iPhone Essay

iPhone BY -reezN The iPhone When you say iPhone, almost everybody immediately thinks about one specific mobile phone. But iPhone is not Just a cell phone, because it has also the functions of pocket computer. The iPhone was introduced in 2007 and it’s very popular around whole world since then. It’s controlled by multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard. You can use iPhone as an usual phone – for sending text messages, calling with friends and amily, but you can also use it for example as your video and photo camera, book reader, notebook, music player or GPS navigation.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technologies you can even browse the internet and be online everywhere you want. The iPhone uses the operating system called iOS which is based on the Mac OS X. On the App Store you can download tons of paid or free applications by Apple and other companies. The iPhone gives you a lot of opportunities to make your life easier. Since the first eneration of iPhone, Apple invented other six lines while the newest three were introduced in 2013.

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The new iPhones have among others high-quality Retina displays, fast processors, front-facing camera and very good back camera with great video capturing. One of the newest, iPhone 5S, has Track ID which is hidden in the Home button and serves as fingerprint scanner. This innovation works both for unlocking a locked phone and to verify your password for purchase on the iTunes and App Store. What can you find in the package when you buy a new iPhone?

The content of a package includes some necessary documents in several languages, data cable, headphones and of course the charger. The iPhone is sold currently in 70 countries. It is still one of the most sold mobile phones in the world and lots of people say that it’s currently the best cell phone on the market. Apple is going to introduce new model of iPhone next year and we can Just wait and look forward to it.


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