold an border over your competition is to halt trying to crush the competition. As per Mr. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, whole market is based on these two schemes i.e. Blue ocean scheme and Red ocean scheme. Red ocean scheme is going bloody twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and companies ‘ direction demand to be more accustomed with Blue ocean scheme than current imposts director is used to. Red ocean scheme is representation of merchandises which are in being where as bluish ocean scheme represent merchandises or services which does non be. Approach that creates value in merchandise is hidden in complementary merchandise and services. The success is to specify and depict the solution client think while choosing a merchandise or service. Best and simple manner is to believe what a client would believe while purchasing merchandise and his reaction after utilizing that trade good. In ruddy ocean scheme the scopes and bounds are clearly defined and companies accept it volitionally.

Based on Blue ocean scheme the companies should ne’er outsource things in which they have core competences. An creative person will non allow his thought to be painted with other creative person. Same as the seting the pess in every shoe vis-a-vis narrative of scheme shaper.

To increase the quantum of Blue Ocean, Companies shave to make reveres technology. Alternatively of concentrating over their prospective client, they need to look at non client. Companies who approached for merchandise distinction demand to construct on powerful trade goods in what purchaser value.

Red ocean scheme following companies uses conventional attack to crush competition by developing place with in bing market. Perversely runing in Blue ocean scheme do non contend over junior-grade issues, they look beyond cat battles over net incomes. In other words, alternatively of concentrating or presenting a merchandise or service which eliminate the opportunities of traveling toward auxiliary points of rivals.

Mr. W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne have termed Blue ocean scheme as value invention. Value without invention focuses merely on making value on incremental footing. This means that alteration can take to upward tendency but a slow gait, based on which endurance is large issue. Simultaneously invention without value seems to be technological alteration or hapless construct or clients are unwillingly to follow or accept invention. Thereafter harmonizing to writer Companies can achieve value advanced when they are able to associate invention with:


Monetary value



Blue ocean scheme is new construct where Organization asks assortment of inquiries from them to accomplish niche market portion where other organisation have non started venture. Writers have defined a model depending on four inquiries:

Which factor should extinguish industry takes for granted?

( Incase of Halal meat research wellness factor is taken for granted. )

Which of industries below standard factor should be reduced?

( In instance of Halal meat the curdling in meat has been reduced as compared to Kocher meat )

Which of industries above standard factor should be raised?

( Here uniqueness and demand can be raise by obtaining enfranchisement from governments )

Factors to be introduce which are ne’er offered before.

( Punched meat in clean and hygienic mode in forepart of client )

Kim and Mauborgne discussed that high public presentation can non be achieved utilizing schemes based on traditional competence. To gain more net incomes opportunist or entrepreneurs need to develop bluish oceans.

The writers explains that many companies have traditional belief of viing with the others in the market fro endurance and they are forced to make so, termed as structural linguistics. To stay in the market, concern gurus of ruddy ocean scheme focal point on doing net income through competition, normally by measuring what oppositions are making and endeavoring difficult to make better. In these fortunes, holding or achieving a bigger portion of the industry is seen as a game where public-service corporation is balanced in which the organisation achieved an increase in the shortage of another organisation. Due to which the equation of supply becomes the variable constituent explain scheme in competitory market. Where, associated cost are considered as tradeoffs and a company selects a alone cost or alone place. This is because the entire gaining degree of the targeted industry is besides determined by indispensable factors, companies finally seek to obtain and redistribute capital other than making wealth. They prefer Red Sea, where there is limited growing

Blue Ocean Strategy, nevertheless, based on the position that the bounds of the market and the construction of the industry can non be given and can be rebuilt from the Acts of the Apostless and premise of market participants. This thought is termed as “ Reconstruction ” by the writers. Assuming that the market construction and bounds exist merely in the heads of directors and professionals who hold this position do non allow current market constructions limit their ideas and creativeness. This, in answer, requires a displacement in attending to demand from supply, to concentrate on invention value from a focal point on competition – which a beginning to make new demand. This is achieved through studies, experiment and research at a clip of low cost and diverseness. As the market norms associating to cost and equilibrium have been broken, what will be the regulations of the game? Competition in that is irrelevant. New wealth can be generated by raising the demand Due to which companies can play not sum zero game, with more fringe benefits and returns.

Implementing bluish ocean scheme does non intend a company need immense fund to establish a new strategic theoretical account in market to achieve net income in close hereafter. However companies can buy their path to the bluish ocean through research and development. From studious point of position, this is possible, but ignores some safeguards of Blue Ocean Strategy. Development over invention is warned because the new merchandise can be thrown out of the market by supplying merchandise for which client is non ready to pay for it. Furthermore a dependeum pendulum needs to be established between cost and monetary value.

Therefore, puting much over research and development could happen a Blue Ocean, but will non vouch success. But opportunities of failure additions. Basic rule and the most important of companies ‘ strategic demand to be determined before puting money in its development. A company believing to animate a bluish ocean should guarantee that these figure of via medias is less than the satisfaction of client which must be maximal. Last but non the least, Blue Ocean delivery of new factors ne’er been introduced of all time. This will guarantee that company seek to be different among the market people and have to travel one measure in front of ruddy ocean scheme.

In the context to distinction of market and lease costs down, the above two inquiries would assist in driving the costs at lower limit while the other addition value for purchaser. If four factors use in concurrence the competition will be irrelevant. However in today ‘s universe, developing and keeping a bluish ocean market is complicated. This is due to tremendous entrants in the market and cut pharynx competition based on which things become common and Blue Ocean turns in to ruddy ocean scheme.

