Investigation of the Recruitment and Selection Procedures Essay

In any organisation the most critical organ is human resorts. In the organisation ‘s effectual working the employees play an of import function. In the today ‘s concern atmosphere, the chief challenge of the director ‘s is the choice of the right campaigner, so development of the campaigner and the keeping of the campaigner in the organisation. Human resources have the possible to take an organisation to the sky of success. Human resource direction is designed to better the employee ‘s public presentation and effectivity in the fulfilment of the purposes of the organisation.

The enlisting of the effectual, efficient and meriting campaigners is really hard undertaking for the human resource section of the company. The human resource policy regulates the undertaking of the enlisting in the organisation. The enlisting procedure is based on the demand of the organisation. The human resource section should besides be effectual plenty to enroll the capable campaigners.

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Investigation of the Recruitment and Selection Procedures Essay
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This thesis will explicate “ the procedures and processs involved in the Selection and Recruitment in Tata Teleservices Ltd. ( TATA Docomo ) ”.


The human resource section is responsible for the choice and enlisting of the effectual, eligible and capable campaigners for the organisation. The determination of the human resource section to enroll one incorrect campaigner can turn out fatal for the organisation, in footings of money, clip and repute of the company. To avoid this error, the organisations have already developed the new methods and ways of choice and enlistings. There should be proper planning and proper policy for the choice of the campaigners.


Recruitment involves the hunt and stimulation of the campaigners to use the vacancies in the organisation. The addition in productiveness, morale, rewards, etc can be achieved with the proper planning of choice and enlisting procedure. As the enlisting procedure acts as the stimulation to the campaigners to use the vacancies in the organisation, so it is regarded as the positive procedure.

Beginnings of Recruitment

There are two beginnings of enlisting

Internal B ) External

Internal Beginnings

The internal enlisting is the procedure of the designation of the possible campaigners who are presently working in the organisation who can carry through the demands of the new vacancies in the organisation. In this the current employees are offered the new vacant places, like publicity of the employee to the higher station which is vacant. This besides boosts up the morale of the other employees and they besides perform good to acquire the publicity to the higher station. There are internal advertizements for the information of the employees.

External Beginnings

The human resource sections of the organisations are dependent on the external beginnings. The chief external beginnings are as follows:

Information Commercials. It is the manner to inform the possible campaigners about the enlisting procedure through the print media like newspapers, magazines, diaries, booklets, postings etc. these are besides called as enlisting advertizements. These helps in distributing the information to 1000000s of people at one clip. The occupation seeking campaigners responds to such advertizements really rapidly.

Employment Organizations.

These are besides the efficient beginning for the influx of the capable campaigners for the vacant stations in the organisation. These employment bureaus ab initio interviews the campaigners, so if they are found tantrum for the vacant station merely so they are referred to the recruiting organisation. This makes the procedure of enlisting simpler for the organisation as the organisation demand to cover with merely capable individuals. By and large, these recruitment organisations charge fees from the employer but sometimes they besides charge from the campaigners besides. It depends on the organisation to organisation.

Colleges and Universities.

The procedure of enlisting of the campaigners straight from the colleges and universities is known as the on campus enlisting thrust. It is frequently executed whenever there is demand of the professional qualified and technically sound campaigners for the vacant stations.


In this, the current employees forward the certificates of the campaigners who are capable and eligible for the vacant stations in the organisation. The employees are free to urge the campaigners for the vacant stations. This the effectual method as company gets the necessary information sing the capablenesss of the campaigners referred from the bing employees. This besides increases the favouritism and it can take in degrading the morale of the employees.

Casual aspirers.

There are the campaigners who themselves visit the organisation and drop their sketchs in the organisation. Whenever the stations are generated the organisation besides considers them.

Labor Unions.

There are some businesss which recruits the campaigners referred by the labour brotherhoods, like maritime, hotels and building companies. This beginning is chosen by the organisation because it is the in-expensive method of enlisting.

The Recruitment Procedure

Whenever the vacancy is generated in the organisation so the human resource section starts the procedure of enlisting. There are predefined stairss in this procedure. in these stairss the making and capablenesss of the campaigners is tested to happen out whether they are eligible or non for the certain vacancy.

Execute occupation analysis.

With the coevals of the new vacancy, it is necessary to cognize about the occupation and its demands merely so the human resource section can enroll the suited campaigners for that peculiar occupation. In this analysis the undertaking and responsibilities are identified which is required by the peculiar occupation. This procedure involves three stairss:

The environment analysis, where the adult male power will work ;

Determination and designation of the duties and responsibilities to be discharged.

The designation of the undertakings involved in the peculiar occupation.

