Introduction for a Chemistry Essay

The mean University pupil has many undertakings to carry through and much analyzing to make while battling the onslaught of slumber. Students at the University of the West Indies Mona are no different and recommended amongst themselves a extremely rated and popular wellness addendum “Yeast-Vite” [ 8 ] .

Yeast-Vite is a wellness addendum pill which helps people fight weariness and better watchfulness. The active ingredients in Yeast-Vite are caffeine. vitamin B1. vitamin B2. vitamin B3. The other ingredients are: dried barm. milk sugar. powdery cloves. coloring E124. E104. E132. colloidal anhydrous silicon oxide. maize amylum. and microcrystalline cellulose. [ 1 ]

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Introduction for a Chemistry Essay
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Yeast-Vite is a good energy provider when taken harmonizing to the waies. The Manufacturer recommends taking 12 pills in a twenty-four hours [ 1 ] to extinguish weariness and better concentration. The “alert” consequence can be attributed to Caffeine. a major compound that has been proven to excite the cardinal nervous system. bosom. musculuss. and blood force per unit area control centres [ 2 ] . Each pill contains 50mg of Caffeine harmonizing to the label created by the maker. The undermentioned construction represents that of caffeine.

Though effectual. research has shown that the consumption of more than 300mg of Caffeine on a day-to-day footing is harmful to the organic structure. Symptoms such as caffeine intoxication. insomnia. crossness. palpitations. Nervous symptoms. disquieted tummy etc. are experient and devouring more than 500mg may do decease. [ 3 ] Theoretically. the recommended dose of Yeast-Vite tablets daily can make such injury. since the suggested day-to-day dose of up to 12 tablets [ 1 ] adds up to 600mg –if caffeine content of 50mg per tablet holds true.

A job exists. The recommended day-to-day dose of Yeast-Vite contained excessively much caffeine for the human organic structure. It was hypothesized that the caffeine concentration in Yeast-Vite pills could do negative wellness effects and that the manufacturer’s thought of the caffeine content may be inaccurate.

Three analytical chemical science pupils decided to prove the hypothesis. and over a four hebdomad period. conducted the finding of the caffeine content of Yeast-Vite pills utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography. The research workers expected the existent caffeine content of pills to be 10mg more/less than 50mg of caffeine and besides that Vitamins B1. B2 and B3 could do important intervention.

The analysis was conducted wholly as a group by fade outing pills in H2O. fixing standardization criterions. and finding the concentration of caffeine in the pills via external standardization and standard add-on ( individual spike ) . High public presentation liquid chromatography was chosen as the analytical method because caffeine did non suit the standards for analysis by Gas Chromatography and Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy i. e. caffeine’s volatility was negligible and it had no metal ions.


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