Investigating Questions

Term Definition
Observe To use your senses to gather information.
Predict To use observations and data to form an idea of what will happen under certain conditions.
Infer To draw a conclusion about something.
Investigation Procedure carried out to carefully observe, study, or test something in order to learn more about it.
Hypothesis A possible answer to a question that can be tested to see if it is correct.
Variable The one thing that changes in an experiment.
Experiment A test done to see whether a hypothesis is correct.
Microscope A tool that makes an object look several times bigger than it is.
Graduated Cylinder A container marked with a graded scale used for measuring liquids.
Data Individual facts, statistics, and items of information.
Temperature A measure of how hot something is.
Evidence Data collected during an investigation.
Model A representation of something real that is too big, too small, or that has too many parts to be studied directly.
Data Table A kind of chart used for recording number data.
Chart A display that organizes data into rows and columns.
Bar Graph A graph using parallel bars of varying lengths to show comparison.
Map A picture that shows the locations of things.

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