Inventory Management System Essay

TRIBHUVAN UNIVERSITY Office of the dean Faculty of Management Kirtipur Kathmandu An Internship Report on Inventory Management System(IMS) In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor in Information Management (BIM) Submitted by: Sumit Lacoul Roll no:1237 T. U Regd No: National College of Computer Studies (NCCS) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Internship report is prepared for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of BIM with prescribed rules and regulations of Tribhuvan University.

So, I do hereby express my hearty appreciation and gratitude to Tribhuvan University for such an intellectual task. Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and this work is no different. My deepest appreciation goes to Nepal Airlines Corporations, for accepting me as an intern. Special thanks to whole staffs of Nepal Airlines Corporations for their constant support, providing me lots of information regarding their respective department of Nepal Airlines Corporations, during my intern period. I immensely acknowledge the contributions, encouragement and guidance of my teacher Mr.

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Inventory Management System Essay
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Utsav Koirala, who guided me throughout the project. Last but not the least, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my family, teachers,, friends and all those who have contributed in this report, even though anonymously. ABSTRACT The main purpose of this internship program was to gain core knowledge and experience about an organization and management system of today’s business world. During two months of internship program I analyzed, design and developed improved Inventory Management System (IMS) which is web based application. Hence it can run in desktop as well as network.

System is developed to be implemented. Before developing the new system, the existing inventory system was studied and analyzed. The existing system in Nepal Airlines Corporation(NAC) was automated computer based software system. But I am welcome to develop new “Inventory Management System” though current inventory system is advanced and fulfill all the requirement of the organization to keep and trace records of inventory for the products. Stock of various items held by different organizations sector is the “inventory”. Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Introduction of the research/project

As the final year project, we are preparing software called Inventory Management System(IMS) for Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). Despite this company have software for inventory management Organization has promised us to implement it if it is according to their requirement. The organization will be beneficial from IMS as the load of operating complex software will reduce and facilitated by the dedicated inventory system. This project is beneficial to the operation managers for operating and controlling organization inventory system. An inventory is stock of “goods” that is held for future use.

Inventory is a list for goods and materials, or those goods and materials themselves, held available in stock by a business. In accounting inventory is considered an asset. In business management, inventory consists of a list of goods and materials held available in stock. There are three basic reasons for keeping an inventory: Time – The time lags present in the supply chain, from supplier to user at every stage, requires that you maintain certain amount of inventory to use in this “lead time”. Uncertainty – Inventories are maintained as buffers to meet uncertainties in demand, supply and movements of goods.

Economies of scale – Ideal condition of “one unit at a time at a place where user needs it, when he needs it” principle tends to incur lots of costs in terms of logistics. So bulk buying, movement and storing brings in economies of scale. Inventories Management System (IMS) is the active control program, which allows the management of sales, purchases and payments. It is involved in maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. It also includes a retailer seeking to acquire and maintain a proper merchandise assortment while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check.

The Inventory Management System is database-oriented software. Organizations/Businesses needs fast ways of passing information as because the smooth flow and access of correct information has become source of revenue for many companies. IMS will provide better ways of maintaining and managing the records of product stocks creating user friendly environment. We have decided on an implementation tools as Java as front-end and Ms-access as back-end for developing IMS. We also collect data then store it in automated form, such a collection is called database.

A database represents not just data about entities but also relationships among entities. In future this database may be shared by many users and is protected to retain its value and quality over time. Information systems are essential to the effective operations and management of virtually all business organizations. Computer dependency simply a fact of life and nobody can avoid it. The focus of this project is on developing and managing the IMS (Inventory Management System), which is database component of computer-based information systems.

With the advent of the 21st century, the development made in the information and computer technology is changing world’s present face very rapidly. Getting benefits from this development in technology, the FLP is eager to implement such software to enhance service and management mechanism. 1. 2 Purpose of study The main objective of this internship project is to develop computer software with wonderful opportunity to experience the real working environment and chance to implement our knowledge learned during our BIM courses at NCCS.

