Is acting an art? Essay

Is acting an art? The acting profession is so difficult, that there are so many sacrifices to peruse it. Acting is symbolic, stressful, and psychological. In order to become a character we must be given the circumstances, actions, back-story and many more to peruse the character. Yet it can be very stressful to transform yourself to completely different person. You begin to get better after doing play by play. Most people become better actors by reading books, doing theories, and closed system methods. Some of the best teachers turn ideas into doing.

Acting is one of the hardest art you can do. Although some people start it at a young age, they spend most of their time doing exercises, scenes, and plays with many other young actors trying to peruse acting. Sometimes when acting you can’t see your mistake, which is one of the toughest parts. If you can’t see your mistakes how can you learn from them? Sometimes we need modeling to understand more and to learn more. Even though acting is harder than you may think you must try to get it by talking about different circumstances or tactics.

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Is acting an art? Essay
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Recent studies have shown that when learning it is the greatest at a different point of view, or change. In theater a different point of change is not only by the plot but also by the rhythm. The problem is that we make more and more moments important in a play but not everything is important. One of the most common ways to change that is by saying the less important lines quicker than the most important line. Louder doesn’t necessarily mean quicker. By doing this it helps the actor emphasize the most important part.

Now that we know that actors not only an make lines important than others, they can make moments more important than others also. This means by throwing the line away. In order to do this you must make the line less important by getting rid of it quickly. Response: By reading this article an actor can utilize this information to make it benefited to them because this teaches about how you must make other lines less important than the main line. So the viewers can understand how the line affects the plot. By reading the information it has shown some of the ways to “throw away’ and to say the lines uicker than the main line.

A theater “techy’ can utilize the information because they can help the audience show what the actor is talking about and how important it is, by using the sound volumes, the lighting and many more. This information can help someone with a profession. Such as a doctor. The doctor can use this information to tell their patients what they need to do to get better. Such as how doctors shouldn’t tell them every single thing about their body and Just stick to the most important acts on how to get better, and what their illness is.

By reading this article it benefited me in my school work, and how to talk to people. It showed me how to not ramble on about un-important facts and stick to the most important ones. It would help me during school when I am doing my essay because it will help me be able to comprehend the text and to write the important facts. And finally it showed me how to throw away facts I don’t need so I can put more emphasis on the important details. Is acting an art? By shavanahali


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