Job Description Designing

It is the written papers which houses the aims, purposes, the undertakings, responsibilities and duties involved in the peculiar occupation, the demands which are needed for the fulfilment of the aims of the occupation. These written paperss is helpful the suited employee choice, in their preparation and orientation procedures. It provides the waies to the new employees besides. This occupation description helps the HR section and the employee both in the accomplishment of the coveted undertakings to carry through the organisation ‘s ends.

Development of the specifications of the peculiar occupation

The occupation specifications and description both are necessary in apprehension of the occupation. One the description is written so comes the specifications it includes that what sort of employee will be suited for this peculiar occupation, what skills that employee should hold in himself/herself. The instruction and proficient accomplishments needed to make the peculiar occupation.

Attracting the appliers

It is one of the of import stairss in the enlisting. The success in future can be determined by the attractive force power of the organisation which attracts the appliers to use for a peculiar occupation in that organisation. This attractive force power is wholly dependent on the enlisting beginnings adopted by the organisation.


When the needed figure of appliers applies for the peculiar occupation, so the procedure of the choice of the right campaigner Begins. The choice procedure ensures that the best suited campaigners in footings of accomplishments, instruction and experience should be chosen for the peculiar occupation. The choice ‘s chief end is to fit the occupation demands with the individual ‘s single features. The campaigners selected in the choice procedure should be confident plenty to run into the ends of the organisation.

Choice Method

Selection method is the positive riddance procedure, which eliminates the campaigners who are non suited and eligible for the peculiar occupation. It means the occupation demand does non fit with single ‘s features. This method should be designed to garner all the information about the campaigners. The campaigner is declared to be selected merely if he/she qualifies all the stairss involved in the choice procedure. It can be fatal for the organisation if it chooses the incorrect campaigner for the peculiar occupation. The incorrect choice attracts the addition in disbursals, wastage of the clip of organisation. To avoid such state of affairs the well planned procedure should be designed.

The response of the appliers, the different sections inform the human resource sections about vacancies to be filled in their section and inform them about the accomplishments needed by the campaigners to use for these vacancies. When the section receives the applications from the campaigners, so the procedure of choice is started.

Preliminary/First Round Screening,

In this measure, the instant appraisals of the applier ‘s capablenesss are judged by the human resource section employees. Here the campaigners who do non run into the demands of the occupation description are eliminated in this measure. This is the campaigner ‘s first interaction with the company. This measure reduces the clip of the choice procedure as the unsuitable campaigners are shunted out in this and merely eligible campaigners are qualified for the following procedure. These interviews are of short continuances. The human resources executives execute these interviews. Here the interviewers get the coveted application signifiers filled from the campaigners. This steps works on the mechanism of the filter, here the capable campaigners are kept and remainder is shunted out.

Application Blank,

The qualified campaigners of the first stairss enters the 2nd measure, here the campaigners decently make full up the formal applications, these applications signifiers are specially made by the human resource executives to acquire the proper information about the campaigners. The undermentioned Fieldss are present in the application forms –

Designation information such as gender, name, male parent ‘s name, matrimonial position, figure of dependants, weight, height etc.

Educational makings e.g. , schooling, colleges, graduation, station graduation inside informations, linguistic communications proficiency etc.

Professional Experience.

Status of wellness.

Accomplishments and awards


Psychological factors e.g. , salary outlook, old occupation go forthing grounds etc.

Trials for the choice

The trials for the choice are designed to acquire the quotient degree of the campaigners which can non be assessed from the application signifiers. Some to trials for the choice are as follows: –

Intelligence trials. An intelligence trial explores alertness, comprehension and concluding abilities of the appliers. Through these trials, directors can foretell the future occupation public presentation of the applier. Questions in intelligence trials are job-oriented, and abstract.

Personality trials. These trials measure certain features such as emotional adulthood, sentiments, struggles, dominance, societal ability, objectiveness etc of a campaigner. Whether a campaigner is holding a ill personality or healthy personality can be determined by these trials.

Aptitude trials. It is really of import to cognize as to whether the selected campaigner will be capable of larning the occupation or non. Trials designed to mensurate the acquisition capacity of the campaigners are known as aptitude trials. They measure whether an person has the concealed ability to larn a given occupation, if he is given equal preparation.

Performance or work sample trials. Such trials are a agencies of mensurating practical ability on a specific occupation. In public presentation or work sample trials, the applier completes some occupation activity under structured conditions. For case, a individual who has applied for the station of a service representative may be asked to manage a stirred state of affairs affecting a kicking client. Although they can be dearly-won if particular installations and equipment are needed, public presentation trials, when devised to closely reflect of import facets of the occupation, be given to be valid forecasters of future public presentation.

Dexterity trials. These trials aim to mensurate the speed with which the prospective employer can do usage of assorted organic structure parts e.g. , ability to travel custodies, eyes etc. Sometimes due to nature of occupation, these trials become indispensable.


