Introduction Notes

Term Definition
Science study of the natural world
Technology use of knowledge to solve practical problems
Three Scientific Subjects Life, Earth and Physical Science
Two Branches of Physical Science Chemistry and Physics
Chemistry Study of the makeup, structure, properties and reactions of matter
Physics study of matter and energy and interactions between the two through forces and motion
Six Traits of Science Careful observations, curiosity, creativity, logic, skepticism, objectivity
Scientific explanation description of how a process in nature occurs (should be logical, testable and based on observations and data)
Experiment organized procedure to study something
Observations using senses to gather information
Hypothesis testable idea or explanation that leads to investigation (If ……, then…..)
Variable factor that can change in a scientific investigation
Independent Variable factor that is deliberately changed
Dependent Variable changes as result of independent variable
Data information gathered by observations or experiments; can be used in calculating or reasoning
Analyze determine relationship between independent and dependent variable
Scientific Method 1. Problem
2. Research
3. Hypothesis
4. Experiment (Procedure)
5. Data
6. Conclusion

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