Introduction to Management Essay


Leadership plays a vital role in a company and its influence all the workers who are under their leadership. Leadership can influence their followers to achieve goal based on their internal character and external appearances. The types of leadership are autocratic, democratic, charismatic, transformational and laissez-faire. Charismatic leader can also be categorized into 5 types, there are socialize charismatic, personalized charismatic, office-holder charismatic, personal charismatic and divine charismatic. Charismatic leader is different with transformational leader although some characteristic are similar.

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An effective leader is also a flexible leader if they know how to change. ANSWER 1 a) MEANING OF CHARISMA Charisma means a power to inspire others people to devote to him or her as a leader. From the religion point of view, charisma is the power or gift that awarded by god and it is an aptitude. Charisma can mean personal attractiveness which can influence others through your beauty, appearance, talent, behaviors, aptitude and wisdom. Charisma is the ability to creating a self image which is very powerful that a large group of people are naturally drawn to you and respect you.

Charisma is the divinely conferred gift or power, a spiritual power or personal quality that gives individual influence or authority over large number of people and the special virtue of an officer ,function, position that confers or though to confer on the person holding it an unusual ability for leadership, worthiness of veneration or the like. (http://www. dictionary . com) Charisma is appeal, magnetism, presence, leadership ability. (www. english–test. net/gre/vocabulary/meanings/15/gre-words. php) CHARISMATIC LEADER=EFFECTIVE LEADER Yes, an individual who are not charismatic can also be an effective leader.

They can practice assiduously in their work to be an effective leader. An effective leader possesses full ability to influence others to accomplish the objective and direct the organization become more cohesive and coherent. It is not necessary for an individual to be charismatic in order to be an effective leader; he or she can be an effective leader if they practice the following characteristics. Self awareness of a leader and what will be their duties in his period of leadership and having the ability to control his strengths and weaknesses.

Clarify of speech whenever a leader is talking to audiences, they should be straight forward to the point of speech that they are giving to the audience. It will make the leader able to convince the audience. Keen intellect is vital to a leader for being able to read people minds and see what they needs or aspect and try to implement them. It is important to consider for people feeling and think from the standpoint of the followers and customer. Ability to relate people of all kinds such as poor or rich and try to give them all things they expect to get from an effective leader.

They are good in socialize with people and has the good communication skills. Job relevant knowledge, an effective leader must have a high degree of knowledge about company industry, they should have good source by reading books, news or magazine and grasp the latest news or information to enhance their knowledge’s in the company industry. This can help them in decision making. Self confidence, an effective leader should show their confidence in order to convince followers of the rightness of their goals and decisions.

It’s also show that the leaders are sure and affirm in their decision making. Intelligence, leader need to be intelligence enough to gather, synthesize and interpret large amounts of information, and they need to be able to create visions, solve problems and make a right decision. For an effective leader, they should choose gearing language based on the level of language to different audience. This is very important to audience for their understanding. Analogies and metaphors maybe inspiring but an effective leader should choose the languages that suit their audiences.

For example, an effective leader will be popular with construction workers and trades people is that they often speaks to workers in a tough-guy language familiar to them. ANSWER 1 b) CHARISMA AND TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP Charisma is a component of transformational leadership, many of these characteristics also apply to transformational leaderships but a charismatic leadership is not the same with transformational leadership. Both leadership concepts are different from each other. DIFFERENCES OF CHARISMATIC LEADER AND TRANFORMATIONAL LEADER

A transformational leader will bring positive, charismatic leader may do the same like inspiring but they might not bring the major organizational change as transformational leader. Transformational leader purposely is to transform people and organization in develop the vision by emerge from a broad series of discussion, helping people to look furthermore to raise people awareness, understanding the need of change and bring about changes that are permanent self-perpetuating and momentum building. Charismatic leaders are sociological approach such as they indicate a more transformational viewpoint.

The radical vision of them can provide a solution to the crisis. They are also sensitive in reading the environment. They have a masterful communication skill sure as articulation and they are confidence in persuasive use of body language as well as the verbal language, good in using correct word to suit the situation. Transformational leaders are referred to divergent thinking and refined through vertical thinking innovative thinking to achieve their goal. In the opposite, charismatic leaders are taking personal risk, they performing unconventional behavior like arouse emotion to achieve successful.

Transformational leader are score higher moral reasoning, they are referring more to openness and honesty. In contrast, some of the charismatic leaders are unethical and lead their organizations toward illegal and immoral end because they are taking bad behavior. For example, the leaders who lead their followers to committed in crime. FOLLOWERS OF CHARISMATIC LEADER AND TRANSFORMATIONAL The followers will feel capable with charismatic leader which is leading the team by inspiring, making clear, distinct, and strong focus to the members.

For transformational leader, they are more empowering, they needs capable follower and give them to delegating decision making. Transformational leaders are more openness and they give authority or power to their followers. ANSWER 1 c) FLEXIBLE Flexible mean to us is able to change readily for all the things. An effective leader is a flexible leader because they will able to change things or bad situation become a new opportunity to make the company business run more efficiency. They are able to change condition or crisis and look at change as an opportunity. TIME ARRANGEMENT

A flexible leader will be more effective if they arrange and manage their time table for itself or their followers probably. If they can arrange their working hour and break time more flexible for their follower, they will work more effectively and efficient. They can arrange their working hour for the female workers are married to certain hour. For example, a doctor of children specialist arrange their workers to work from 10am to 12 pm and 6pm to 10. 30pm to let their workers can have a break time and for the married nurse they can have the break time to do their house chore.

THEORY HENRY DAVID THOREAU Henry David Thoreau (Walden 1854) theory says that “Thing do not change, we change”. Some things are fixed such as history that already happen and laws, but we can change ourselves and used to the environment by create a new things. We learn history and we will adjust, adapt to overcome the problems so that we won’t repeat the same things and do it better when we face the same problems. If we change things to more simplify, all the problems will solve rapidly. EXAMPLE OF HENRY DAVID THOREAU

For example, lawyer leaders need to think or use words flexibility and find more effective ways to evoke high performance from every members of the team at the court but they can’t change the standard set of the legal firm and law of the countries. THEORY MAJOR GENERAL AUBREY “RED” NEWMAN (FOLLOW ME, 1981) Effective leaders will know how to change so that they also are flexible leader. There was a quote: “Beware not of change, but premature change” by Major General Aubrey “Red” Newman (Follow me, 1981) particularly when those hanges are based on personal preference, motivated by a desire to create an impression rather than to fill a need. An effective leader will think more flexible by not only to suit things for the organization needs but can also make the organization progress more efficient. An effective and flexible leader will think more from the box; they will think more solution and find the best solution to overcome the problems. Personality of the leader is very important such as creativity, imagination and liberal view.

Based on the personality of a leader, they can complete things very fast by changing the things become simpler. EXAMPLE OF THEORY MAJOR GENENAL AUBREY “RED” NEWMAN (FOLLOW ME, 1981) For example, the architect has to be more flexible, creativity and probable to change or reconstructed building in different style. An architectural triumph is not easy to an architect, they need premature change to present effective work and get good results. Reference Syque (2002-2009) Available from: http://changingminds. org/disciplines/leadership/styles/charismatic_leadership. htm

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