Invitation to tender Essay

Invitation to tender is a procedure whereby companies invite assorted providers to state how much it will be them to execute a peculiar undertaking. Harmonizing to the ( Macmillan dictionary 2010 ) invitation to tender can be defined as “a formal invitation to a little figure of providers to do a elaborate proposal for finishing a peculiar piece of work.” ( Lexicon 2009 ) defines invitation to tender as “an cases when an organisation asks companies to state how much they will bear down to execute peculiar work, and the company with the lowest monetary value normally gets the work.”

The procedure involves making stamp paperss ( which include statement of work, bespeak for information and petition for proposal ) , in other to pull off the provider choice procedure and every bit good to assist the organisation to choose the best possible provider available. A Statement of Work, defines ‘what it is that the organisation demand from an external provider, with statement of work, the organisation can easy specify its demand to the provider, depict the stuff and equipment demand for the undertaking, stipulate the deliverables to be provided by the provider, and every bit good the footings and status for payment. The petition for information provides everything the administration demand to name the right providers for the concern. It helps to make a Request for Information papers, by naming all of the information that providers need to give to you, to state you about their concern. With this information, the organisation can now choose the preferable provider for the concern, while a petition for proposal is a papers that is issued to providers to assist them supply the information needed to do a preferable provider determination it besides help the administration choose a preferable provider for the concern ( Method123 2003 )

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Automation on the other manus is defined as “the act of implementing the control of equipment with advanced engineering ; normally affecting electronic hardware ; or is the replacing of adult male power with machine power” . ( Answers Corporation 2010 ) . Automation is all about minimising waste of clip during production or concern procedure, it enhances efficiency, effectivity and transmutation, and it involves the usage of information engineering, it cut down disposal clip, reduces cost, reduces the usage of paper when it comes to invitation to tender. ( Wise GEEK 2010 ) defines mechanization as “the usage of robotic devices to finish fabrication tasks” . But for the intent of this study, mechanization will considered from the invitation to tender point of position, it will depict how to automatize the invitation to tender procedure and will besides foreground the benefit of mechanization to companies. But first of all allow me depict the work flow of automatizing the invitation to tender procedure.


stamps is usally created between the administration and assorted supplies.the work flow is initaited muti-disciplianary squad who creat the stamp papers for publication on the cyberspace from a maestro templets, after that a standard templet is selected and so sent to the undertaking squad leaderwho so prepares the stamp specification, and the sent it for blessing. before it can be O.K. it requires legal, proficient, procurement and fiscal blessings. if the stamp is approved it is the published automaticaly on the cyberspace, during that period the squad clarifies supplier questions online. so providers can now login to a secure site with their user name and watchword and fix and subject their commands online during the publication period. after that the stamp commission approves opening commands, in that same procedure the squad evaluate and negotiate online every bit good as the providers. it is of import to observe that all Bid rating and dialogues with assorted providers are done online.then it goes to the choice and approvalof winning command where by the the provider selected marks the contract.The entries are in a database instead than in Word paperss and therefore the format for all sellers is indistinguishable and comparisons/evaluations are straightforward and automated Tracking bringing of all contract points and services online iSpec automatically creates a comprehensive audit trail and a record of the full procedure for easy retrieval in instance of differences without necessitating drawn-out hunts undertaking authorization staff creates the electronic invitation to tender papers online, which is now sent to all the parties involved for blessing such as the finance and legal section after that, the invitation to tender is now published utilizing the electronic tendering system and is now made available online for interested providers to look into. The Suppliers so entree the electronic tendering system to see the invitation to tender via the undertaking authorization ‘s web site. The Suppliers will so react to the invitation to tender by directing their commands utilizing a unafraid electronic mail to the electronic tendering system. It is of import to observe that the Security features electronic tendering system prohibit entree to any of the stamp responses until a specified deadline, and Once the stamp deadline has been reached, the undertaking authorization users of the system can now see the stamps and join forces online to execute rating analysis of the submitted commands. The provider of the winning command is so notified of the award utilizing the electronic tendering system

There are different ways mechanization can profit companies. It can assist companies to cut down mistakes that frequently occur during the expense direction procedure. An machine-controlled disbursal direction system can supply a 100 % return on investing in every bit small as a few months, depending on how big a portion of the human resources section is required to work on disbursals For illustration, double claims or incorrect payment methods can be flagged so that these points can be easy corrected and moved on for blessing. ( Joe 2009 ) .

Automatizing enrollment processes does non merely reduces mistakes, it saves clip, increases productiveness, and every bit good cut down cost. Harmonizing to Rob Maina, executive manager of CIBC World Markets Using engineering merchandises to assist streamline the unfastened registration or enrollment procedure can dramatically cut down cost. By properly automatizing unfastened registration and encouraging employee self-service, companies can salvage attempt, clip, and money, and empower employees to do better picks and be more accountable for their critical wellness determinations. HR staff can go more strategic and hold more clip to make their occupation, motivate and retain their employees. ( HR.COM Limited 2010 )

Automatizing a company ‘s work flow besides benefits in alot of ways for illustration. it help to cut down the figure of undertakings employees would hold done manually, there by liberating them to work on other of import non-repetitive undertakings. This basically allows more things to acquire done in the same sum of clip. In add-on, this decrease of repetitive work in an employee ‘s twenty-four hours can assist to increase employee motive and productiveness by doing their occupation more interesting and leting them to distribute out into other countries of production. Automation besides helps companies to bring forth more accurate and consistent merchandises. By automatizing countries of production, there are fewer opportunities of errors happening. So, companies can get down bring forthing higher quality merchandises with more characteristics, with small or no extra addition in production clip or resources. In fact, Automation can assist better the velocity of a work flow because computing machine plans can execute undertakings much faster than worlds.

In general, the undermentioned benefits are typically achieved through workflow mechanization:

* Increased Consistency

* Increased Efficiency

* Increased Productive usage of resources

* Increased Speed

* Increased Net income

* Reduced Mistakes

Automated bill studies aid consultancies to place jobs and chances rapidly, and directors will hold entree to the information they need on the topographic point, wherever they are. Thankss to real-time charge informations, they can track available budget every bit good as better client relationships by supplying clients with entree to the informations. They can besides automatize computations by running studies based on customized charge regulations.


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