Introduction to Sociology: Unequal Education Essay

The answer to the question s not only on how students are placed In well-structured schools but also exists In other factors on why students are not getting the education needed. Most common assumptions on why students don’t succeed and others do is because of resources around their community and schools not giving the recourses students need to succeed in life. Schools can have a major effect in children throughout their education years. It can be seen that children who are attending school in a wealthy area look more like a little college campus and are very well kept.

While on the other side, schools In Inner city have a troublesome view. Schools In a poor community lack resources. Such as technology. Books. Tutors, teachers, normal size classes, etc. In most public schools, it is not surprising to know that these schools aren’t well fund by money. Finding’s for schools play a major role. Basically, most schools rely on funds to pay for quality curriculum and books that support It. Not only does it pay for materials but also pays for the ability to have guidance counselors that can help repaper students futures by helping them understand their options and selecting the right course.

Also, It helps pay professional development to help Improve skills of current teachers and administrators that have a big effect In student’s academics. Not having the quality resources can be a bump on the road for students entering and preparing them for future education. But the question is “Why aren’t public schools well funded as for schools in the suburbs having well wealthy and the resources needed for them to succeed? ” It has been proven that schools such a auburn schools have a higher and better chance to prepare students to have a better and brighter future.

As expressed in the Conley reading in the chapter of “Education,” one example that can help express the way public schools are not funding Is by the sociological study know as the Coleman Report. The Coleman Report, reported from a survey of 600,000 students In 4000 schools and examinations, stated that their any many little differences between educational outcomes among schools. One of the major differences the sociologist discovered is family background. Family background can be a trigger on why some children have higher chances to achieve in life and in their future.

If children were to be born in a weal wealthy family, they will have the access to attend a school where they will have all the tofu resources name to conclave a Nell standard AT coeducation. As In navels well Nell tech technology, books, extracurricular activities, classrooms, gyms, etc. In the other hand, most families don’t have the advantage as others do. Instead, lower class families are stuck on putting their children in middle class public schools. Public schools in which don’t involve much resources as the other higher schools.

In the Conley reading, it expressed how public schools are limited with their resources. Such as, not having the significant space in classroom sizes for students. Teachers and administration not only have to rely on classroom sizes but also rely on having students share books, deal the fact that the school is turning old, lack of computers, teachers, tutors, etc. For most students it is a challenge for them to achieve a high tankard of education when their school isn’t giving them what they need to succeed.

Not having the resources will have a major impact towards students and it is very unequal that most schools can have the doors and opportunities while other schools such as public schools have to rely on what ever they have to help students succeed. Education is the most important resources of our knowledge society. But little do we know educational opportunities are not equally distributed through all schools in the nation. Ways in which we as a society can promote equality in schools is to ensure equal access to opportunities to help students to fully participate in the learning process through their educational years.

Not only will opportunities will be open but will also help persuade students and children to take advantage of all resources. Another way is to promote equality in schools is to equip staff and students with skills to challenge unequal education and discrimination that is involved in schools in their educational environment. Overall promoting equality in schools can be a tough challenge. But there is plenty of work to be done for all schools to be equal.

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Introduction to Sociology: Unequal Education Essay
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