Introduction to Popular American Culture Essay

Introduction to popular American culture Edgar Robles SOC/105 August 16, 2010 BYRON WILLIAMS In today’s American culture we see much difference in the way that religion is Patrice among the cultures. The way that some believe in one God, Buddhist, Christianity, Muslim, and especially Catholic faith. What I have found out that people believe in holding on to something that gives them hope, hope to have a better way of life as an example. The message is what ever the source attempts to share with our culture to define our faith.

A message also can be of communication to one another, also through symbols of objects like a picture, a cross or mass media , what we watch on television to continue in what we see or hear, even by the examples the our culture sets for us. It like what I can remember in the seventies or eighties were if a group of people came out with new ideas or had a new gadget everybody had to have one, it’s our human nature to want what others have or do not have. Religion is like that, what people want is that Faith and for other’s it plays no importance to them other in what they honestly believe.

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Introduction to Popular American Culture Essay
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The media continues to have a big influence in our every day life; media can take things out of content to gain the interest in our society, and indivual cultures. What I have also experience is that one or communicators can receive a message from and indivual and by the time it comes back to you, it can have a whole different meaning of what the intent was suppose to mean, did a case study with my military soldier’s and sent out a message, the mission was to take on a humanitarian aid to local Iraqi kids for there first day of public schools with books, pencils, note pads and other supplies.

The mission was given to our platoon sergeants with the information of the mission; out of the four platoon sergeant , one had failed to give the proper information to his squad, had a soldier later come up to leadership and said that we were going into battle and to be prepare for the worst. Leader ship then ask him were did you get your information, the point is that once information is past on make sure you receive a back brief of any source information, and understood before pasting it along. Even in today society we can see how cultures can play a big role to influence different cultures.


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