Ionic Compounds vs. Binary Compounds vs. Polyatomic Compounds

ionic compound
metal + nonmetal
Arise from transfer of the electrons from the metal to nonmetal.
ionic compounds
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Ionic Compounds vs. Binary Compounds vs. Polyatomic Compounds
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positively charged
Metals in an ionic compound become? (+/-)
negatively charged
Nonmetals in an ionic compound become? (+/-)
name of metal (as is) + name of nonmetal ending in “ide” ex: aluminum sulfide
Binary compounds naming
Group of atoms with 2 or more atoms are covalently bonded with an overall charge.
What are ionic compounds with polyatomic ions?
Most are negatively charged & contain oxygen.
Polyatomic atoms are (+/-)?
They have two endings “ate” and “ite” (ite has one less oxygen than ate) ex: NO-3 nitrate ion, NO-2 nitrite ion
Polyatomic ions naming
name of metal + Polyatomic name ending in “ite” and “ate”
Ionic compound w/ polyatomic ions naming
Use name of metal w/ variable charge followed by Roman numeral ex: MnO2 Manganese IV oxide
Ionic compound w/ polyatomic ions naming with transition metal
formed based upon nonmetals atoms sharing electrons. Molecule is the smallest unit.
Molecular or covalent compounds
Indicate subscripts on each atom in formula with prefixes in front of the element name. ex: N2O5 dinitrogen pentoxide.
Molecular or covalent compound naming
1: mono, 2:di, 3:tri, 4:tetra, 5:penta, 6:hexa, 7:hepta, 8:octa, 9:nona, 10:deca
Prefix: 1
Prefix: 2
Prefix: 3
Prefix: 5
Prefix: 6
Prefix: 7
Prefix: 8
Prefix: 9
Prefix: 10
molecular compounds that ionize into ions in a solution.
Acids & Base
usually have an “it” atom on far left of formula.
Acids & base naming
means two atoms
Binary acids
use a “hydro” prefix in front of nonmetal ex: hydrochoric acid (HCE)
Binary acid naming
named according to the polyatomic ions instead of ending in “ate” they end in “ic acid” or “ite” to “ous acid”
Oxyacids naming

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