Introduction and Description Of Umuimeka Sample Essay

Umuimeka has its geographical location in once Oforola community but now in Olaukwu Community Owerri West local authorities country. Imo State eastern portion of Nigeria It takes about 30 proceedingss to go from Umuimeka to owerri town by coach. From Health centre of Ola Ukwu where the Google map stopped in the community. ( During the clip of this publication. 2011 ) it takes about 17 electric pole spread to umuimeka and 13 pole spread from Olaukwu park to umuimeka. It besides takes about 5-6 proceedingss of a normal trekking from the park. Umuimeka is one of the smallest small towns in Olaukwu with good arranged edifices surrounded by trees that add to the calm small town ambiance and are generous with their composure and reviewing free zephyrs. hence fashioned Umuimeka to go a soft small town. The chief route comes from olaukwu running through Obosima. The nearest small town is located some 2-3 poles from the small town while the nearest community named Oforola is located some 24-26 poles from the small town.

To see the true spirit of the small town and to depict its most of import characteristics. it might be best to set oneself in the place of some one coming from Oboagwa ( the nearest small town ) on his right manus side as he walks towards the small town. runs the route taking to Umuoduta and Umundom in the small town. The houses in the left manus side of the route taking to Obosima are where Umujaraogu resides. having at the beginning at the left manus side the lone church in Umuimeka so named Mountain on fire. two stores where cement and proviso are being sold- situated in forepart of Ugwuegbulam’s compound. a freshly built borehole- situated in the same compound mentioned above. another store situated in the forepart of Anokam’s compound. the really first store among the mentioned stores above that ab initio combines proviso and saloon drink but now chiefly concentrate on saloon concern situated in a edifice at the forepart of Obiwumma’s compound. merely a 7-6 paces distance from the store is the “Obi onye okonye”- the castle of the eldest adult male in the small town situated in the same compound mentioned above.

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Introduction and Description Of Umuimeka Sample Essay
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Please merely follow me as we go back a small opposite the store situated at Anokam’s compound. there is a traffic circle physique by the small town youths situated at the Centre of the small town which forms a trigon that separates Umujaraogu and Umuoduta. the store opposite this traffic circle serves as a welcome reminder and Centre of current events of a true pleasance. As we go to the route taking to Umuoduta and Umundom at the right manus side after Ohuruogu’s compound is the first ‘well’ physique by the Whites which is first small town H2O beginning but no longer in usage now. as we move a small spot in the left manus side is a proviso store. as we raise up our face we will see a glandular fever pump by and large called ‘Man power’ by the villagers situated at the forepart of Osuji’s compound this adult male power is besides build by the white work forces which now serve as a general H2O beginning for the whole villagers.

Person standing in Umuimeka can see small of Oboagwa the adjacent small town. Close to the small town were several boundaries which separate Umuimeka from other small towns and communities. In the South is the boundary between Umuimeka and Oboagwa. in the sou’-east lies the boundary between Umuimeka and Amaku small town ( through umuimeka farm ) . in the East is the boundary between Umuimeka and Avu community. in the West lies the boundary between Umuimeka and Umuadu small town. and so. in the North is the boundary of Umuimeka small town and Obosima community.

With all these boundaries. Umuimeka made the Earth to finish absolutely its unit of ammunition program figure.
As we are returning from these boundaries we will retrieve that Umuimeka are patrilinear. and the unrecorded in compounds of changing sizes depending on the size of the line of descent that makes up the compound. We besides saw caprine animals. poultry. barking Canis familiariss and some farm merchandises. this truly shows that Umuimekans rear caprine animals. poultry. Canis familiariss which they use as security and besides for runing. the farm merchandise shows that they do farm that is some of them are husbandmans.


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