The basic objective of the system is to store the documents, process the documents of sales, purchases and payments and daily inventory processing in digital format. On completion and implementation of the system, the system aim to achieve the following major functionalities. 1. Record all the information about the current stock of the product, product description,stock-on-hand,Re-order Quantity,Re-order point,unit price that is managed by any company for the inventory control. 2. Record all the information about the order, purchase,stock and product sales with respect to date of time. . Keep digital repository of all the documents related to the product information. 4. Search the number of customer,suppliers that purchase products from and by the company. 5. Manage the automated process of inventory system documents. 6. Enhance the customer service by providing the information about to have right goods, in sufficient quantities , in right place and at the right time. 7. To minimize the cost of providing the desired level of customer service. 8. To provide user friendly environment and accomplish fast IMS operation. 1. 3 Subject matter of study

The selection of the organization is very crucial and important task to our knowledge, skill and interest, so that we can gain our working experience as well as get chance to work in real environment. At the same time, it is the opportunity where we can expose our knowledge to the outside. The organization selected for my internship project was Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). Despite this organization has implemented computer system, we are welcome by this organization to develop a computer system which can handle their product inventory system easily and smoothly. Hypothesis This report is prepared on the basis of analysis of existing system and hopefully it will be fulfill the requirement of the organization by our automated computerized system. 5 Importance of project 1. Automation of the product information process of puchasing, selling and payments of the products. 2. Digital storage of the inventory documents, its relevant information thus reducing the storage system in an office. 3. Easy and fast tracking of information regarding cost date of time, suppliers, product and customers for invntory management. . Faster and easier way of generating the reports. 5. History tracking of the activities and processing 6. More transparent and secure system of office management. 7Easy to use and smooth operation. Methodology applied I start my internship from 2/3/2010 to 5/5/2010. During this period I have to analysis and design a computer system. So during these weeks i regularly visited FLP for requirement collection and reporting purpose. With regular interview with different personal to carried out system analysis and design activities.

Beside these, I observe whole inventory system for few days and designed current system. Limitation of the project Though my project is called Inventory Management system, it cannot perform all the Managerial task of the Organization such as reading bar-code of product, managing staff information. This IMS only focuses on the inventory system of FLP. Since it is develop according to the requirement of the organization, it can keep records of inventory for products and manage their detail records. Chapter 3 ACTIVITIES COVERED BY SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Usually there are three successive processes that bring a new system into being. Analysis of desired System Modern business is complex; today organization is facing challenge with the ever-changing condition. The techniques and procedure are undergoing a rapid change and so also the techniques of management. To cope with changing in management, the techniques of doing tasks or manufacturing must be matched with the technique of the management. They are complementary to each other. The management has to master the simple calculating machine as well as the like computer.

Today main problem of the management is information. Man’s greatest tool today is information. Appropriate type of information for various purposed is required by all member of an enterprise at correct time. To prevent these greatest tool being wastages some organization use computer system to maintain the record so that they can grape the opportunity, and lead to the road of success. When I analysis the current system in this organization I find that they have inventory management system uses to store the stock information.

This organization uses manakamana software for inventory purpose. Despite this the management request me to develop inventory system that is simple to understand and operate. So that any users can operate it with simple knowledge. I find that the current system is invisible, complexity, conformity while operating transaction so it requires high user skills, and consumes more time to accomplish. Hence the analysis of current system initiates the need for basic user friendly simple inventory management system to make the service quick and efficient. Description of the system under study The Inventory Management System(IMS) is the basics form of IMS of current system. And this new concept reflects the same work procedure with required features for managing all the invenotry information in automated form. Here any user can easily understand and operate this system. The IMS can consist basic functions like records orders, stock in, stock out etc. It is very important and crucial to have IMS because it ensures maximum throughput, accuracy and fast while performing the tasks.

It improves the control of process with less user effort, reducing delays, eliminating work loads and ensuring tasks accomplished according to the company’s policies and procedures. Function of the system: 1. Records all the information about purchasing,selling and payments of products for inventory management. 2. 4 Initial Investigation Without detail analysis of the current system we cannot design the system so it is necessary to have an initial investigation in order to know, how current existing System, the work procedure, information flow, is done and what or the problems in existing system and so on.

The initial investigation provided the base to conduct more descriptive investigation such as user requirement, functional and non-functional requirements etc. For the initial investigation, the following approaches are used: -Observation -Interview 3. 4. 1 preparing and summary of the interview We have conducted the series of observation and Interview during the initial investigation. An observation is one of the best ways to collect necessary primary data.

We also haven taken series of Interview with concerned people especially of inventory management and other senior personnel of FLP. We have made a series of observation in operational department of FLP and at the same time we have interview them. The new system is being designed primarily for FLP where huge and cumbersome tasks related to recording the patient information, generating transaction summary. The question that have been employed for the Interview consist of the following main points:


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