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  1. Introduction and relevancy to the company

Result presentation is an interim consequence communicating tool as it informs investors, analysts, media, and other stakeholders about the company ‘s fiscal public presentation every one-fourth. It besides informs about the cardinal developments during the one-fourth, and growing schemes in front.

A consequence presentation lays out the company’s public presentation – both fiscal and operational during the one-fourth.Fiscal information enables the analysts, investors and stakeholders evaluate how good the company has performed during the one-fourth. It allows the investors, analysts and other stakeholders to estimate the fiscal wellness of the company by comparing cardinal prosodies such as gross, net incomes, borders against the old one-fourth and old twelvemonth and whether or non it deserves their investing. It besides includes recent stairss taken by the company during the one-fourth such as merchandise launches, come ining new markets or tie – ups etc.

A consequences presentation helps the direction to explicate the cardinal drivers during the one-fourth and reply questions about the fiscal consequences and major developments. In instances where the company’s public presentation shows a rise or autumn due to certain factors, it becomes all the more of import to clear up them in the consequences presentation.

  1. Pain points
  • Supplying elaborate analysis

A company can non supply account for the public presentation of the company during the one-fourth in the fiscal consequences and net incomes release as it is short in nature. A elaborate account would be necessary to supply to the analysts, investors and other stakeholders to enable them to grok the factors impacting the company and company’s public presentation in visible radiation of such of factors.

  • Faq

The most common questions are related to company’s consequences in countries such as grosss, borders, net incomes etc. Identifying such questions would enable the IRO to reply them in much item and the clip saved could be used for replying other questions.

  • Information to be provided

Each industry would hold certain distinctive features. To understand the company’s public presentation and enable comparing across equals, analysts would necessitate relevant informations. Knowing andsharing the relevant informations to understand and compare the consequences is of extreme importance.For illustration, in telecom sector Average Revenue Per User ( ARPU ) and web use ( in % ) would enable analysts to transport out a more meaningful analysis.

  1. Best Standards and Practices
  1. Safe seaport statement

Company should clearly place statements that are frontward looking in nature. It should besides endeavour to place hazards – both internal and external, which may hold an impact on future public presentation. The statement demonstrates that the direction made an effort to unwrap all factors that may impact future public presentation in good religion.

  1. Senior Management commentary

A quotation mark by the senior direction of the company ( Chairman/CEO/MD ) at the beginning of the presentation discoursing the quarters’ public presentation in footings of company’s long term ends will reenforce and reassure the investors about the company’s finding to make its ends. Management quotation mark is besides an chance to underscore the market conditions and other macro factors that impacted company’s public presentation during the one-fourth.

  1. Provide detailed analysis
  • The company should supply a elaborate consequences table.
  • Matching Q-o-Q and Y-o-Y Numberss should besides be provided to enable a meaningful comparing.
  • Segmental information can supply extra penetrations to understand the Numberss.
  • Any alteration in accounting policies should be highlighted and the impact due to alter in policy should be quantified.
  • Non-financial prosodies can include operational public presentation, new merchandise launches, alterations in direction or board, etc.
  • Any skip of informations which has been historically provided in the consequence presentation should be explained.
  1. Provide outlook/guidance

The company can offer an mentality about the external state of affairss that can impact the company and their preparedness to cover with it. They can besides steer about the scope of estimated grosss, net incomes and borders which the company expects in the following one-fourth and remainder of twelvemonth. Premises made for doing the counsel should be disclosed. Any alteration in old counsel should be highlighted and explained with appropriate ground.

  1. Use graphs/images

Result presentation should be supported with graphs/images/charts etc. wherever possible. This enables the spectator to understand the message rapidly and clearly. It besides allows the message to be remembered for a longer period of clip.

  1. Execution and checklist

Cardinal stairss to put to deathing an effectual consequence presentation:

  • Start fixing the list of subjects to be included in the consequence presentation
  • Refer to old consequence presentations for revelations to be included and continued
  • Involve senior executives from finance, legal, production to obtain their inputs
  • Fix a on the job bill of exchange of the presentation that needs to be updated with the concluding Numberss
  • Make sure the fiscal Numberss used in the consequence presentation are in line with the consequence tabular arraies
  • If split of any figure is being given, look into that the amount of the split adds up to the original figure. For illustration, if gross split is given across geographicss, guarantee that the entire across all geographicss lucifers with the gross
  • Send out an electronic mail and website qui vive to investors and analysts after uploading the consequence presentation


An effectual consequences presentation should hold the undermentioned content:

  • Company name
  • Safe seaport statement
  • Index
  • Consequences high spots
  • Senior direction commentary
  • Detailed consequences table
  • Tendency for the last five quarters
  • Segmental public presentation
  • Quarterly/Annual tendencies
  • Key drivers and Growth schemes
  • Competitive advantages / USPs
  • Expansion programs / Capex planned
  • Outlook / Guidance
  • Contact inside informations
  • Appendix
  • Glossary
  1. Measuring Success
  • Number of downloads– Success of consequences presentation can be measured by the figure of positions or downloads made.
  • Number of meeting petitions– Requests received for run intoing station consequences presentation from analysts and investors can be an index of the presentation being good received.
  • Feedback– IRO can take feedback from the stakeholders to cognize about the relevancy, public-service corporation and quality of content of the presentation.
  • Post earning questions– Quality of inquiries asked either during the Q & A ; A session in net incomes call or station the consequences presentation can be a step to judge the success of consequences presentation.

Quote – Feedback obtained by IRO may be incorporated in the following consequences presentation to do it better.

  1. Do’s and Don’ts


  • Let go of the consequence presentation instantly after the quarterly consequences
  • Upload and file away the presentation on the company web site
  • Inform all the stakeholders about the consequence presentation via electronic mail and website qui vives every bit shortly as it is uploaded on the web site.
  • In the consequence presentation provide inside informations of twelvemonth to day of the month cumulative public presentation and comparative Q-o-Q and Y-o-Y public presentation
  • Provide informations on a consistent footing over quarters
  • Major fluctuations in the quarterly net incomes should be explained including any of import developments during the one-fourth
  • Supply a glossary of footings used in the presentation
  • Keep the presentation flow straightforward and usage simple English


  • Company should non forbear from sharing any material negative information that could hold occurred during the one-fourth


Result presentation is a periodic IR tool which allows the company to update its investors, analysts and other stakeholders about its fiscal public presentation during the one-fourth.

Consequences presentation besides provides inside informations of company operations, major developments and any extraordinary events and alterations during the one-fourth. It includes planned cap-ex and enlargement programs. Adding graphs, charts, diagrams will enable the spectator to rapidly understand and retrieve the message being communicated.

Consequences presentation helps analysts to analyse the consequences and provides information in a better manner. Let go ofing a consequence presentation should be continued as a pattern even in hard times.

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