Key findings and practical deductions on the company

Making a new concern environment based on bluish ocean scheme ever has built-in hazard. Every construct or thought has hazard which needs to be addressed at initial phase in order to capitalise over it as Jesus and acquire maximal benefits with thought. There are many inquiries which need to be answered before the executing of construct. Blue ocean scheme aids companies in reacting those concerns:

Ask is at that place a purchaser public-service corporation available?

Will it unlock exceeding public-service corporation?

Is there a ground people will prefer over other trade good to purchase?

If these are absent, there is non any possible in market to get down Blue Ocean.

For the intent of this assignment I have targeted the meat industry and meat lovers in UK. In class of study I have came across different slaughtering houses and consumer purchasing meat. However they have one thing in common they are being sold to the populace at big with out sing spiritual susceptiblenesss of occupants. e.g. The thought move around the construct traveling around easiness of entree of Halal nutrient which is healthy and hygienic and does non impact spiritual susceptiblenesss of people scientifically proven.

Following are the four countries explained earlier during the critical analysis of theoretical account:


The inquiry that organisation need to cognize whether this invention in marketwill generate public-service corporation and acquire purchasers satisfaction. On carry oning study of 100 people belonging to different spiritual background 64 people like to hold meat healthier and juicy, with mild inflammation on meat. Peoples who were questioned with different background is as follows:


Religious Background

No. of people









The ground behind presenting this construct was Muslim normally prefers Halal meat and they have to go a batch to buy this. Meanwhile the construct of Slaughtering is more or less common in Hebrew Bible and Holy book of Muslims.Jews and others after being convinced on the utility of Halal nutrient changed their perceptual experience and showed willingness to purchase if introduced.

Monetary value

Generally handiness of meat without coagulating and mild colour meat require travel to remote countries, which significantly increase cost to go. In order to accomplish equilibrium people prefer that bargain in majority to cut down their fixed over caputs. However their retention and storage cost additions.


Before traveling to be, the in-depth analysis of bing demand to be done. Again comparing the cost of Halal nutrient and other meat, the cost are comparatively same. The per unit cost would be increase by engaging a individual butchering carnal perversely the same per unit cost would be reduced by salvaging machine hr of slaughtering.


Concluding inquiry required to be answered is job that will demo upon execution of this venture. The first and most of import is to make the skyline that is benefited to client and safe valuable clip. This can be achieved by using modern butchering method.

Figure 1-1 an analysis of new concern launches has been shown by research worker. The study involved 108 companies, of which 86 % have opted ruddy ocean scheme ; i.e. perpendicular integrating to the bing demand. As explained, the gross impact based on ruddy ocean concern startup is higher than organisation bring forthing gross revenues than Blue Ocean scheme implementers. However, the consequence of Red Ocean practising companies on their gross net income ; which of class any net income seeking organisation ‘s end is, was less than those generated from Blue Ocean.

Key decisions pupil learned and success of group enterprises

After sing both the options i.e. Red ocean scheme and Blue ocean scheme, it is much better than ruddy ocean scheme, but it is difficult to come across with the new 1. Blue ocean scheme has its certain restrictions which affect the ups and down of organisation seek to gain net income through Blue ocean scheme. As we all know that scheme execution is non a piece of bar. The organisation demand to be smart with high aims to achieve ends and endeavoring difficult to achieve dominant place. If they fail to use Blue Ocean scheme successfully this would turn in to red as the oppositions will utilize up their thoughts. Some more restriction like revelation of sensitive information would do it common and leading in certain trade good may be loosed. In that instance companies normally get their patents registered with governments, so no 1 abuse that and if they want to choose this thought, they will hold to pay royalty to Company.

Brand and dialogue are non considered relevant in bluish ocean scheme, due to which key to success can non be achieved. Blue ocean scheme is more a scheme and is tool to trade name a construct successfully with extremely improved thoughts.

As a group we conclude that organisation exist in Red ocean scheme and all of them have capacity and accomplishments to vie in bing market of Red ocean scheme. What they need is to larn Blue ocean scheme and acquire what they need to make is pitch up their accomplishments and do more net income by raising invention.

How single part impacted the group

Group undertaking help us to develop group of accomplishments that progressively of import in corporate universe. The best portion was structuring these group decently based on which the undertaking were been completed swimmingly, relevant to both group and single including accomplishments to:

Break down occupation into pieces and portion.

Proper clip direction

Crystallizing thoughts through group treatment and account

Argument over premises and methodological analysis

Developing accomplishments of communicating

Group undertakings have helped us to develop our single capacities to:

Tackle debatable state of affairss

Delegate undertaking and functions

Diversified portfolio

Making a pool of cognition direction

Own things and held accountable for undertaking public presentations

Moral and societal support

Make individual job work outing

After group treatment key points were noted and decision was drawn sing all fortunes. Discussion and meeting were good organized and every one in the group was distributed notices and docket before run intoing specifying:

Why are we run intoing?

What will be discussed?

Action taken on points antecedently considered?

Giving undertaking for future on research subject and set deadlines.

By following these stairss, the group was traveling on the right path and was allowed to give their inputs if required. Due to which quality stuff on construct of Blue ocean scheme and related research was prepared. This was achieved merely by each members contribution to work and give as many thoughts he can which were rated down harmonizing to their significance and utility.


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