Trials can non be relied upon in isolation. Many makings and abilities of the campaigners can be known at the clip of interview or preparation.

It is non possible to foretell the success of the campaigner on the footing of such trials.

Trials have besides a high border of mistake through it is by and large believed that the consequences are exact and accurate.

Comprehensive Interview, A comprehensive interview or an in-depth interview is most delicate facet of the choice process. The information about the campaigner which can non obtained from the application space, trials and group treatment, may be secured easy if the interview is planned good in progress and is conducted by the interviewer tactfully.

Checking References, An applier may be asked in the application space to provide two or more mentions

Characteristic mention B ) Experience Reference.

These mentions provide information sing the behavior of the applier. A noteworthy restriction of the method is that it lacks standardization and objectiveness. It is natural in instance of character mention to give names of mentions of merely those individuals who would ever compose favorably for the applier. It is really rare to acquire a blunt sentiment about the campaigner. The other beginnings to acquire information about the campaigner are professors from whom campaigner has studied, co-workers with whom campaigner had worked. Mentions may be checked by mail, telephone or a personal visit may be arranged.

Blessing by the Concerned Department, The campaigner is so sent to the line director for the blessing. The forces section can non take a concluding determination sing choice because the campaigner has to really work under the line directors who are straight responsible for the consequences of an administration. At this phase, it is non in the involvement of the company to reject the campaigner. Alternatively he may be sent to some other sections.

Physical Examination, Merely those campaigners should be selected who are physically fit. It may non be the last measure in the choice procedure if physical every bit good as mental fittingness is of extreme importance. Physical scrutinies are designed to guarantee that the campaigner can execute efficaciously in the place for which he or she is using to protect other employees against contagious diseases, to set up a wellness record for the applier and to protect the organisation against unfair compensation claims.

Making the Selection, The appliers who qualify in the choice trial, interview, mention cheque and physical scrutiny are now considered to be eligible to have an offer of employment. Normally an assignment is made on probation in the beginning. The probation period may run from two months to two old ages. If the work and behavior of the employee is found satisfactory, he may be confirmed. It is besides in the involvement of the organisation to fix a waiting list and inform the campaigners, in instance a individual does non fall in after being selected, the following individual on the waiting list may be called.


Research in common idiom refers to a hunt for cognition. The advanced scholar ‘s lexicon of current English lays down the significance of research as “ a careful probe of question particularly through hunt for new facts in any subdivision of cognition. ”

Research Design

“ A research design is the agreement of conditions for aggregation and analysis of informations in a mode that aims to unite relevancy to the research intent with economic system in process. ” – JOHN.W.BEST

Research may be defined as “ any organized enquiry designed and carried out to supply information for work outing a job ” . – EMORY

“ Research is basically an probe, a recording and an analysis of grounds for the intent of deriving cognition ” . – Robert ROSS

Descriptive Research Design

Descriptive research design surveies are those surveies, which are concerned with depicting the character of a group.

The research worker makes a program of the survey his research work. That will enable the research worker to salvage and resources such a program of survey or bluish print or survey is called a research design.

Data Collection

The survey was based on questionnaire method. The survey was about the Recruitment and Selection System at Tata Teleservices Ltd. and happen out the effectivity of enlisting.

There are two types of informations aggregation:

Primary informations

Secondary informations

Primary informations

The primary informations are those, which are collected a fresh and for the first clip go on to be original in character. It has been collected through a Questionnaire and personal interview.

Secondary informations

Secondary informations are those which have already been collected by person else and which have already been passed through the graded procedure. It has collected through the manuals, diaries & A ; Internet.


The Recruitment and Selection Process is one of the basic HR procedures. Recruitment & A ; Selection is really sensitive as many directors have a demand to engage a new employee and this procedure is ever under a rigorous monitoring from their side.

HR direction is a portion of every director ‘s duties. These duties include puting the right individual in the right occupation, and so pointing, preparation, and counterbalancing to better his or her occupation public presentation.

Tata Teleservices uses two beginnings of enlisting – internal and external beginning. But they prefer internal beginning because it gives chance to employees within the organisation. After recruitment Selection procedure takes topographic point. This entails set uping the best tantrum between occupation demands and the campaigner ‘s profile. Selection procedure includes showing, interview and assorted trials. Then offer is made to the campaigner if he/she accepts it employee undergone through assorted pre- employment activities like mention cheque, medical trials, etc.

It is imperative to hold an efficient and antiphonal trailing mechanism to measure the impact of enlisting on the topline and bottomline. Prosodies non merely assist in measuring the hardiness of internal procedures but besides provide inputs on client satisfaction and seller rating parametric quantities. Assorted prosodies like – quality prosodies, clip prosodies, cost prosodies & A ; Review procedure is used to happen out the effectivity of enlisting procedures.


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